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How to stop food addiction naturally

One of the biggest challenges for many of us is how to stop the food addiction in a natural way. When we are addicted to food, then we also have increased chances to be obese. There are many signs and symptoms which we need to recognize and to stop with this kind of addiction as soon as possible. This is a serious problem that can lead to even more serious diseases in our bodies. You need to stop this negative activity as soon as possible. Many of us do not eat the food which is cooked in our homes. Instead, they go to the local bakery and consume unhealthy food. These ingredients can lead to you to stressful situations in your job. You cannot concentrate of your work. You think how to have food all time with you. When you eat too much food, then your brain is giving pleasurable feelings. You have constantly cravings for food because you know that in this way, you feel better. The number of people who are addicted to food is increasing every year.

12 Natural cures to stop food addiction

Take the test

Every single person gets energy from the food that he or she consumes. But not every single person consumes healthy foods. There are many tests which can help you to discover if you are eating good food. You should talk with a doctor which test will be the best for you. There are many studies in which is shown that people who are obese or overweight are having some level of food addiction. [1,2]

Develop a healthy relationship with food

There are some recovery models which are having twelve steps in them. In this method, patients with food addictions are trying to stay abstinent for healing. But this method may be having some negative requirements because no one can stay abstain because every single person needs a lot of energy to finish all activities. This means that this method is not so bad because it asks from people to start thinking healthy and to start eating healthy. This can help them to establish quality relationship with the food which will be healthy.

How to stop food addiction naturally

Sub whole fruit for sweets

We know that we are addicted to food, and then we also want to consume a lot of sugar products in our bodies. But we need to stop doing this bad habit. Instead, we can consume fructose which also will satisfy our needs for sugar, but it will be healthy. Also, we know that if we eat too much sugar, then our stomach gets fat which is increasing our chances for getting diabetes type 2 [3]. You can eat grapes and cherries which are rich with sugar, but it is a natural sugar that will not make you any side effect in your body.

Set boundaries with unsafe food

You need to remove the unsafe foods from your diet. Also, there are boundaries which can help you to learn how you can eat healthy food. If you have some family member that is food addicted and you know that he or she can easily be in a stressful situation, then you need to throw all junk food in your house such as chocolate, ice cream, etc. He or she needs to make a balance when is eating ice cream or chocolate again. This will help them to stop food addiction.

Follow a structured meal plan

If you suffer from food addiction and you know that you eat food which is not healthy for your condition, then you need to make a meal plan and to start eating normally. This can help you to put safe boundaries with the food that you consume. Also, you will feel satisfied with the food that you have consumed, and you will not have a need to start eating again. When you have physical deprivation, then you have increased chances of being out of control with the food that you consume. [4]

Learn healthy coping strategies

When you eat too much food, then you have cravings to eat food more and more until you feel satisfied. This is a reason why you need to establish healthy strategies which means that you will start eating healthy and you will not feel constantly cravings for food.

Seek professional advice

You need to beat the food addiction. This is not an easy process which you can stop just in one night. In many cases, people need professional help from a licensed therapist and a registered dietitian. These people will help you to improve your condition, and they will make you good strategies about eating healthy food. You can ask them about their advice, and you will be sure that this bad habit will stop. You can achieve recovery from food addiction. You need to be patient, and you need to talk with your doctor constantly to stop food addiction.

Ditch artificial sweeteners

You need to stop eating sweet foods and chew bubble gums. They can help in some cases to change your mood, but you should also know that with this action, you can also gain weight. You do not need to eat these products because your body will be in bad condition.

Clean house

You need to clean your house from all junk food such as cookies, bubble gums, gummy bears, etc. You need to rid of them because they can make us gain weight. This will lead to side effects for our bodies which mean that if we stop eating junk food and start eating healthy, then we can lose weight which can help us to improve our physical condition.

Tips for food addiction

You may think that there is not a cure for food addiction, but you are wrong. There are cures for this condition. You should drink a lot of no-calorie beverages throughout the day because in this way, you will rid of your bad habit of eating a lot of unhealthy food. You should drink one or two glasses of cold water before every snack or meal that you take. This will make your body feel full in a very short time. This will help your brain to be happy with less amount of food. Also, you should drink 8 glasses of water per day. Also, you can drink unsweetened herbal tea and black coffee because they have low amounts of calories. Also, you can drink natural juices every day. You should eat proteins with your snack or meals. They will help you to have stable glucose levels. This means that the chemicals in your brain will be balanced because proteins will work properly for you. You should combine these techniques, and you should follow these cures every day if you want to rid of the food addiction as soon as possible. Also, you can join in some blogs and forums where people have the same problem. They will share their experiences with you which is just one big plus in your way to rid of this condition. Also, you need support from your family and friends. They should eat healthy food such as fruits and vegetables when they are with you. This will give you a motivation that you need in that period. You should make a list from all foods that are making you feel bad. You should eliminate them from your every day diet. Make a diet in which you will consume all vitamins and minerals that you need to stay healthy.

Be clear on what you want

If you want to stop food addiction, then you need to start thinking on something positive which will not make you think that you need to eat food at least for short period. Many experts are trying to motivate these people to think on some positive things in their life. They have said that if we think at something with the mind that we want it no matter what, then we can achieve our goal, and that is to rid of this bad condition. This will give us psychological motivation which means that you will not need of extra food any more. You need to stay in a quiet place. You should relax your body and mind. Then, you need to start thinking what is positive in your life. You need to think for the reason why you eat too much food. We know that you need for energy, but you do not need too much quantity of food to achieve this. You need to take foods that can reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar levels, improve gut function, and boost detoxifies pathways. Also, you should do lot of exercise. You need to relax your body and mind as you need. You can take supplements, but you need to talk with your doctor before you start using them. Also, you need to have a quality sleep if you want to stop food addiction.

Manage your magnesium levels

There are many studies in which is shown that many people suffer from magnesium deficiencies which are one of the biggest reasons why we eat too much sugar products [5]. This is also a reason why we have food addiction; you need to check your magnesium levels, and your doctor will tell you if this is a reason why you feel hungry all the time.


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Hanan Marshal
Hanan Marshal
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