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Rose essential oil – protects your stomach from infections

The health benefits of the rose essential oil can be attributed to its properties as uterine, antidepressant, stomachic, antiphlogistic, nervine, laxative, antiseptic, hepatic, antispasmodic, haemostatic, antiviral, emenagogue, aphrodisiac, depurative, astringent, cicatrisant, cholagogue and bactericidal substance. It is known fact that the roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. This flower is an integral part of many legacies, myths, legends and stories. You can find it in many colors, shapes and sizes. You can find roses for every occasion and mood. This essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of fresh Damascus Rose. It has many components such as Phenyl Geraniol, Phenylmenthyl Acetate, Phenyl Acetaldehyde, Nonanal, Nonanol, Nerol, Methyl Eugenol, Stearpoten, Farnesol, Ethanol, Eugenol, Citronellyl Acetate, Carvone, Citral Carvone and Citronellol. If this essential oil is used in mild concentrations, then it can eliminate headaches. But if you use in a high concentration because it has strong aroma, it can do the opposite. Also it should not be used during pregnancy because it is emenagogue. If you take it in excess, it can cause a miscarriage.

Health benefits of rose essential oil

Uterine: This essential oil can take care of many feminine problems such as irregular menses, bleeding, tumors and uterine discharge. Also it purifies the uterus and it keeps it functioning properly even in advanced age, which is delaying menopause. When it is regulating the menstruation, then it can eliminate the associated symptoms and problems of menstruation such as excessive bleeding, cramping, bloating, overeating, hormonal imbalance and mood swings.

Cholagogue: The rose essential oil promotes the flow of bile from the gallbladder and also it helps to regulate the acid levels in your stomach and blood. Also it will keep you safe from acidosis and acidity. The bile helps in the digestion of food, together with the acids secreted into your stomach. When you have improved digestion, then this can reduce your chances of irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation and even more serious conditions such as colorectal cancer.

rose essential oilrose essential oil health benefits

Stomachic: This essential oil is stomachic also. It protects your stomach from infections, it helps it to function properly, it sedates inflammation and it soothes your stomach. Also it protects your stomach from ulcers which often are developing due to over production of acids and their release into your stomach. Excessive gas can lead to bloating, impacted bowels, excess gas, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion and heartburn.

Nervine: This essential oil acts as a tonic for your nerves. It gives them strength to bear shock. Also it protects them from disorders which are resulting from injuries and age. The rose essential oil will keep your hands from trembling. It can help you to overcome your anxiety.

Laxative: The rose essential oil can serve as a harmless and effective laxative with a beautiful smell and it will not cause adverse side effects. Also it influences the intestinal and anal muscles to help clear the bowels. This can help you to lose weight and it can prevent excess toxicity in your body.

Hepatic: The rose essential oil is also good for the health of your liver. It keeps your liver strong. It functions properly and it is protected from infections. Also it treats problems such as ulcers, acids and the excess flow of bile.

Hemostatic: This health benefits of the rose essential oil can be used from people who suffer from hemorrhaging (which is bleeding and it can be internal or external) after a surgery or injury. This health benefit of the rose essential oil speed up the clotting and coagulation of blood and it stops excessive bleeding. This health benefit can literally save your life.

Emenagogue: This oil is a very important for women who suffer from irregular and obstructed menses. The rose essential oil stimulates the hormone secretion which triggers menstruation.

Dr. Emil Sarsath (aka) Vijila, a licensed naturopathic doctor (BSMS) who always ensures his patients receive compassionate, and individualized care. He has extensive experience in primary care, digestive health, mental health, nervous system disorder and more.Area of Expertise – Naturopathic Medicine, Whole Foods-based Nutrition, Siddha, Panchakarma.She is always available through [email protected]


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