Flushing out fluoride poisoning through tamarind and turmeric

fluoride poisoning

Fluoride poisoning occurs naturally in incredibly small amounts in fresh drinking water, but also it is added to public water sources because this can help you to prevent tooth decay. This element is not affecting the smell, taste, or appearance of water. This is one of the hardest toxins to avoid completely because it appears in countless food items and in drinking water.

Also, this element is present in many popular prescription drugs, such as Prozac, among other places, such as hot tubs and swimming pools. You can take some measures to avoid fluoride exposure. It is found that fluoride, particularly sodium fluoride, can weaken your immune system and damage your liver and kidneys [1].

The symptoms of fluoride poisoning are similar to fibromyalgia, including insomnia, memory loss, muscle pain, and fatigue. But also, there are worse conditions that can happen to your body because sodium fluoride acts as a Trojan horse that carries aluminum across the blood-brain barrier, which can be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease and lower IQ. When fluoride enters in your brain, it can calcify the pineal gland, which is responsible for the natural production of melatonin. When our bodies do not have sufficient melatonin, then the body is deprived of sound sleep, and the thyroid will not function correctly. Even if you live in areas where fluoride is not added to the water, it may still be part of your daily diet. This element is used as a fumigant and pesticide, and it is sprayed onto food crops.

Also, this element is composed of baby foods, toothpaste, and home insecticides, and it is added to bottled water. Excessive fluoride has been linked to mottled and stained teeth along with a variety of chronic and acute health issues. Sodium fluoride and calcium fluoride are the two types of fluoride. When you take these types of fluoride in excess amounts, then both of them can be very harmful to health.

You can try some of the mentioned home remedies to detoxify your body from this element. It is very important to talk with your doctor before you start using some of the mentioned fluoride poisoning home remedies.

10 Home remedies for fluoride poisoning

Liver cleanses

Liver cleanses are very effective home remedies for flushing out fluoride and other toxins from your body because they improve the natural detoxifying function of your liver. Your liver is best cleansed by including more liver-cleansing foods in your diet. These foods include olive oil, avocados, apples, carrots, beets, leafy green vegetables, green tea, grapefruit, and garlic.

They are very effective in eliminating fluoride and other toxins that congregate in your liver. You should take a product that thoroughly cleanses your liver over one to two weeks to have the best results. Chelation therapies are also recommended for removing heavy metals from your body, along with sodium fluoride.


Exercise is a good way to detoxify your body which can allow your body to eliminate all types of toxins which is also including fluoride, from your body in the sweat [2]. You need to talk with a professional trainer about the exercises which you should do to detoxify your body from fluoride.

Using tamarind

This is a popular African spice that is common in Ayurvedic medicine. This natural cure is known to flush out fluoride from yourbones [3].

The leaves, bark, and pulp of the tamarind are used to make teas. It is a proven fact that tamarind tea can eliminate fluoride throughurine. It can be used in tea or tincture form to cleanse the body of fluoride.


This is also a very helpful supplement for detoxifying your body from fluoride because it inhibits the absorption of fluoride into your cells [4]. There are many people who have heard that this element is an important mineral that many are lacking. It is important for the metabolism and synthesis of nutrients within the cells.

Also, it inhibits the absorption of fluoride into the cells. Also, it is a known fact that boron can be a very effective home remedy for detoxifying your body from fluoride. You can add it to pure water in small amounts of around 1/32 to ¼ teaspoon per liter. Also, calcium can attract the fluoride away from your teeth and bones, which allows your body to eliminate it.

Take a sauna

This is one of the best ways to rid your body of toxins because, in this way, you sweat them out. The penetrating heat also feels good. Also, you should be sure that you drink a lot of water before and after because, in this way, you will not be dehydrated. If you suffer from other medical conditions, then you should talk with your healthcare provider before you go to the sauna.

fluoride poisoning

Add some boron

This element has been studied in many parts of the world with pronounced success in fluoride detoxification [5]. Borox has boron. This element has a history of anecdotal success in detoxifying sodium fluoride. This natural element will help you to flush out the fluoride.

There are many foods that are rich in boron, such as avocado, bananas, broccoli, honey, prunes, dates, and most nuts. Also, you can mix 1/32 of a teaspoon in a quart of distilled water, and you should sip it throughout the day.

Vitamin C

There are not many studies in which it is proven that this vitamin can be used as a natural treatment for fluoride poisoning [6].

You should take types of Vitamin C that you can tolerate, and also, you should take a couple of tablespoons of lecithin every day. You need to talk with your doctor about the best type of Vitamin C that you can use as your natural treatment for this condition.

Using curcumin

There are many studies in which is found that curcumin can be used as a natural treatment in detoxifying fluoride from your body. Curcumin is a component that is found in turmeric. Turmeric is a spice. There was one study that said that curcumin could be a very effective home remedy in fighting fluoride toxicity because it protects your brain from the damaging effects of fluoride [7].

Also, it has been found that curcumin can protect your kidneys from fluoride toxicity. This element fights fluoride poisoning by preventing DNA damage from fluoride which is present in the human lymphocytes. You should be sure that you have included curcumin in your body for the fluoride detox protocol.


This is one of the nutrients that oftentimes are the first answer given to people who seek help to combat the existence of sodium fluoride in their bodies. There was some study in which is found that this element help block the effect of fluoride poisoning as well as fluoride elimination [8].

Brazil nuts are a great source of this element. It is very important to keep your selenium intake in balance. There are many doctors who are not recommending eating handfuls of Brazil nuts. These nuts vary in selenium content which depends on many factors, but you can expect 70 – 90 micrograms per serving. Nuts, meat, and fish are also products that have selenium as their component.

Also, you should not forget to take selenium along with high doses of zinc and Vitamin C because this can inhibit proper absorption.

Get adequate iodine

This element is important for the normal metabolism of cells, especially this is meant for thyroid hormones. It is a known fact that iodine can increase the amount of fluoride in urine, expelling it from your body as calcium fluoride thereby reducing fluoride poisoning. But this element can deprive your body of calcium, so you should be sure that you take calcium supplements to counter this problem. When you get an adequate amount of iodine, then this will push the fluoride from your body via urine.

There are many good sources of iodine, such as organic navy beans, organic strawberries, potatoes, organic yogurt, and cranberries. You need to take plenty of iodine via foods that are rich in iodine. Kelp, wakame, nori, and dulse are sea vegetables that are rich sources of iodine. There are some doctors who have said that the daily dosage of iodine for fluoride detox is 150 mcg, but also there are other doctors who have said that you should take only milligrams because they will be enough to saturate your body and enable an effective detox. But you should be aware of the side effects, such as headaches, palpitations, and agitation associated with fluoride release from your body.

Also, you can add avocadoes, limes, turmeric, flaxseeds, garlic, and lemon to your diet because they are liver cleansers that can help your body to rid of fluoride poisoning.


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