Effective Home Remedies and Natural treatments for Bursitis

bursitis home remedy

Bursitis is health condition which is caused by inflammation. When the bursa becomes inflamed and irritated, then you are having this condition. Bursa is fluid-filled pouches or sacs which are surrounding your major joints. This condition can worse if is not treated well. In some cases you are thinking that your pain may have stopped, but when you are moving you are feeling pain. There are many medical treatments and also natural cures for this condition, but you should visit your doctor to know which the best treatment for you is. People who are suffering from bursitis are feeling this disease in many different ways, but there are symptoms which are common in the most cases. In the most cases the major cause for bursitis is caused by the repetitive positions or motions. In the most cases this condition can happen in your knee, elbow, and heel, shoulder, base of your big toe and hip. If you are having big pain, then you must visit your doctor. In those cases medical help is needed for curing the inflammation and pain caused by bursitis. Here are some natural remedies for this condition:

Natural Remedies for Bursitis

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of the most used natural cures for many kinds of diseases. When Vitamin C is combined with flavonoids, then you can use this combination as natural treatment for cartilage (it is connective tissue) [1]. Before you start using this remedy, you should know if there can be some side effect. You should tell your doctor if you are using some natural treatment for other kind of diseases or you are using some medicine for it.

Ginger: Ginger is worldwide used natural remedy for bursitis. This natural remedy is used as treatment because it is relieving the pain caused by this disease. Ginger is known for its specific compounds which are relieving the pain and also is reducing the inflammation. The most recommended daily intake is two capsules of powder ginger (from 500mg) once or twice per day. But to be sure for the real intake amount you should consult with your doctor. This is very effective natural remedy for treating the bursitis because this vegetable is acting like anti-inflammatory agent which can help you to get better. [2]

Turmeric: In many studies is shown that this herb is very effective natural cure for treating the bursitis because it curcumin (it is the yellow pigment in this remedy) which has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. When you are suffering from bursitis you should slow down with your activities and to take a rest for your condition. In many cases when turmeric has been used as natural treatment for bursitis it has not shown any side effect. [3]

Pineapple: Bromelain which is an enzyme contained in the pineapples is effective for reducing the inflammation which is caused by bursitis and also is very helpful for reducing the swelling [4].

Omega-3 fatty acids: Fish oil and flaxseed oil are used as natural treatment for bursitis because is reducing the inflammation [5]. But this remedy can cause you some side effects such as bleeding. Do not use omega-3 fatty acids without talking with your doctor.

Castor oil: One of the most used natural remedies for treating the bursitis is the castor oil. It is not cheap treatment. anosmia, bursitis, CastorEvery single person who suffers from bursitis can heal with it. Also it is quality and effective natural remedy for treating the bursitis. This is incredible natural treatment for bursitis because is relieving healing components to the body tissues. It is effective for relieving the pain. Also this natural remedy has ability to reduce the inflammation caused by bursitis. One way to use this natural remedy is to put 5ml to 10ml on a washcloth. You should put the cloth on the affected area. Before you have applied the cotton, you should heat towel or heat the pad. Apply this heat on the infected areas. [6]

Ice: When you are in the early stage of bursitis or it is your first time to have this condition, then you can use ice as natural treatment for your condition. If it is your first time, then you should apply ice on the affected area. Let the ice stay there for 15 minutes. Then, you should get off the ice for 15 minutes. You should do this step one hour twice per day. If it is your first time to have bursitis, then you should know that you should apply ice on the affected are in the first 24 or 48 hours because in that case you will get relief from the pain.

Calcium: When you are having bursitis with years, then you are having calcium deposits. In those cases calcium is removing slowly and naturally from body’s pH level. When this is happening you are becoming more acidic. Put calcium product in glass of water. In the most cases is recommended to use acid-calcium products. Also you can make similar mixture from apple cider vinegar mixed in one glass of water. For the recommended daily intake you should consult with your doctor. In some cases is recommended increasing the intake amount of the acid forming foods which can help you to reduce the pain caused by bursitis. As we said before you must talk with your doctor for your best natural treatment. But there is general confusion about the use of calcium as natural treatment for bursitis. In the most cases people who are suffering from this condition believe that the calcium intake is reason for their calcium deposits. But when you are suffering from bursitis your calcium supplement intake will not make worse your condition. When you are having insufficient amounts of calcium in your body, then you are having calcium deposits. In your blood the calcium levels are dropping. When this is happening, then the body is taking the calcium from the bones which are making calcium deposits. This is reason to have bursa in the joints which have overworked and is reason to have bursitis. [7]

DMSO: When you are suffering from bursitis, then you can use DMSO as your natural treatment. DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) is slightly, colorless and clear oily liquid with a faint sulfur or smell. If you are applying this remedy topically, then DMSO is passing through the oily membranes and is reducing the pain, swelling and inflammation. You can find this natural remedy in the stores as gel or liquid form. 99.9% is recommended the use of liquid form because the gels and creams can worsen your symptoms. These forms can increase your inflammation and irritation. In some cases there can be people who can feel itching from the first time when they have applied DMSO (in liquid form). But they should not be worried. This is normal for the first time of using liquid DMSO. This is just temporary itching and there is no reason for worrying. Make a mixture from this natural remedy. You should mix two parts of DMSO in one part of water. Store this mixture in glass container. You can apply this mixture with your hands or applied on cotton in your affected skin. When you are rubbing this mixture on the affected areas, then you have 50% better chances to get good results. In some cases people are recommended using this mixture with dabbing on the affected areas. But there are more cases which have shown that rubbing the DMSO on the affected areas is better solution that dabbing the DMSO. If you are using this natural remedy orally, then you can feel strange taste in your mouth. You will feel it like garlic. But as we mentioned above you should not be worried for using the DMSO orally. In every case it is better to consult with your doctor or other medical people who will tell you the right intake amount of DMSO and in what form you should use it. DMSO is available for buying in all heath stores. You can use 70% of DMSO applied on the cotton. Then you should apply this remedy in the affected areas. Put to dry the cotton. You should repeat this step three times per day. What is useful for you to know is that you should stop using this remedy if you are not seeing that your condition is getting better. But if you have seen good results, then you should decrease the applied time from 3 to 2 times per day. Repeat this treatment for three days more. Also if your bursitis is getting better after you have applied DMSO two times per day, then you should also decrease the amount from two to one time per day. Like in the previous case you should repeat this step three days more. [8]

White willow bark: White willow bark is one of the most used natural remedies as natural treatment for the bursitis. White willow bark contains salicin. Salicin has many similarities to the vital ingredient in aspirin salicylic acid. This natural remedy is good for relieving the pain and also is reducing the inflammation. In the most cases the recommended daily intake amount is 500 milligrams of white willow bark extract (in the most cases this is the recommended daily intake amount) once or twice per day. For the recommended daily intake amount in your situation, you should consult with your doctor. [5]


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