Health benefits of amaranth

Health benefits of amaranth

Many people think that amaranth is weed but in fact this is a vegetable. It has many health benefits such as reduce the appearance of varicose veins, stimulate growth and repair, prevent certain chronic diseases, reduce inflammation, boost bone strength, ease weight loss efforts, maintain healthy hair, improve the immune system and lower blood pressure. The health benefits of this vegetable are known for years. Mostly it is used in Mexico and Central America. It has high amounts of minerals, vitamins and proteins. Nowadays it is spread all around the world but still it is used at most in Central America. People should use seeds and leaves of this vegetable because both of them have many health benefits. This vegetable has some amount of oxalates. If you suffer from gallstones or kidney stones, then you should not add amaranth in your diet. Also there are some cases when you consume this vegetable and leads to allergic reactions. In the most cases these allergies last just few minutes. Before you start using this vegetable in your diet, you should talk with your herbalist or doctor. Here are some health benefits of the amaranth:

Health benefits of amaranth

Hair health: Amaranth has amino acid which is known as lysine. Our body cannot produce this amino acid in natural way and this is a reason why you should add amaranth in your diet. It will improve the appearance and integrity of your hair. The calcium uptake efficiency is increased which means that you will have normal hair on your head. This will help you to strengthen the hair follicles and also man can prevent the baldness. When you are done with washing of your hair, then you can remove the juice of the amaranth leaves and then you should apply on your head. This can help you to prevent the hair loss and also your hair will be strong.

Weight loss: When you eat amaranth leaves and grains, then the influx of protein of this vegetable release a sated hormone which can suppress your appetite which means that you can help your body to lose the gained weight. Amaranth has dietary fiber which is bulky in your stomach. It can lower your appetite which means that you will not rat snacks between your meals so you will not have extra pounds in your body.

Birth defects: Amaranth has high amounts of folate which is a very important element for women who are pregnant. If they do not have enough amounts of folate in their bodies, then they have increased chances to give a birth of newborns which have neural tube defects. This is a reason to add amaranth leaves or grains in your diet. It can protect your baby from this kind of problem.

Vision health: It has high amounts of Vitamin A which can keep the health of your eyes. This vitamin is antioxidant which means that can prevent the development of cataracts or also it can stop the development of cataracts. When you add amaranth in your diet, then you are reducing the oxidative stress in your ocular system which means that you will have healthy eyes for years.

Health benefits of amaranth

Varicose veins: This is not very common disease but when we are getting older, then we are increasing our chances of getting varicose veins. In this condition we can feel embarrassment and discomfort. It is rich with flavonoids. In this group we can mention the most important flavonoid in the amaranth and that is the rutin. This flavonoid can strengthen the capillary walls which mean that you will be protected from this kind of problem. Also this vegetable has high amounts of Vitamin C which can help in the production of the collagen that can strengthen and repair the walls of your blood vessels.

Cardiovascular health: It has dietary fiber which means that can lower the bad cholesterol levels in your body. This means that it can keep your cardiovascular system healthy. Also it is rich with Vitamin K which can boost your heart health. Also it has high amounts of potassium which reduce the strain on your cardiovascular system and also it can dilate your blood vessels which lead to low blood pressure. Amaranth can prevent you from getting atherosclerosis.

These are some of the health benefits of amaranth.


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