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Proteolytic enzyme therapy is very effective for spinal stenosis

This is a disorder that is caused by the narrowing of the spinal canal. The spinal canal is the passage of nerves. It runs down the center of the back.

The spinal stenosis is triggered by accumulating increased pressure which is placed on the spinal cord and the nerves within the back it commonly causes sciatica, back pain, and other nerve problems. Most people develop spinal stenosis, which manifests in their necks and lower backs (lumbar region), but others experience no noticeable symptoms at all. Also, it is possible to suffer from problems that are related to bowel or bladder control due to spinal stenosis, which is caused by nerve damage that is connected to the lower body.

Some of the most common causes which contribute to spinal stenosis or happen at the same time include genetic diseases that affect the bones of the back (such as Paget’s disease), spinal injuries or tumors, sciatic nerve pain, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease.

This condition can affect different parts of the spine. When the stenosis is in the neck, then it is called cervical stenosis [1], while stenosis in the lower back is called lumbar stenosis [2]. There is a third type of stenosis known as thoracic stenosis, which is rare and it is affecting the middle/upper portion of the spine. You need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from spinal stenosis about the best natural treatment for you.

15 Spinal stenosis treatment

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet

When you are losing excess weight, then this can reduce the load–bearing stress on the lumbar spine, and it can prevent or reduce stenosis. Also, when you consume a healthy diet, then it can help to maintain muscle mass, and it can protect you from experiencing very high levels of inflammation or complication, which can make your spinal stenosis worse.

The high levels of inflammation can weaken your joints, muscles, and bones, which makes you more likely to deal with spinal problems as you get older.

You should lower your intake of things like packed snacks, alcohol, refined gain products, chemically sprayed crops, processed meats, and sugar.

You should consume a lot of anti-inflammatory foods like “clean and lean proteins” (wild-caught fish, grass-fed meat, and cage-free eggs), healthy fats including extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, leafy green vegetables, and fermented foods that contain probiotics. Proteolytic enzymes, MSM, glucosamine, Omega – 3 fish oils, and turmeric are supplements that can help to reduce pain. One of the most powerful anti-inflammation foods and herbs are Boswellia, papaya, ginger, and turmeric.

Turmeric is one of the most studied foods all around the world. It is proven that it has the ability to fight against inflammation. It will not cause you side effects but talk with your doctor before you start using turmeric in your diet if you have never used it before. Also, proteolytic enzyme therapy is a very used natural cure for dealing with spinal stenosis. When you combine proteolytic enzymes with anti-inflammation herbs and foods, then this makes it a very powerful natural inflammation therapy. [2,3]


When you are massaging painful areas can help to relax the muscles, increase the blood flow, loosen up tight tissue and even increase the production of endorphins which can ease the pain. But before you begin massage therapy treatment, you need to talk with your doctor if you are not sure about the severity of your condition.


Those people who have neck or back problems should practice yoga. It is beneficial for them because it can strengthen the muscles which support the spine while also improving range of motion and flexibility. Your body does not need to be limber to get started. Gentle yoga can ease you into the practice without putting unnecessary strain on the spine. [4]


It is known that acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique which is involving needles at specific points of our bodies. There are many studies which are shown that acupuncture is very beneficial for people who have back pain. [5]

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractors can manipulate your spine in order to create greater space between the vertebrae, and it can reduce the pressure on the nerves.

Natural cures for spinal stenosisTrigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy is a very important part of any spinal stenosis treatment. Almost every single person who suffers from lumbar stenosis has trigger points, and they should find a way to administer self-trigger point therapy every day, which will be immediately followed by specific spinal stenosis exercises.

A good quality home trigger point massage tool is the easiest and most cost-effective way to self-treat your trigger points. Also, there is another good option, and that is the trigger point foam roller. [6]

Stretch to maintain flexibility

One natural way to relax stiff muscles is stretching the spine. This is beneficial for staying limber, and it is helpful in preventing stiffness or injuries. You should always stretch after workouts, and you should ease into exercise with a warm-up period. You should focus on breathing deeply while stretching because this is a great way in which you can get relief from stress. Here are some stretches which can help to prevent and reduce back or sciatic pain:

  • Hip and hip flexor stretches done with your back on the floor by bending the legs, crossing one ankle over the other knee, and possibly pulling on the back of the thighs to deepen the stretch
  • Quadriceps stretches, which can be done by standing, bending one knee, and pulling the foot behind you
  • Back stretches done while laying on the stomach and lifting the chest or legs
  • Knee to chest stretches on the floor
  • Sitting leg stretches

Try physical therapy

Your doctor will tell you about your movement and activity. After they are cleared, you should visit a physical therapist because this can help to improve healing and speed up recovery. The physical therapist can help you safely start practicing specific posture–improving exercises that can strengthen your back, core, and upper legs. There are some cases when special machinery or equipment is used to perform abdominal exercises, which can help to take the pressure off the spine. Physical therapists can teach their patients how to improve their posture and recommend tips for using more support pillows, pads, mattresses, chairs, shoes, etc. After some time has passed, it is possible for patients to safely transition to exercising on their own.

Maintain normal weight

It is very important to lose extra weight because this can help you to get relief from the symptoms but also it can slow the progression of spinal stenosis. When you have a normal weight, then it can help you to move easier.

Hot shower or hot bath

You should try taking a hot shower or hot bath because this is a very effective natural way that can help dull pain. You should add Epsom salt to a hot bath, along with soothing essential oils, such as lavender oil or peppermint oil, to further penetrate and relax the inflamed area.

Heating pad

As long as your painful area is not red or inflamed, you can try using a heating pad on low or medium for fifteen to twenty minutes several times per day. You should wrap it around your lower back while you sit down or lay down with the pad placed on your back.

Application of heat or ice

When you are applying heat or ice, then this can help naturally dull the pain and control the inflammation. You should ice the swollen area during the first 72 hours of pain following a triggering episode can help to curb the swelling. You should try using ice packs two times per day for about fifteen minutes at a time.

Do not smoke

If you are a smoker, then you should quit smoking as soon as possible. It is known that smoking cause spinal discs to wear/degenerate faster.


It is known that aerobic exercises, as well as strengthening and stretching exercises for the stomach muscles and lower back, can help to get relief from symptoms, and also they can help to improve muscle strength, especially when it is done four or five times a week. The most helpful aerobic exercise include walking on a treadmill with an incline and riding a stationary bike (with the spine flexed in a forward position). [2]


You should rest always when you need to do it. There are some patients who get slight relief by sitting down or leaning down, which increases the space for the nerves and it is decreasing the pressure. There are many people who feel better while leaning on a support, like a shopping cart. [7]


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Hanan Marshal
Hanan Marshal
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