Health benefits of lemon

Health benefits of lemon, body hair

Lemons and lemon juice are one of the most used products all around the world. It has many health benefits which are making this fruit one of the healthiest fruits in the world. When you are drinking lemonade, then you are cool and calm. It is reducing the chances of getting strokes. Also it has a great effect on lowering the body temperature. It is very effective natural remedy for all people who are suffering from kidney stones. When you are using lemons as your natural remedy for kidney stones, then you are preventing your body from the formation of crystals. Also this fruit is very effective natural treatment for gall stones. Some people want to eat this fruit in raw forms, while other is making lemonade from it’s juice mixed with water. Also this fruit can prevent you from mosquitoes bite. Here are some health benefits of lemons:

Health benefits of lemon

Indigestion and constipation: When you have some problems related with constipation and indigestion, then you should use lemon juice as your natural remedy. You should add some drops of lemon in your meals. You should not add this with milk meals. This will help you to aid in digestion. This juice is acting like a cleansing agent and a blood purifier. This is a reason why you should drink fresh lime soda after you are done with your lunch or dinner. The recipe for this juice is sugar or honey which is used as sweetness, lemon juice, soda, cold water and salts (you can use rock salt or common salt). If you want to have other flavor, not the lemon flavor, then you should add crushed fennel seeds or mint leaves. When you a heavy lunch or dinner, you should always drink this mix.

Fever: People who are suffering from flu, fever or cold should use this fruit’s juice as their natural remedy. When you are using lemon juice as your natural remedy, you are increasing perspiration which means that you are breaking the fever.

Health benefits of lemonlemon health benefits

Dental care: This kind of juice is often used as remedy in dental care. When you are feeling pain in your teeth, then you should apply it’s juice on toothache area. This will help you to rid of the pain. If your gums are bleeding, then you should massage them with lemon juice. Also when you are doing this massage, you are riding of the odor which is caused by some gum diseases. This juice is also used as every day cleanser for your teeth. You can also add some lemon drops on your toothpaste. If you are rubbing your teeth with the outer shell, then you should be careful because these are acidic and they can burn your mouth. If you are feeling that your mouth is burning, then you must wash your mouth with water.

Hair care: This kind of juice has many health benefits when is used as natural treatment for hair. Hair loss and dandruff can be treated with lemon juice when it is applied on your scalp. Also you should know that when you are applying lemon juice directly on your hair, it will give natural shine to your hair.

Skin care: Also this fruit is used as natural treatment for problems connected with the skin. Lemon juice can be applied on your skin if you are having sunburns. It will give you relief from the pain caused by sunburns. Also if you have bee stings, then you should use it because the pain will be reduced. Also if you are suffering from eczema and acne, you can use lemon juice as your natural treatment. If you have blackheads and wrinkles, then you should use it because it has anti – aging properties. When you are drinking lemon juice mixed with honey and water, then you are giving a natural glow to your skin.

Burns: When you have burn at the moment, then you can use lemon juice because it has cooling effects which means it will reduce the pain caused by these burns. Also if you have old burns, you should use this juice on them. It will make them fade.

Weight loss: When you are drinking a mixture of this juice with honey and lukewarm water, then you are reducing your weight.

Internal bleeding: If you have internal bleeding, then you should use lemon juice because it has coagulant and anti – septic properties. Also if you have bleeding from your nose, then you can apply this juice on cotton ball and apply it inside of your nose.

Cholera: Lemon juice will act like blood purifier, which means it will help you against malaria and cholera.


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