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Acoustic neuroma is tumor which is found on nerves that are leading to inner ear. This is not cancerous disease. It is growing slowly (it is known as slow growing tumor). Usually this tumor is located in the vestibular nerve and is not spreading to the other sides of the brain. In some cases it can cause serious diseases such as unsteady gait and tinnitus. There are some cases in which acoustic neuroma was cause for deafness. The symptoms of the acoustic neuroma can be very different in different patients.

Some of the symptoms of acoustic neuroma are dizziness, ringing sound in the ear, numbness on one side of the face and gradual hearing loss. It is very important to visit your doctor and to make all the tests needed for this disease. Your doctor will tell you the right treatment for you. When patients are having small tumor in their brain, then they are not having problems with their daily activities. There are small numbers of cases in which this tumor has grown too big and it has pressed the brainstem which can cause health hazard. If this health hazard is not treated well, then this could be reason for death. There are many medicines and surgeries for this disease. But also there are  many acoustic neuroma home remedy and natural cures, which can help a lot in the fight against this disease.

Acoustic Neuroma home remedy and natural treatments

Ginkgo Biloba: This herb is one of the most used herbs in the medicines for many types of diseases. Its benefits are proven from the medical experts around the world. It can help also to elderly individuals which have some kind of disease. Ginkgo Biloba is also efficient acoustic neuroma home remedy. When people are suffering from this disease, then their doctors are usually recommending using ginkgo Biloba extract. This herb is improving the blood circulation in the affected area (area with acoustic neuroma). Also this herb is improving the memory and attention in the people who are suffering from acoustic neuroma. The positive effect which is caused by using this remedy is really fast. You will feel better after 2.5 hours after you have taken the required amount. Scientists are saying that ginkgo Biloba is one of the best acoustic neuroma home remedy. [1,2]

Turmeric: Turmeric is herb which is used as acoustic neuroma home remedy. Also this herb can be used for many other kinds of diseases. When you are affected with acoustic neuroma, then you should use turmeric ad natural treatment for your condition. Turmeric can help to improve the blood circulation around the affected area. Turmeric can help to improve the blood circulation around the affected area. Also this herb is starting to improve the health of patients who are feeling better and they are having more energy for doing everyday activities [3]. Also the curcumin which is component of turmeric has ability to shrink the tumor. This herb is mostly used in the Asian cuisines, but nowadays is spread around the world. Before you start using turmeric, you should ask your doctor in which way you should consume it and what is the required intake amount. Turmeric is shown that is one of the best acoustic neuroma home remedy. bunions, glowing skin, addison, brain tumor, acoustic neuroma home remedy

Green tea: EGCG which is component of the green tea is hindering the chemicals which are pushing the development of tumors [4]. This herb is proven as one of the best acoustic neuroma home remedy. Your doctor will tell you the required amount of green tea you should use if you are suffering from this disease. Never start using some of the natural remedies without consulting with your doctor because firstly you should be sure for your condition and then to start the treatment.

Zinc: This element is used as acoustic neuroma home remedy for patients who are suffering from this disease. Also this element is usually recommended being taken as remedy after you have done the surgery because it is helping you to recover faster.

Vitamin B: It has the same effect with the zinc. That is to improve the health of people and quicken their recovering after they have made surgery. The Vitamin B supplement is acoustic neuroma home remedy because it is helping people who suffer from this disease to improve their health and to reduce the symptoms caused by it.

Tips for foods that you should/shouldn’t consume: You need to consume low – calorie dietary program. This will assist you in the tumor shrinkage. You should avoid high – fat and dairy products. You should eat a lot of antioxidant foods and a lot of green leafy vegetables. Also, there are many Chinese herbs that can help you to rid of this condition. Talk with your physician to get approval for some of the mentioned remedies.

Barberine: This is some type of alkaloid which is found in many different medicinal herbs. The Chinese Isatis, Oregon grape, and Goldenseal are the most common herbs that have barberine as their component. There are some people who have said that this element will help them in different types of cancers not just to brain cancer [5].

Sulforaphane: This is the active component that is found in many cruciferous vegetables, especially in the broccoli which has anti – cancer properties.

Boswellia: This herb has a big role in treating cancer and also it can help to some people who suffer from the acoustic neuroma. It can help to reduce the anxiety because it has anti – inflammatory properties and also it is neuroprotective [6].

Macrobiotic diet: People who suffer from acoustic neuroma should consume a macrobiotic diet because it can help them to improve their condition. This is a nutritional philosophy that is focused on people’s health. There are not specific requirements for this kind of diet because it varies from person to person. This acoustic neuroma home remedy is helpful for people who suffer from chronic diseases, but also can help to people who suffer from the acoustic neuroma. It is based to avoid refined foods and most animal products and to eat locally grown foods that are in season. They said that we should consume sea vegetables, beans and legumes, vegetables, brown rice and miso soup.

Acupuncture: Many doctors are recommending acupuncture as a natural treatment for the acoustic neuroma. There are some people who have said that this method has saved their lives from surgery, but also there are other people who do not agree with it. This is a reason why a lot more studies should be done in the future about this natural cure and its influence on the acoustic neuroma. In some cases, it is recommended before surgery because it can help to reduce the pain. [7]

Shark cartilage: There are many food stores in the United States of America that can provide you shark cartilage. There are some people who have said that they have used this natural cure for a period of 4 years and they have noticed improvements in their conditions. They were taking shark cartilage two to three times per day. You need to talk with your doctor about the right dose of this acoustic neuroma home remedy for you.

Exercises: Many doctors have said that if you suffer from acoustic neuroma, then you should do a lot of exercises because they can help you to improve your condition. You can massage your body, do some yoga or meditation. Also, you can add acupuncture in your treatment. They may not help you to cure this condition, but they will help you to reduce the stress in your brain that you have some kind of brain tumor.

Selenium: There are some cases when doctors have said that people who suffer from the acoustic neuroma should add selenium in their diet because this is some kind of brain tumor [8,9]. But before you start using this remedy you need to talk with your doctor because we do not guarantee you that it will work for sure. This is an antioxidant component which can interfere the ability of chemotherapy or radiation and it can kill cancer cells. When patients have used selenium in their diets, then this element has made the brain cancer cells more sensitive to this element and this is a reason why they have died very soon after patients are done with their radiation therapy.

Vitamin E: There are some cases when doctor also has approved this vitamin as a natural treatment for the brain tumors and also they have said that it can help them to rid of the acoustic neuroma. As we have said previously you need to talk with your doctor if you want to use this acoustic neuroma home remedy.

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  1. TS is right. Improved circulation has proven to promote growth in my tumor. Whats good for the brain seems to be good for my tumor.

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