Burns – Symptoms and Causes


There are many types of burns. One of them is minor problems and they are not causing more serious health complications. Other type of  burn which cannot be healed and all the life you should take care of it. In the most cases when people are having burns, they are not giving enough attention on them and let them to stay. But this can be reason for serious health condition. In many cases people have died because they have not treated their burns. Chemicals and electricity can be reason to get burns. In the most cases children are affected with burns which are caused by the scalding liquids. If you have some kind of burn, then you should visit your doctor. He or she will give you the right medical treatment. You cannot take medicine on your own because there are many different types of medical treatments for It which are depending on how serious is the situation and on which place you have them. If you have widespread and deep burns, then you should urgently visit your doctor and you will need medical attention. In the most cases people which are affected with  are sent to burn centers because there they can have the right medical treatment and they will be under medical attention. When people are having deep wounds, then they should make skin grafts become when they are making this process, they are covering the burned parts. Also when someone is affected with it, then people who are with him all the time should give him or her support because in these cases it is very emotional for people to see their  part.

Types and causes of Burns

If you have some kind of burn and you have injury on that burn, then this can be reason for serious condition. There are three types of burns:

  • First-degree burn: When people are affected with the first degree of the burns, then they are just having burns on the layer of their skin. These are small burns. Then you can feel pain, redness and swelling. In the most cases this is easy type of  and is getting better after few days of medical help. One example of this type of it is the sunburn.
  • Second-degree burn: The first layer of the skin which is known as epidermis and the second layer of the skin which is known as dermis are affected when people are having the second type of burns. When you are having this type of burns, then you can feel swelling, pain and white or red splotchy skin. If this type of burn is not controlled and is not given medical help, then this could be more serious burn which can affect on the health. When this is happening, you are feeling lot more pain than you have been used. This type of burns can cause scarring.
  • Third-degree burns: When you are having this kind , then the fat layer which is under your skin is also affected (not just the epidermis and dermis). When you have third-degree burns, then your it are charred white or black. If you have this type of it, then you should know that these can cause nerve damage which is known as numbness. Also when people are affected with this type of disease, they are having difficulties with their breathing.

When to see a doctor? If you have some of the mentioned symptoms, then you should visit your doctor:

  • You have burns which are caused by electricity or chemicals
  • You have problems with your breathing
  • You have burns on your airways
  • You have deep burns (it is meant for the third-degree burns which are affecting also on tissues)
  • You have burns which are located on your face, hands, feet, buttocks, groin and major areas of the body

Your doctor can ask you some of the next questions:

  • How did occurr your burn?
  • What are you using for your burns?
  • Do you have some disease in the past?
  • Are you using something for treating your burns?

Causes: Here are the causes of burns:

  • Abuse
  • Hot metal
  • Hot glass
  • Fire
  • Hot steam
  • Hot liquid
  • Electrical currents
  • Chemicals (gasoline, lye, strong acids and paint thinner)
  • Radiation which is caused by the X-rays or radiation which is used as therapy for cancer
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Sunlight

Complications: When you are having burns, then they can make complications in your health such as:

  • Problems with your breathing
  • Low blood volume
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Bone and joint problems
  • Dangerously low body temperature


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