Soy protein increases calcium absorption and prevent osteoporosis

Health benefits of soy protein

It is known that vegan and vegetarians are often lack in proteins. When they have lack of animal proteins in their diet, then it can lead to several deficiencies. This is a reason why they should consume soy protein. It is known that soy proteins are a complete source of protein. This is a reason why the soy protein is taking an important part of a vegetarian or vegan diet. Also people who eat meat can take soy protein because they can get its health benefits. Soy protein has amino acids, phytoestrogens and it has good amounts of antioxidants. It is high in Omega – 3 fatty acids. Soy protein is free of cholesterol and lactose. It has low saturated fat. There are few soy products which have iron and calcium like Chinese tofu.

Soy protein health benefits

Pigmentation: There are many skin care products that are based on soy and they are used for the skin tone and they can reduce the pigmentation caused by hormonal changes and sun exposure. The soy has good amount of fatty acids, Vitamin E and even lecithin which are very effective for the skin even if they are applied topically. Also it can help to heal and regenerate skin cells due to its antioxidant properties.

Cell growth and regeneration: The soy bean oil is rich in vitamin with small molecular structure which can penetrate the epidermis. The soy can nestle inside the cellular structure and it can help in stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen with other proteins. These properties are very important for the cell growth and they can reverse the formation of abnormal cells.

Healthy bones: Men who suffer from weak bones can gain many benefits if they consume soy. It is very useful for maintaining strong bones and also it can prevent mineral loss. There are some cases when the soy bean can help to lower arthritis. Also the benefits of soy bean are amazing for the overall health.

Health benefits of soy proteinSoy protein nutrition benefits

Blood clotting: The soy oil has Omega – 3 fatty acids. If you do not want to consume algae or fish based products, then the soy oil is the best choice for you which can help you to get sufficient amounts of Omega – 3 fatty acids in your body.

Infant formula: There are many newborns that are unable to digest the breast milk and even regular formula. The soy milk can save their lives in this situation. When the child is old enough, then he can eat other soy products. Add these products in your child’s diet because they will boost his or her health.

Prevent osteoporosis: This type of disease is caused by age and hormonal problems. Soy has phytoestrogen content which can increase the calcium absorption by your body and it can help in the prevention of the bone mass loss. If you want to have the best results, then you should always buy soy milk which is fortified with some extra calcium ad even Vitamin D.

Menopausal symptoms: The soy protein has phytoestrogens which are acting as synthetic estrogen which is protecting women from severe bone loss and it helps in maintaining a healthy heart. Also the soy protein can help to maintain stronger bones and calcium balance in postmenopausal women.

Cancer prevention: Soy has genistein – phytochemicals which can help to lower the risk of prostate and breast cancer. This phytochemicals can prevent the cancer by halting tumor cells from the growing. You should consume one cup soy milk or ½ cup tofu or even soybeans because they can help in the protection of cancer.

Obesity and diabetes: The soy protein is very effective for controlling hyperglycemia and also for losing weight. Diabetes is a serious medical condition which must be treated. When you are including soy beans in your diet, then they can help you to control the obesity and also they can balance the sugar levels in your body. This is one of the best natural foods which people who suffer from diabetes can add in their diets.

Energy booster: Soy protein has amino acids which can be found in soy milk and tofu. These amino acids can be effectively used by our bodies and then converted into energy.


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