9 Amazing health benefits of tropical almond


We know that almonds have many health benefits but many of us have not heard about tropical almonds before. In Indonesia, the tropical almond has many different names which depend on the location of tropical almond. In Bugis, the tropical almond is called “atapang”. In Timor, the name of tropical almond is “ketapas”. The scientific name of tropical almond is Terminalia catappa. Tropical almond comes from Southeast Asia. This tree lives in lowlands to a height of 500 m with rainfall of 1000 – 3500 mm per year. You can find this tree around the coast.

These trees are shady and tall so you can sit under them in the summer hot days. The size of tropical almond is small and it is round like eggs. When the fruit is young, then it is yellowish green but when it is ripe, then it is purple – red. Nigeria is the country with most tropical almonds. The excess consumption of this almonds can cause constipation and bloating because it is rich in fiber. Also, it can lead to upset stomach.

This almonds are not easily digested so this is a reason why you should drink a lot of water while you take them. Also, it can lead to drug interaction if you are placed on manganese – rich diet because this almonds are rich in manganese and the high amount of manganese in the body interacts with blood pressure medications, laxatives and antibiotics.

9 Amazing health benefits of tropical almond

tropical almond benefits

Anti – cancer properties: The most health benefits of this almonds which we get come from their leaves. There are some studies in which are said that the leaf of this almond has a substance which can prevent cancer and have antioxidant content. The extract of this almond can help in the fight against CQ – sensitive (HB3) and Plasmodium falciparum chloroquine (CQ).

Improves overall health: There are some studies in which are shown that the extraction of tropical almonds can help the body to avoid many diseases, such as heart problems, cough, diabetes, impotence, respiratory disorders and constipation. Experts are saying that people should start eating this almonds with other foods on daily basis because you will get a lot of health benefits from them.

Rich of fiber: The tropical almond tastes like almonds although is a bit sour. Also, it has fiber which is beneficial for your health.

Good for your stomach: When you eating the seeds of the this almond, then you can benefit your stomach because the oil in these seeds can help to reduce the inflammation of the abdominal cavity.

Good for pregnant women: This almond is rich in folic acid which can help to reduce the incidence which can be dangerous for babies, such as birth defects. This is a reason why pregnant women should add this almonds in their diets, so in this way they can reduce chances of having baby with birth defects.

Treat skin diseases: There are many health benefits which we can get from the leaves of the tropical almond tree. It can help in the treatment of skin diseases like dermatitis. This is a condition in which the skin becomes red, there is pain and swelling and also it has small blisters that are caused by irritation due to external factors or due to reaction when it is allergic.

Treatment of hepatitis: There are some studies in which are said that the tropical almond tree has antipathetic effect in which is included the superoxide radical scavenger activity to treat hepatitis.

Reduces cholesterol: The fruit and seed of tropical almond have calcium and it has a great effect in reducing the level of cholesterol in the body. The regular consumption of almonds will aid in increasing the HDL cholesterol and reducing the chances of LDL cholesterol levels.

Promotes a healthy heart: Tropical almonds have protein, potassium and fats which are beneficial for the health of the heart. Also, they have magnesium which can help to prevent heart attacks. It has Vitamin E that is effective antioxidant and it will reduce your risk of heart diseases. Tropical almonds can help to reduce the presence of CRP which is causing artery damaging inflammation.


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