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Cinnamon health benefits – fights cancer and control diabetes

Cinnamon health benefits does not limit it as natural remedy for many diseases. It is native to South America, Southeast Asia and Caribbean. This spice comes from branches of wild trees which can be found in its native countries. In the market this spice can be found as Ceylon cinnamon which is considered the true cinnamon and Chinese cinnamon which comes from China and is not so expensive like the Ceylon it. This spice is used worldwide because of the numerous health benefits.

Cinnamon Health Benefits

Anti-oxidant effects: Essential oils and organic compounds which are component of the cinnamon can find the free radicals and neutralize them. They can be reason for serious health conditions such as cancer. The components of the cinnamon are improving the health of the heart. Also it can prevent against chronic diseases which in the most cases are caused by the free radicals.

Immune system: When people are using the cinnamon they can warm their bodies because this spice has warming properties. This is reason to be used as natural treatment for immune diseases such as cold and flu. Few other cinnamon health benefits include preventing of fever and preventing bronchitis.

blood pressure, cinnamon health benefitscinnamon health benefits

Fungal and bacterial infections: When you add it in your cooking, then you are preventing your health against fungal and bacterial infections. This can be possible because it has antibacterial properties. This is reason why this spice has been used for decades in worldwide cuisines. Also is preventing the cultivation of the dangerous pathogens.

Cognitive disorders: There are many studies which are done for finding out the cinnamon health benefits and its effect on cognitive disorders (Alzheimer’s disease and dementia). There is not known the right cure for this disease (Alzheimer’s disease). It is stimulating new neural pathways and is increasing the cognitive ability which makes people aware and lucid for longer as they are getting older.

Bone health: It is rich with magnesium. This element is boosting your bone health. Calcium and magnesium are the vital elements for the health of bones and preventing of diseases as the people are getting older such as osteoporosis. You should consume cinnamon stick which surely will improve your bone health.

Digestive health: Dietary fiber which is component of the ground it has enormous role for the digestive health. It is stimulating peristaltic motion and is boosting your stool. Other cinnamon health benefits include aiding your digestion process and preventing from bloating, constipation, colon cancer and ulcers. Fiber can eliminate the bile salt which can make damage in your digestive system. Also it is good to be consumed because the fiber which is component of it has ability to balance the cholesterol levels in your cardiovascular system.

Increase mental strength: People who have problems with their concentration and they are looking for ways to boost it, then they should consume it. It is one of the best home remedies for boosting the mental ability. In many studies the cinnamon health benefits are proved that there is chemical connection between the cinnamon and the brain. People who had chewed cinnamon or people who had smell the cinnamon; they have increased their mental function. If you are suffering from problems with your mental function, then you should eat cinnamon as breakfast which is healthy and will improve you cognitive function.

Cancer prevention: There are many studies which were done on the topic: how the cinnamon is effecting on people who suffer from cancer. Results are positive. They have showed that two components of the cinnamon eugenol and cinnamaldehyde and they are preventing the cells which are affected with cancer (cancer cells) to spread in your body. It is very effective natural remedy for some types of cancers such as leukemia, colon cancer and lymphoma. Some specific substances in the cinnamon which are medical proven are preventing the tumor to grow larger than it is. These anti-oxidant substances are also helpful for the skin.

Diabetic control: it is one of the best home remedies for treating the diabetes because it has ability to control the blood sugar levels. When you are adding this spice in your diet then it is slowing the process of emptying the stomach (this is happening when you are consuming simple sugar). Few other cinnamon health benefits include regulating the glucose and insulin levels which are making it perfect remedy for diabetes.

Merlin Joy
Merlin Joy
Holding a doctorate degree, Dr. Merlin Joy AKA Sinatra developed passion for home remedies from her mother, grand father and grandmother. Sinatra loves to read books and hiking. You can contact her through [email protected]



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