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How to treat burping naturally using home remedies

When you have gas of any type is very uncomfortable and embarrassing. But when you have burping this is giving you a stressful situation. When you have swallowed too much air in your stomach, then this is resulting with burping.  There are many foods which can cause you burping such as fried foods, caffeine and fatty meats. When you are eating meals or when you are drinking beverages, then you should eat and drink them slowly because when you are eating fast or you are drinking fast, then this could be a reason for burping. You should also drink cool drinks. If you have hot drink, let it to cool because they can cause you to swallow lots of air. In the most cases this condition is going by its own. But if you are feeling too much abdominal pain or your burping is not going back for long period, then you must consult with your doctor. He or she will tell you medications for your conditions. Also he or she will recommend you which are the best natural treatment for your condition. Here are some home remedies and natural cures for burping:

Home remedies and natural treatments for burping

Chamomile: This is one of the most used natural cures for burping. When you are drinking a chamomile tea, then you are releasing the gas through the system instead of belching. Also this is very powerful at relieving intestinal cramping. There are many studies in which is shown that this herb is very effective at relieving the stomach gas and soothing the stomach [1]. Also the chamomile tea can be used for other gastrointestinal conditions such as upset stomach, flatulence, colic and spasms. Make a tea from this herb. You will need to put one chamomile teabag in a cup. Then, you should pour this cup with boiled water (one cup of boiled water) over it. After you have done these steps, then you should steep this tea for 5-10 minutes. After this period has passed, you should remove the teabag from the tea and then you should drink it. You should drink this tea 2-3 per day if you want to have the best results.

Fennel: This is traditional remedy which is used in the traditional medicine for treating the burping. This herb is soothing the digestive tract and also is preventing the formation of the gas. Also this herb can prevent the heartburn, bloating and indigestion [2]. When you have eaten your meal you should chew ½ teaspoon of dried roasted fennel seeds and then expel your gas through your intestinal tract. Also you can add in one cup of hot water one teaspoon of crushed fennel seeds. Let this mixture to steep for 10 minutes and then you should strain it. If you want to have the best results, then you should drink this mixture twice per day.

Ginger: If you want to prevent the excessive gas with natural treatment, then this is your perfect natural remedy. Ginger has carminative properties which are relaxing the gastrointestinal muscles. Also this remedy is preventing the bloating, gas and burping as the result of the carminative properties [3]. If you use ginger as your natural remedy, then you can relief yourself from the abdominal pain. Also you are calming your stomach and you are promoting the digestion. In one cup of hot water you should add one tablespoon of thin ginger slices. Cover this tea and let it steep for 10 minutes. Then, you should strain it and add lemon juice and a little honey in this tea. You should drink this tea 2-3 per day if you want to improve your health and get rid of the burping. Also you have other option to use the ginger as your natural treatment. You can use it as ginger supplement. But before you have decided to use, you should talk with your doctor about the recommended dose for you.

ginger, cough, spondylitis, burpingNatural remedy for burping

Probiotic foods: These kinds of foods are helping to restore the natural balance of the gut bacteria in digestive system. When your gut bacteria have no balance, then this is leading to gas formation and also can be a reason for belching. Also they are used for treating the digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and bloating [4]. Some of the best and the most used probiotic foods as natural treatments for the burping are sour pickles, Greek yogurt, kimchi, kefir, buttermilk and sauerkraut. Also you can take probiotics as supplements, but you should consult with your doctor.

Peppermint: This is also natural remedy which is recommended being used as natural remedy for burping. This herb has antispasmodic properties which are helping to relax the digestive tract which is reducing the formation of the gas in the stomach [5,6]. It is promoting the overall digestion and also is improving the flow of bile. In one cup of hot water you should put one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves. Let this mixture steep 10 minutes. Then, you should strain this mixture. You should drink this mixture 2-3 times per day to have the best results. What is important for this herb is that people who have gallstones in their past, should not use as their natural treatment for burping because it can cause a side effect.

Cardamom: This herb is increasing the production of the juices in the stomach which is responsible for the reducing of the chances to gas formation. Cardamom has carminative properties which are reducing the bloating and flatulence and also is aiding the digestion [7]. If you want to relief yourself from the stomach gas, then you should chew a few whole pods of cardamom 2-3 times per day. Also in one cup of boiling water you can add one teaspoon of crushed cardamom pods. Let this mixture simmer 5-10 minutes. Then, you should strain this mixture. You should add honey in this mixture. Drink this mixture after you have eaten your meal.

Asafoetida: This remedy is also known as hing. It has antiflatulent properties which are controlling the gas formation. Also this remedy has anti-spasmodic properties. Those properties can help in the alleviation of the stomachaches because they are caused by the abdominal gas [8]. In one glass of warm water you should mix a pinch of asafoetida. You should drink this remedy 2-3 per day. Also when you are preparing soups and curries, you can add asafoetida in these meals. If you are using medications for lowering your high blood pressure, then you should not use asafoetida as your natural remedy for burping.

Anise seeds: These seeds are having some properties which are aiding the digestion. Also this is very effective natural remedy for treating the belching. Anise seeds have carminative properties which are helping to expel the gas buildup in your digestive tract. Also these properties are very effective at reducing the bloating. There are many studies in which is proven that anise seeds are effective natural remedy for the burping. Anise seeds are having protective properties and also they are relaxing the muscles. After you have eaten your meal, you should chew ½ teaspoon of anise seeds because they will help you to reduce the gas production. Also you can make tea from this remedy. In one cup of boiling water you should add one teaspoon of lightly crushed anise seeds. Then, you should cover this tea. Let this tea steep for 5 minutes. Then, you should strain it. If you want to have effective results, then you should drink this tea twice per day.

Holy Basil: This is also very used natural remedy for treating the burping. Holy basil has carminative and antispasmodic properties which are helping to expel the gas also they are easing the gastrointestinal discomforts such as indigestion, stomach pain and bloating. If you want to prevent the burping, then you should slowly chew 4-5 holy basil leaves every morning. Also you can drink a holy basil tea 2-3 times per day. If you want to make this tea, then you should steep one teaspoon of holy basil leaves in one cup of hot water for five minutes. Then, you should strain this tea and after that you should drink it.

Lemon juice: This natural remedy will be effective for your burping just only if it is fresh or it comes from the bottle [9]. Make a mixture of lemon juice. You will need ½ teaspoon baking soda and one teaspoon lemon juice in one cup cool water. You should drink this mixture very quickly after you have finished with your meals.

Yogurt: If you want to prevent the burping, then you should eat yogurt with live cultures. You should eat the yogurt every day. This natural remedy is very effective because it is aiding the digestion.

Papaya: This is amazing fruit because it has ability to help people who are suffering from burping. Papaya is possessing enzyme which is known as papain. This enzyme is riding of every cause for the burping.

Caraway: If you want to use caraway in your diet and to help yourself to get rid of the burning, then you should add sprinkled or straight caraway seeds on your salads. They are very effective because these seeds are calming the digestive tract. [10]


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Hanan Marshal
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