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How to get rid of muscle spasms naturally by home remedies

We know that muscle spasms can happen at any period of the day. They cause sudden pain, throbbing and cramping which many seen unbearable. Muscle spasms are involuntary contractions of one or more muscles. Muscle spasms usually happen in the legs, lower back and feet, but also you can get them anywhere in your body, such as ankles, hands and ribs. You can notice that the muscle spasms come and go which depends on what you have been, the sleeping pattern and the menstruation for women.

Lower back pain, diarrhea and menstrual cramps are some examples of muscle spasms. The charley horse is one of the most common and agonizing type of muscle cramps. It is causing cramping in the calf muscles so bad that it can wake you right up out of sleep. As we are getting older, we are having more chances of suffering from muscle spasms. As we are getting older, we gradually lose muscle mass each year as we age and this means that there is more pressure on the remaining muscles to support the body weight. You need to ask your doctor about the below mentioned home remedies so in this way, you will be sure that you will avoid side effects.

Home remedy for muscle spasms

Home remedy for muscle spasms

Epsom salt

The Epsom salt is a naturally rich in magnesium which seeps into your skin to reach tense muscles when you add it to a warm bath. The Epsom salt is one of the easiest ways to prevent magnesium deficiency, detoxify the body, soothe muscles and ease stress. Also, the heat can help to relax muscles and it can ease the anxiety which is contributing to the tightness in the neck or back. If you do not have bath at your home, then you can use your shower head and aim it at the cramped muscles. After a hot shower, you can massage your muscles with some essential oils, like lavender or peppermint oil. This can help you to have better treatment of the muscle spasms. [1]


There are some people who use lemongrass oil or tea as a treatment for the muscle spasms. You need to ask your doctor about the best way in which this home remedy can help you.

Blackstrap molasses

If the muscle spasms are caused by a calcium or potassium deficiency, then you should use the blackstrap molasses as your home remedy. It is an excellent source of these minerals and it can help in the treatment of the muscle spasms. You should mix a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses in a glass of warm water or milk because it can help to sustain strong muscles and lessen the muscle spasms. You should drink this home remedy on regular basis, perhaps once a day. If you have never used the blackstrap molasses in your diet before, then ask your doctor if it is suitable for you so you can know that it will not lead to side effects.

Stretch before and after exercise

If you have intense exercises without a proper warm-up can lead to muscle spasms. It is known that the muscles can become fatigued more quickly and you can experience inflammation. When you have a proper warm-up, then it will ensure that the muscle fibers are flexible and you are ready for the activity ahead. You should start the warming-up process ten to fifteen minutes before you exercise. You should start slowly and gradually working your way up. [2,3]

It is recommended to make a bit of cardio to increase your heart rate. Then, you should stretch the particular muscles you will be working by performing the motions slowly. When you are making slow and powerful movements, then they can help to increase the blood flow to your muscles. When you are done with working out, you should stretch out your muscles again. This can help to improve the blood circulation even further so your muscles will have the fuel to recover quickly.

You should give special attention to the hamstrings and quadriceps. You should sit down on the ground with your feet extended in front of you. Then, you should pull the tops of your feet toward you. You should hold this position for twenty to thirty seconds. You should spend at least ten minutes stretching after any intense physical activity. It is very important to talk with your doctor about your physical activity and the exercises which you should do.

Apply heat or cold

You should use a warm towel or heating pad on tight or tense muscles. Also, you can take a warm bath or directing the stream of a hot shower onto the cramped muscles. You can massage the cramped muscle with ice because it can help you to get a relief from the pain.

Chamomile for muscle spasms

This natural cure has been used as a home remedy for muscle spasms for centuries. It has anti – inflammatory properties which can help you to get a relief from the muscle spasms. [4]


You can take a deep tissue massage from a qualified massage therapist because it will give you a relief from the muscle spasms. This massage should be firm but not painful. If you experience muscle spasms, then you should see a physiotherapist which can help to determine the underlying problem. [5]

Peppermint oil for muscle spasms

This is a very popular home remedy for the muscle pain. There are some studies in which are said that taking peppermint oil can help you to get a relief from the pain. Also, there are some studies in which are said that the topical use of peppermint oil can give you a relief from the muscle spasms. This natural cure can be unsuitable for some people, like people who have problems with the gallbladder, liver or bile duct. You can easily find the peppermint essential oil in the health food stores. [6]

Rest between workouts

You should take care of your body after a workout so in this way you can prevent muscle spasms and pain. While you are stretching, it can help you to cool down significantly after the physical activity and your body still needs time to heal. This is a reason why you should give your muscles ample time to recover. Usually, muscles can take up to 2 weeks to recover fully.

This does not mean that you need to relax for the entire two week period. Usually, you can resume working out a day later. You should know that your muscles will be healed enough to make it through the workout unscathed. But you should know that this applies if you perform a regular workout. If you have intense workouts every day, then they can cause inflammation and regular spasms. If you push hard at the gym, then you should take a day off so you will recover. Even if you do cardio or light workouts, you should take a few days off every week so you will be sure that your muscles are not overworked.

Vitamin B

You can use the Vitamin B as your home remedy for muscle spasms. It is found in fish, meat and many different grains.

Capsaicin for muscle spasms

This component naturally happens in the chili peppers and it can give you a relief from the muscle spasms. Most often capsaicin is used as a home remedy for nerve pain rather than muscle pain, so you need to ask your doctor if you should use it as your home remedy. [7]

Vitamin E

This vitamin can help to prevent nocturnal leg cramps. There are some studies in which are said that taking Vitamin E can improve the blood flow through arteries [8]. You can use the Vitamin E as your home remedy for the muscle spasms, but you need to talk with your doctor about the best way of using it. This vitamin is found in the soybeans, potatoes, salmon and liver.

Stay hydrated

It is known that the dehydration can cause muscle spasms. You should drink enough water every day based on your size because this can help to prevent dehydration. If you the weather is hot and you are sweating or you have been drinking a lot of alcohol, then you should be sure that you will stay hydrated to normal levels. This can help to prevent muscle problems which are caused by heavy sweating, intense thirst or heat exhaustion.

Vitamin D for muscle spasms

This natural cure can be used for the overall bone and muscle health. You can use it as your home remedy for muscle spasms. You can find the Vitamin D in the tuna, egg yolks and orange juice.


This mineral is vital for the nearly all bodily functions. Also, it is very important for proper muscle contractions. You should add foods which are rich in magnesium in your diet, such as edamame, black beans, spinach, cashews and almonds. [1]


It is very important to have adequate protein intake after exercise because it can help to reduce the muscle inflammation. There are many different proteins so you should ask your doctor about the best which you should add in your diet. [9]


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Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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