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This is a burning and stabbing and often severe pain that is caused by an irritated or damaged nerve. This nerve can be anywhere in the body. This kind of damage can be caused by several things, such as an infection, such as shingles; aging; diseases, such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis. There are four types of neuralgia, such as glossopharyngeal neuralgia; postherpetic neuralgia; occipital neuralgia; trigeminal neuralgia. The trigeminal neuralgia is the most common type of neuralgia and it is affecting the trigeminal nerve in the face.

This type of neuralgia is affecting people over 50 [1]. The postherpetic neuralgia is caused by an outbreak of Shingles and complications from viral infection. The nerve pain is usually happening at the site of the blisters or rash and it can last for months or years. The occipital neuralgia is affecting the occipital nerves and it is characterized by pain behind the eyes, back of the head and in the neck. This often leads to migraines and headaches. The glossopharyngeal neuralgia is a less common type of neuralgia which is causing pain in the glossopharyngeal nerve in the throat. If you have some symptom of neuralgia, then talk with your doctor so he or she will tell you if you have more serious condition and to find the cause for the pain nerve. You need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from neuralgia before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies for this condition.

Home remedies for neuralgia

Home remedies for neuralgia

Helichrysum essential oil: This essential oil is known for its regenerative properties. It is used for many different painful conditions. It is possessing anti – inflammatory and analgesic properties which is a reason why it can give a relief from the pain. You can use as your home remedy for neuralgia but talk with your doctor for the recommended dosage. [2]

Lavender essential oil: This is one of the best home remedies for nerve pain. It has sedative properties which can give you a relief from the tension in your nervous system and this can help the affected person to relax. At the same time, it will take off the pressure from nerves. It has calming properties which can help with the stress associated with neuralgia. [2]

Peppermint essential oil: This home remedy has cooling properties but at the same time, it has antispasmodic properties which can help you to get a relief from the tension. It will soothe and strengthen damaged or stressed nerves. The key component of the peppermint essential oil is the menthol and it helps to stimulate the central nervous system. [2]

Skin happy hour: We know that the alcohol is toxic for our nerves and it can worsen the nerve pain. The number of how many alcoholic drinks you can drink is not precise but doctors are recommending drinking 4 drinks or less per week. [3]

Eucalyptus essential oil: This is one of the most used home remedies for pain relieving due to its antioxidants, antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti – inflammatory properties. Also, it can improve the circulation and helps to stimulate nerves.

Sleep it on: It is known that the nerve pain can worsen at night which will disrupt your sleep and makes it more difficult to cope with the pain [4]. You should make your own good sleeping habits. You should limit the coffee intake. You should keep a constant bedtime which will allow you 8 hours of sleep. You should have your own room for sleep and being intimate with your partner.

Marjoram essential oil: This home remedy has strong anti – inflammatory and sedative properties which are making it one of the best home remedies for nerve pain relief. This essential oil has warming properties which are very effective for calming and relieving tension, as well as speeding the healing rate of nerves.

Fish oil: This home remedy has shown that it can help people who suffer from nerve pain. It is rich in fatty acids which can help to accelerate the healing process and also they will give you a relief from the inflammation. It is very effective natural cure for the treatment of nerve pain which has been caused by accidents and injuries.

You should talk with your doctor before you start using fish oil as your home remedy for neuralgia because it can lead to side effects. There was a study done in 2012 in which was observed that the nerve damage on mice can be appropriately treated with the fish oil. In this study was shown that by using Omega – 3 fatty acids, cell death would be reduced. Also, it was found that the sciatic nerve injuries have responded well and there was less muscle wasting. [5]

Exercise: If you want to reduce the nerve pain or to treat it, then you should walk it off. When you are exercising, then your body is naturally releasing endorphins which are feel good hormones. Also, the blood flow to the nerves of the feet and legs is improved. When people are taking part in regular exercises, then they can expand their feet’s blood vessels which can help nerves to be in a good health. You should do daily walk and slowly increasing its speed and distance because it can help you in the treatment of neuralgia. [6]

Apply heat or cold to the painful area: There are many people who have found a relief from the pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia by applying heat to the affected area. You can press a hot water bottle or other hot compress to the painful area. You can heat a beanbag or warm a wet washcloth in the microwave. Also, you can try taking a hot shower or bath. It can help to ease your stress and temporarily increases the blood flow to your legs.

If hot sauna is available for you, then you should sit in it. Also, cold can help you to get a relief from the pain. You should avoid the cold treatment if you suffer from trigeminal neuralgia and you have noticed that cold triggers your symptoms. You can take an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel or pillowcase to numb the affected area if you think that cold can help you to get a relief from the pain. You should keep the cold in contact with the affected area for about thirty seconds or until the affected area begins to feel numb. Some people who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia have found that switching between the hot and cold compress can help you more.

B Vitamins: There are some studies in which are shown that B vitamins can help to control the nerve pain. In one study was found that using Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 can help to people who suffer from pain due to trigeminal neuralgia. As a result of this study, nowadays doctors are prescribing patients who suffer from neuralgia to use Vitamin B complex. [7]

Healthy diet: There are many studies in which are shown that some foods in your diet can cause nerve pain or worsen it. But also there are some foods which can help to cure the nerve pain. You should cut down on meat, especially poultry. Also, remove all preservatives and artificial sweeteners from your diet. These foods can make your nerve pain worse. You should include foods rich in Vitamin C, Omega – 3 fatty acids and B vitamins because they can reverse the damage and give you a relief from the pain.

There are some studies in which are shown that artificial sweeteners and preservatives can lead to fibromyalgia and seizures [8]. This is happening because these ingredients are artificial rather than natural. They cannot help your body to heal itself if it is attacked by foreign objects, such as non – natural chemicals. When the food is heated or cooked, then at least half of its nutritional value is lost, most of which is vitamin and protein. This is a reason why doctors are recommending people who suffer from nerve pain to eat a lot of raw food.

Apply pressure to the affected area: There are some people who have said that a light touch can trigger the symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia but on the other hand, others have noticed applying pressure to the affected area can help you to get a relief from the symptoms. You can use your entire hand to press on the affected area. You should apply a reasonable amount of pressure in order to get positive results.

Meditation and yoga: Many doctors are recommending to their patients who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia to practice meditation or yoga. These techniques can help to lower the blood pressure, de – stress and calm the mind but you should know that these techniques do not provide any significant or long – term relief for trigeminal neuralgia. [9]


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