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Acidosis home remedy and natural treatments

When you need to treat acidosis, then this means that you should make alkalization of your body. There are many substances that can help you to achieve this process and to have normal pH levels in your body. Apple cider vinegar and other similar tonics will help you to have balanced levels of pH in your body. Acidosis is the same term as acidic pH.

This situation happens when you have too much acid in the fluids of your body and when your lungs and kidneys cannot keep the pH balance at stable levels. There are many symptoms of acidosis, such as fruity-smelling breath, lack of appetite, headache, rapid breathing, sleepiness, shortness of breath, confusion, and fatigue.

There are some factors that can lead to acidosis, such as seizures, cancer, heart failure, nervous system issues, obesity, injury, chronic airway conditions, and others. If you suffer from acidosis, then you should talk with your doctor about the treatment. Also, you can try some of the mentioned acidosis home remedies, but we recommend you not to take them without consultation with your doctor.

12 Acidosis home remedies

Magnesium hydroxide

This is a type of chemical which is neutralizing the acid. Also, this chemical is known as milk of magnesia. This is non-toxic, and it is a safe remedy to be consumed by people who suffer from this condition. This kind of acidosis home remedy is typically taken as slurry. [1]


You should drink a lot of water throughout the day because, in this way, your body will get rid of waste. You should drink water as an acidosis home remedy in an amount equal to 50% of your weight, and you should drink this amount daily. For example, if your weight is 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water daily. [2]

Supplement with digestive enzymes

The supplements with digestive enzymes as acidosis home remedies will help you to have normal levels of pH in your body, which means that you will win against acidosis. Your pancreas produces the most digestive enzymes in which bicarbonate is included. When your pancreas is not functioning normally, then the quantities of your natural enzymes, in most cases, are less than optimal.

Cream of tartar

In eight ounces of water, you should add two teaspoons of cream of tartar and mix it. This acidosis home remedy is very acidic, which in most cases is compared to lemons. When you are consuming the cream of tartar, then it will help you to have an alkaline-forming state. In emergency cases, this is one of the best natural remedies.

You can use it to overcome the shock, relieve a headache, or quell nausea. It has a sour and light taste. When you mix it with water that has room temperature, then it can be a very refreshing drink. [3]

Baking soda

This is also an alkalizing component which means that it will alkalize your body and also it will help you to have a natural balance in your system. This acidosis home remedy will neutralize and soak the overabundance of acids in your body. In eight ounces of water, you should add one to two teaspoons of baking soda, and you should drink this remedy every day.

If you suffer from edema or hypertension, then you should not consume this natural remedy. But as we have said many times before, you should not consume any kind of home remedy without talking with your doctor. Also, you can make another acidosis home remedy from baking soda.

You will need to mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda and two tablespoons of lime or lemon juice. After the foaming has subsided, then you should add in this remedy eight to twelve ounces of water, and you should drink the water immediately. This is an awesome pH drink that will help you to win against acidosis. [3]

Lemonade or lemon water

Lemon water or lemonade is also a very effective acidosis home remedy. It will help you to clear your body of excess acids, and also it will form an alkaline-forming state [4].

In eight ounces of warm water, you should add two teaspoons of honey and the juice of half an organic lemon. You should drink this remedy every morning before you eat something because, in this way, you will flush your system. You should not warm the water in a microwave oven.


You should consume foods that have high amounts of potassium, such as honey, bananas, and lemons, as acidosis home remedies.

Apple cider vinegar

This kind of natural remedy is acidic, which means that it will have alkaline effects on your body. When you are using apple cider vinegar as a tonic, then this leads to the pH in your body becoming more alkaline.

Also, this acidosis home remedy will get rid of the toxins and other substances which can lead to acidosis. You should mix drink one or two glasses of organic apple cider vinegar that is mixed with water every day. In eight ounces of water, you should add two tablespoons of vinegar, and then you should drink this remedy.


This is one of the most used vegetables in the world because it can heal many different kinds of diseases. Also, this is one of the best acidosis home remedies. It can help you to lower the levels of pH, which means that you will have a normal life again. You should eat a couple of raw garlic cloves every day because it is a very effective natural remedy for acidosis because you can consume it with other kinds of foods. [5]

Raw fruits and vegetables

One of the best home remedies for acidosis is to eat raw foods and vegetables. Maybe, you think this is not an effective natural remedy but in fact, the proper diet is one of the simplest ways to have normal levels of pH in your body.

You should eat leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits because they have high alkaline content. When you eat these kinds of foods, then you can manage acidosis in an easier way, and the acid levels will be safer.


This is also a very effective acidosis home remedy. There are many natural remedies for acidosis that are based on honey. You can try this home remedy because it can help you a lot in the fight against acidosis. You should eat one teaspoon of honey every day. This will help you to improve your condition.

This acidosis home remedy will lower the elevated pH levels and it can help you to have normal pH levels. You should always have honey in your home. In a glass of milk, you should add two teaspoons of honey. Drink this remedy every day because it can help you to fight against the acidic pH levels in your body. [6]

acidosis home remedyTips for preventing/treating acidosis

  • You should make a combination of foods that are acidic with foods that are highly alkaline foods because, in this way, you will maintain alkaline pH and make a better pH balance.
  • You should not eat any kind of flour, fowl, meats, or refined sugars.
  • You should consume 40-50 grams of protein every day. These kinds of foods can worsen your condition.
  • You should eat vegetables and fruits that are alkaline foods. If you eat these kinds of foods, then they will sustain the pH of your body.
  • Also, you should eat organic foods that are not containing any kind of chemicals in them. You should have a normal body weight.
  • You should talk with your doctor about any kind of supplement that you can consume if you suffer from acidosis. He or she will tell you which natural remedies can help you to lower the acidosis.
  • You should not consume fatty, acidic, and spicy foods. You should make changes in your lifestyle and dietary changes.
  • Also, you should do exercises because in this way you will alkalize your body.
  • Also, you should try to avoid excessive cold because this will lead to lactic acid build-up.
  • You should drink alkaline or spring water because they have a normal pH balance.
  • You should not drink alcohol and coffee, and also you should avoid smoking.
  • You should eat soup and salads for your breakfast. If you eat a small breakfast, then you should eat your lunch in the biggest amount.
  • During dinner time, then you should eat lighter.
  • Also, you can drink a glass of water that has room temperature because in this way you can regulate your weight.
  • You can eat snacks, but you should eat healthy snacks. Seeds, nuts, dried fruit, and sprouts are one of the best choices for your food.
  • Omega – 3 fatty acids and omega – 9 fatty acids are also very effective acidosis home remedies for the fight against acidosis.
  • You should use fish oil because it is healthy and it will help you to rid of the free radicals in your body.
  • Do not eat sugar products because they can damage your health.
  • You should exercise on a regular base because your metabolism will work more effectively, which means that you will rid of the fats.


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Hanan Marshal
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