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Cure cough, thyroid dysfunction and improve eyesight with ghee

Ghee is also known as clarified butter. It is not healthy when you do not control the portions which you consume. The pure ghee has many health benefits which are making it healthy. Ghee is originated from the Indian subcontinent. Ghee is commonly used in the Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines, religious rituals and traditional medicine. You should not consume ghee if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases or if you are overweight. Those people who are obese should stay away from the ghee completely. The recommended amount of ghee is 10 – 15 grams per person you should not exceed this amount. Ghee is a much healthier alternative to butter and other oils which we use for cooking.

Some health benefits of ghee:

Positively affects the mind and mood: It has a positive impact on our brain’s neurotransmitters which can make you to feel happier. Ghee will cheer you up not just because of its taste but also it has chemical composition which affects the hormonal system of the body.

Cures thyroid dysfunction: Thyroid dysfunction is a very common problem that is happening among middle – aged women. This problem can lead to hormonal upheaval in the body and also there can be reproductive problems. Ghee can protect your gastrointestinal tract and immune system because they can be affected by your thyroid gland. Ghee has chemicals which can protect the thyroxin hormone.

Relieves constipation: Doctors are recommending ghee as a natural treatment for people who suffer from constipation. In the Ayurveda, ghee enames were in vogue. Also pregnant women can take a glass of milk with a teaspoon of ghee and they should consume it every night. This will ease up the constipation and it will boost your metabolism.

Low in fat: Ghee is a healthy option for you if you have problems with the cholesterol. Also it is easier for you to be digested. Ghee can reduce the cholesterol in the intestine as well as the serum.

Cures cough: This is a very effective home remedy for cough. You can eat a teaspoon of warm ghee or you can make herbal concoction. You should fry a small stick of cinnamon in ghee. You should let it cool slightly and then you should remove the stick and swallow it. Also you can fry cardamom and ginger powder in ghee because this can benefit your health if the mucus is blocking your airway. Also you can make a paste of warmed ghee and tulsi or holy basil. You should swallow it to get immediate relief from it.

Improves eyesight: It is known that ghee can help you to improve your eyesight. You can eat it on regular basis to improve your eyesight. If you have an irritation in your eye, then you should smear a bit of ghee under your eye.

Beneficial for skin: You can consume ghee on daily basis because it is beneficial for your skin. It is a good moisturizer. You should lightly massage your skin with ghee to get supple and soft skin in winter. If you have chapped lips, then you should smear a bit of ghee on your lips and you should get a luscious pout without using cosmetics. If you have lack of sleep, then you can have dark circles under your eyes so you can use ghee because it will reduce them. You should apply ghee lightly around your eyes before you go to sleep.

Some health benefits of ghee

Health benefits of ghee

Provides energy: In one tablespoon of ghee there are 470 KJ of energy. Also it is rich in medium – chain fatty acids which can be directly absorbed into the liver and they can be burnt as energy. Ghee can release energy even hours after consumption and this means that is also good for athletes. You should eat a teaspoon of ghee before you exercise because you will not feel depleted in the middle of your workout session. Also medium chain fatty acids can help to burn other fats.

Helps in the treatment of burns: Ghee can be used as a natural treatment for burns. It can be used for the treatment of swelling in many parts of your body. Also ghee can be used to reduce the inflammation of the skin when you are applying to the affected area. You can use ghee as a moisturizer if you suffer from severe dryness.

Pardhan Singh
Pardhan Singh
A seasoned natural therapist with degree in Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS) successful in treating various diseases through Ayurvedic treatments. You can contact Pradhan at [email protected]


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