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Balsam Apple: Amazing 8 Health Benefits

The scientific name of the balsam apple is Momordicabalsamina. Its origin is from South Africa and tropical Africa, tropical Asia, Arabia, India, and Australia. The balsam apple is green when it is young ripening to bright orange or red. This fruit has introduced to Europe in 1568 and it was medicinally used to treat wounds. The taste of balsam apples is bitter. Balsam apple is also known as African cucumber, balsam pear, Southern balsam pear, etc. The young leaves of balsam apple have Vitamin C. Also, raw ripe fruits are eaten.

The leaves and green fruit of balsam apple are cooked and eaten like spinach, sometimes with groundnuts, or they are simply mixed with porridge. The size of the balsam apple is up to 5 meters long. The flesh color of the balsam apple is red pulp. The season of the balsam apple is from October to May. The fruit of this plant is used as a soap substitute. The bright red fruit pulp of the balsam apple is eaten in Nambia.

The immature fruits and leaves of balsam apple are used in soups and sauces. The balsam apple is cooked and used as a vegetable. The stems and leaves of the balsam apple serve as camel fodder. The ripe fruit can cause diarrhea and vomiting and it can be poisonous. The ripe fruit of balsam apple can cause death to animals, so avoid giving this fruit to your pets and other animals around you. Here are some health benefits of balsam apple:

Here are some health benefits of balsam apple

Health Benefits of Balsam Apple

Promotes hair growth:

The balsam apple has adequate amounts of Vitamin C which can help to promote hair growth. Balsam apple can help to prevent the hair from hair loss and this will lead to healthy hair. When you have strong hair, then your hair may thicken, and also this will help you to increase your confidence.

Helps to lose weight:

Balsam apple has less fat and lots of dietary fiber which can help you to lose weight. Many fruits are recommended by the doctors as diet treatment and the balsam apple takes a part of it. The reason for this is that some fruits have more vitamins and less cholesterol and fat and this is very beneficial for the health of the body.

Strengthen bones:

Balsam apple can help you to strengthen bones due to Vitamin K, as well as other antioxidants. Bones will get stronger when you have enough amounts of calcium, but also Vitamin K, which most people do not get. Also, this vitamin can help to protect from conditions like osteoporosis.

Improves vision:

When you consume balsam fruit, then you can improve your vision. This fruit has a lot of Vitamin A, which is about 54 IU. Also, it has other antioxidants which can prevent some eye conditions, like night blindness and cataracts.

Supports for healthy skin:

Balsam apple is rich in Vitamin C and it can help you to have healthy skin. It can help you to have smooth and soft skin and it will protect your skin from acne or pimples. This is one of the best fruits for all women who want to have healthy skin.

Prevents heart disease:

Balsam apple does not have cholesterol. It has less fat compared to other fruits. Both benefits are very beneficial for people who want to protect their heart health. Heart diseases happen when the body has an excessive amount of fat, including cholesterol and this fruit can help to prevent them.

Protects digestive system:

Balsam fruit has 2.40-gram dietary fiber which is enough to take care of your digestive system from some conditions. It is known that dietary fiber can protect the digestive systems in the body. When you have a digestive system, then your overall health will be promoted, because many essential nutrients will be absorbed into the body.

Boosts immune system:

The balsam apple has Vitamin C. This vitamin is antioxidant which has the ability to boost the immune system. The immune system is a very important thing and this is a reason why Vitamin C is recommended for all people, especially for people who have a lot of activities. If you want to have the best results, then you can combine the balsam apple with other fruits, so you will get a boost of nutrients for your immune system.


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