Lettuce provides antioxidants, lowers inflammation and cholesterol

lettuce health benefits

Lettuce has many health benefits, such as providing antioxidants, lowering inflammation, controlling anxiety, sleep induction, protecting neurons, and cancer control and lower cholesterol levels. The scientific name of lettuce is Lactuca sativa, and it was first cultivated by the Egyptians thousands of years ago. They have used lettuce seeds to produce oil and utilized the leaves of this vegetable.

This plant had religious and cultural significance in ancient Egypt and was sacred there. Later, Romans and Greeks also cultivated lettuce. Lettuce contains sugars, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, fat, protein, energy, and moisture. You can use it in your vegetable salad or corn lettuce salad.

There are some studies in which it is said that lettuce produces allergies, and the allergen proteins have been identified. People who suffer from food allergies have increased risk when trying new foods. You should be careful when you eat lettuce for the first time.

6 Health benefits of lettuce

Anti-cancer properties

Lettuce leaf can control some types of cancer. Some studies on human cancer cells, particularly breast cancer cells and leukemia cells, were controlled significantly after being treated with lettuce extracts. Also, there are some experiments in which it is said that the weight ratio of human lettuce consumption required to kill 50% of leukemia cells would be three kilograms.

Controls anxiety

Lettuce has neurological properties suggested and exploited during the ancient times and the Middle Ages and was also used in medical treatments such as the Unani system. There was detailed research in recent times in which it is said that this vegetable has anxiolytic properties. When the lab animals were taking lettuce extracts, their locomotive activity was reduced, suggesting considerable anxiolysis.

Antimicrobial properties

Lettuce has latex which possesses antimicrobial properties. Candida albicans and many other yeasts were completely deformed when they came into contact with this vegetable’s latex has enzymes like glucanases and biochemicals such as terpenes and cardenolides. These biochemicals have antimicrobial properties.

lettuce health benefits

Antioxidant properties

There are some studies in which is shown that this vegetable has antioxidants that are seeking free radicals. We know that antioxidants are a wide range of biochemicals mostly found in our diets and are very important for our health. Antioxidant components act as barriers for free radicals produced during cellular metabolism.

Free radicals are attacking our healthy cells, the DNA, and the cells inside them. They are a reason why healthy cells mutate into cancerous cells. This can result in many different diseases. Antioxidants counteract the effects of free radicals and neutralize them before causing any dangerous disease in our bodies.

Induces sleep

In Unani medicine, this vegetable has been used as a sleep inducer. Some studies were done about the extracts of lettuce, which resulted in the isolation of a depressant chemical. This chemical was administered in the experimental animals and has shown significant sedative effects. Also, ventricular contractions and decreased heart rate were observed in these studies. This chemical blocks the excitatory signal process of muscular and neural tissues.

Lower cholesterol levels

Some studies say it can lower cholesterol levels, which often lead to cardiovascular disease and other dangerous conditions. The bad cholesterol, or the LDL cholesterol, harms our bodies and can cause stroke and heart attacks.

A study was conducted on mice to test the impact of this vegetable on cholesterol and fat. It was shown that there was a reduction in cholesterol levels compared to mice, not fed lettuce. In most cases, lipid peroxidation was observed, and it was concluded that this element was responsible for the importance of cholesterol control.



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