Eye twitching home remedy and natural treatments

eye twitching home remedy, Natural cures for eye twitching

Eye twitching home remedy

Eye twitching is a repetitive and automatic movement of your eyelids. Usually this condition is affecting the upper lid. This condition recurs every second or a few seconds. Usually this condition is for some time but also there are some cases when it is prolonged for long period. It is not painful condition but it can be annoying, embarrassing and irritation because it disrupts you when you are working. Too much consumption of alcohol, medications, excessive coffee, dry eyes and strain and fatigue in your eyes are causes for the eye twitching [1]. Nervous system disorders, uveris, trichiasis, pink eye, light sensitivity and entropion are conditions that are linked to eye twitching. If you have this problem, then you should talk with your doctor about the best natural eye twitching home remedy treatment for you. All home remedies which are used for treating eye twitching are used to relax the eye muscles, give a relief of eye sensitivities and to regulate the brain and nervous system. Also you can get nutritional supplements which can help you to regulate the symptoms of eye twitching and to have good overall health. [9]

Here are some eye twitching home remedy :

  • Breathing exercises: You should practice the breathing exercises every day for ten minutes. You should do it before you go to sleep and after waking up. This can help you to reduce stress levels which will stop the eye twitching.
  • Closing the eyelids halfway down: If you want to get an instant relief from the eye twitching, then you should close your eyelids halfway down. You should try doing this exercise at least 30 seconds. This natural treatment will keep your muscles hydrated and strong so this problem will not persist.
  • Tips for eye twitching: You should take a proper sleep of eight hours per day. You should drink more than eight to ten glasses of water. If you spend too much time in front of your computer, then you should use computer glasses. They will lessen the strain. While you are working on your computer, you must take short breaks in between and then you should shut your eyes. You should rinse your eyes at regular intervals. You should use eye drops to lubricate your eyes. [2,3,4]
  • Fast blinking: Fast blinking can help you to remove any dirt from your eye. Also it lubricates and relaxes your eye muscles. You should blink fast and swiftly in a period of twenty seconds. Then, you should take a little gap and you should repeat this natural treatment. If you have noticed that this natural treatment have caused you irritation or pain in your eyes, then you should not continue doing this natural treatment.
  • Hard blinking: If you want to treat the eye twitching, then one of the best natural treatments is the hard blinking. You should close your eyes very tightly and then you should open your eyes wider than usual. This natural treatment will moisturize your eyes. You should repeat this natural treatment until you have noticed that your eyes are producing tears. Also this natural treatment will give you a rest to your eyelids.
  • Eye massage: You should use the index finger to massage the area around your eyes – this means the below and above your eyes. This natural treatment will increase the blood circulation and also it will strengthen your eye muscle. You should repeat this natural treatment five to six times per day for at least thirty seconds. [2,3,4]
  • Potato: Potato is home remedy which can give you a relief from the eye twitching and also it will relax the muscles of your eyes. You should cut a small potato into thin slices and then you should put these slices on your eyes. This eye twitching home remedy will help you because it has cooling effect [5].
  • Cucumber: Cucumber is one of the best home remedies which you can use to ease the nerve movement and to soothe the eye muscle. This natural eye twitching home remedy has anti – inflammatory properties that can help you to relax the eye muscles in natural way. You should put a slice of chilled cucumber on the affected eye. You should keep this slice on your eye until you have noticed that it has got the room temperature. [6]
  • Steam: If you want to have an effective natural treatment for eye twitching, then you should try with steam. This eye twitching home remedy eases the nerve movement and it will remove all dirt from your skin pores. In boiling water you should add a few drops of eucalyptus and you should take the steam for ten minutes regularly. While you are taking the steam, you should cover your head with a towel.
  • Rose water: This natural eye twitching home remedy is an eye lotion. It is also a harmless cleanser. Dirt is one of the biggest causes for eye twitching. You should use rose water as eye drops to relax, nourish and cleanse the eye muscle. Also you can use rose water compress as your natural eye twitching home remedy treatment. You should dip a cotton pad in the rose water and you should cover your eyes with this cotton pad.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium will help you to have normal nerve and muscle function [7]. This is making it one of the best natural cures for eye twitching. You should add foods that are rich with magnesium such as leafy greens, nuts, beans, seeds and avocados.
  • Relax and recharge: You should spend time with your friends and pets, exercise, do long walks and to sleep lot of hours because in this way you will get a relief from the stress which can help you to reduce the eye twitching.
  • Repair your diet: You should not drink soda and eat chips. You should eat fruits, vegetables, lean protein and to drink a lot of water because in this way you will have effective natural treatment for eye twitching.
  • Acupuncture: One of the most effective natural treatments for eye twitching is the acupuncture [2]. You should visit experienced acupuncturist which should apply the acupuncture points in these areas:
  1. Heart-3 – which is located around your elbow
  2. Large intestine-4 – which is located between your pointer fingers and thumbs
  3. Liver-3 – which is located between your big toes and adjacent toes
  4. Du-20 – which is located at the top of your head

The experienced acupuncturist should massage these points of your body while you are taking herbal supplements because this will help you to accelerate the recovery of your exhausted nerves. These acupuncture points will stimulate the bioenergy flows around your whole body. Also it will improve the circulation and it will promote the self healing process.

  • Calcium: Calcium is one of the most important elements for keeping your nervous system and nerves in good health. If you want to stop the eye twitching, then you should add foods that are rich with calcium such as orange juice, cheese, yogurt and milk. You should consume this eye twitching home remedy in your daily diet. It is not just important for strengthening our teeth and bones but also it can help us to get a relief from the eye twitching. [8]Natural cures for eye twitching, eye twitching home remedy
  • Hydrotherapy technique: If you want to resolve the problem with eye twitching, then alternate splashes with warm water can help you to rid of this problem. If you want to get a relief from the eye twitching, then you should wipe your eyelashes with warm water.
  • Banana: Deficiency of potassium is one of the most common causes for eye twitching. We know that bananas are rich with potassium. Potassium is also used to treat eye spasms. This is a reason why you should consume this natural eye twitching home remedy at regular basis because it can help you to rid of this problem. Also you can take potassium supplements to rid of the eye twitching but you need to talk with your doctor about the recommended intake amount.
  • Warm compress: This eye twitching home remedy will make the eye muscle to function properly and also it involuntary movements of the eyelids stop. You should take a handkerchief or a towel and you should dip it in warm water. You should squeeze it and then you should put on your eyes until you have noticed that the warmness is gone. You should repeat this natural eye twitching home remedy treatment five to six times per day.
  • Cool press: You need to take a clean towel. You should soak this towel in cold water. You should wring it out and then you should fold the towel in comfortable size which will cover your eyes. You should put the cold compress over your eyes and let it stay there in a period of twenty minutes. The cold water is constricting the blood vessels around your eyes and it draws the blood away from your eye muscles. If you think that you can handle with freezing cold sensation, then you should try a freezer eye mask. This is also effective natural eye twitching home remedy for eye twitching.

Above are some of the eye twitching home remedy .


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