Soothe your feet and get relief from foot pain naturally

Natural cures for foot pain

One of the most common ailments is the foot pain. This condition is affecting people of all ages and groups in some point of their lives. Foot pain can occur anywhere in your foot such as arch, ankle, sole, heel and toes.

There are many causes which can lead to foot pain such as diabetes, ingrown toenails, a mineral deficiency, some kinds of fractures, standing on your feet for a long period, excessive walking, wearing uncomfortable shoes and old age. Talk with your doctor if you have severe and persistent foot pain because it can be a sign of underlying condition.

There are many home remedies which you can try at your home if you want to get a relief from this condition in natural way.

16 Here are some home remedies for foot pain:

Cayenne pepper

This natural cure is rich with a capsaicin that can help you to get a relief from the aching feet, lower back pain, muscle strain, arthritis and muscle pains and aches [1].

If you have noticed that your feet cause you aching when they get cold, then you should sprinkle some cayenne pepper in your socks before you put them on. This natural cure will keep your feet warm.

Also you can make another natural treatment of cayenne pepper. In half a bucket of hot water you should add ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper. You should soak your feet in this natural cure for a few minutes. This home remedy has soothing effect and you will get a relief from the pain.


If you have foot pain caused by strain or sprain, then you should make a mixture of wine, flour and gardenia. You should mix these ingredients and then you should apply this natural cure on your feet.

Wear a shoe inserts

Orthotics or shoe inserts can help you to get a relief from the foot pain which is caused by fallen arches or flat feet. You can by them from medical stores.

Vitamins and minerals

Minerals and vitamins have a big role in the health of your feet. This is a reason why you should eat diet which is rich with minerals and vitamins.

Carbonated water

You should soak your feet in sugarless carbonated water. This natural treatment will refresh your feet.

Clove oil

Clove oil is very effecting in threatening nail fungus, athlete’s foot, joint pain, headaches and also it can boost your circulation [2].

If you want to get a quick relief from the foot pain, then you should massage your feet with this oil. This will stimulate the blood flow. Also it will relax your muscles. You can massage your heels and feet with this natural cure several times per day.

If you have a cut or sensitive skin, then you should dilute 3 drops of clove oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Then, you should massage your feet with this mixture.


If you want to reduce the swelling and pain on your feet in natural way, then you can use ice therapy [3].

In a small plastic bag you should put a small amount of crushed ice. With a circular motion you should massage your feet with this ice pack. You can use a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a thin towel for your massage. The cold temperature will temporarily numb the nerve endings in the areas where you have a pain and this will give you a relief from the pain.

Also with this natural treatment you will notice that the swelling will be also reduced. You should not use an ice pack for more than ten minutes at a time because if you use ice pack for longer period, then this natural cure can damage your nerves and skin.

Epsom salt

If you want to get an instant relief from the foot pain, then you should use Epsom salt as your natural treatment. Epsom salt is primarily made of magnesium.

A combination of Epsom salt and heat will relax your feet and also it will ease your pain. In a tub of warm water you should put 2 – 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt. You should soak your feet in this tub for ten to fifteen minutes.

In many cases salt can make your feet dry so it is very important to apply some moisturizer after you have soaked them in this combination.


Vinegar is used as natural treatment in many diseases. Also you can use vinegar as your natural treatment for foot pain due to strains or sprains because it can help you to reduce the inflammation [4].

You should fill a tub with hot water. You should put two tablespoons of vinegar in this water. Also you can mix Epsom salt or sea salt in it. If you do not have these types of salt, then you should add table salt. You should soak your feet in this mixture for about twenty minutes.

Also you can put a mixture of equal amounts of water and vinegar in two containers. You should use cold water in the first container and hot water in the second container. You should soak a towel in the hot mixture. You should squeeze the excess liquid from the towel. Then, you should wrap the towel around your foot. You should let this towel to stay wrapped on your foot for 5 minutes.

Also you should do the same method with the cold water. You should repeat the both processes at least 3 or 4 times per day.

Hot and cold water

If you want to have an effective natural treatment in foot pain, then you should use hot and cold therapy as your natural treatment. The cold treatment will reduce the inflammation while the hot treatment will promote the blood flow.

You should fill one bucket with bearable hot water and one bucket with cold water. You should sit in a comfortable chair. You should deep your feet in the hot water for 3 minutes. Then, you should do the same process with the cold water for at least 10 seconds or up to a minute. You should repeat this natural treatment 2 or 3 times. You should end this natural treatment with cool foot bath.

Also you have another option for this natural treatment. You can apply a heat pad and ice pack alternately for ten minutes if you want to reduce the pain.

Mustard seeds

One of the best natural treatments for foot pain are mustard seeds. This natural cure will help you to remove the toxic water from your body. It will reduce inflammation. It will improve your blood circulation [5].

Also this home remedy will give you a relief from the pain and swelling in your foot. You should grind some mustard seeds. You should add these seeds in a ½ bucket of warm water. You should soak your feet in this mixture for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, you should pat dry your feet.


Sage is effective natural treatment for reducing foot odor. Also can be used as natural treatment for foot pain if it is caused by soreness, cut, sprain or strain. You should rub a handful of sage leaves between your hands in a gentle way. Then, you should put these leaves in a pot with little less than one cup of apple cider vinegar. You should put this mixture to boil. Then, you should reduce the heat. You should let this natural cure to simmer for 5 minutes. You should soak a cotton ball in this warm solution. Then, you should hold the cotton ball on your affected areas. You should repeat this treatment several times per day.

Natural cures for foot pain

Essential oils

Essential oils such as rosemary oil, peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil can be used as natural treatment for foot pain. These essential oils will help soothe aching, sore and tired feet. In hot water you should put 4 drops of each rosemary and eucalyptus oil and 2 drops of peppermint oil. You should soak your feet in this natural treatment for ten minutes.

If you do not have any of the mentioned essential oils, then you should brew up a very strong cup of peppermint tea and you should add this tea in the hot water. [2]


This is a very effective natural treatment for foot pain which is associated with edema or some kind of inflammation. You should steam some asparagus for a few minutes. Then, you should eat this asparagus. This natural cure acts as natural diuretic which will help you to flush excess fluid out of your system. This will help you to reduce the inflammation. [6]


You should soak your feet in warm water spiked with 15 ml of arnica tincture. This natural cure will improve your blood flow instantly which will result in less pain.

Massage your sore feet

You should buy a roller which is designed to massage the soles of your feet. Also you can roll your bare feet over a rolling pin, golf ball or a tennis ball for several minutes. You can make a mixture from 3 tablespoons of sesame oil and 3 drops of clove oil. You should mix these ingredients. Then, you should massage your feet with this home remedy.

Also there is another home remedy which you can use for rubbing your foot. You should mix two teaspoons of olive oil, one drop geranium oil, one drop of chamomile oil and three drops of lavender oil.


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