Excess Body hair – Causes, symptoms and risk factors

excess body hair

It is normal for women to change their hair. When the body hair is changing without permission, then this is caused by some problem. When hair is lost or it is gained, then this is telling to you that there is some problem in your body. Here are some causes of excess body hair:

Causes of excess body hair

Your hormones are out of balance: When women are seeing loss in their hair or when their hair is suddenly growing, then this can be caused by male hormones. Those hormones are present in the sides, men and women. When this process is happening that means there is imbalance of the male hormone. If you have abnormal levels of testosterone (this is meant for women), then you can notice excess hair. This condition is called hirsutism. If you are woman and you have this condition, then you can see unwanted male pattern of hair growth. When you have male pattern that means that you can notice hair on your upper chest, upper back or in belly button. If some woman is having more than eight hairs around single nipple, then this is not normal. It is abnormal condition which is known as hirsuitism [1]. Not only men, but also women can suffer from baldness. When women are having baldness, then they are also having shifting of the male hormones. When women are in their menopause, then they are having high levels of testosterone and low estrogen levels, then they are noticing that the hair on their heads is becoming tinny and the hair of their face is increasing. In some cases there also can be hair on the women chin.body hair

You might have a tumor: When the hirsutism is coming very suddenly (in a period of six months) and when your DHEA and testosterone levels are high (which you can check with blood test), then you might have chances to have tumor which is releasing the male hormones. Your levels of male hormones are not normal and also you can see that your hair is growing very fast. If this is your case, then you have chances to suffer from an ovary or adrenal gland tumor. Both of the tumors can be possible. But you should visit your doctor and talk with him or her about your body hair extent. [2]

Your bad habits: When people are suffering from some kinds of diseases, then they are having drugs which are making consequences in their bodies for centuries. Morphine is also one of the remedies which are making visible traces even there have passed many years since the last time of using. [3]

Your ovaries may need checking: If you suffer from hirsutism and also you have irregular periods, then you are having systemic problems. If this is your case, then you are having polycystic ovary syndrome. When you are having this kind of syndrome, then this syndrome contains follicles (name for small collections of fluid). Also there is another cause for a polycystic syndrome and that is obesity. Women who have obesity are more willing to have this type of syndrome. [4]

You could have an autoimmune problem: Even this is rare situation, but the chances are not excluded. In some cases your immune system can turn on the hair follicles. You can lose your hair on the head, on your eyelashes and eyebrows and on the body. In the most cases when you have some of these types of body hair it is easy to be treated and also the hair starts growing again. But not always the treatment is giving you sure percent that you are going to be cured. [5]

Your genetic inheritance: In some cases the cause for the body hair is in your genes. In most cases this depends on what ethnicity you are. For example, people in Asia are having least hair. But the people from Middle Eastern and Hispanic are known as the people with most hair. If you have few hairs on your body or you have lot of hair on your body, then for every different kind of ethnicity this can be abnormal. [6]

When to see a doctor? If you have noticed that your hair has started to be loss or if you are noticing that you are having too much hair on the part of the body which is not meant to have hair, then this is enough reason for visiting your doctor. This is medical condition which must be cured with treatment.

Risk factors: These factors can be reason for your body hair:

  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Age
  • Family history
  • Medicines that you have taken in your past

Above are some of the few risk factors for excess body hair.


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