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Olive juice – aids nerve functions and reduces oxidative stress

Olive juice has many health benefits which can be beneficial for you in different ways. Olive juice has many health benefits such as boost muscle control, prevent chronic disease, protect the immune system, improve nerve function and maintain water balance in the body. It has salty and rich taste and this is a natural choice for people who want to use it as cooking oil. Also this juice is good when drizzled over certain acidic salads or meat/fish dishes. The most popular use of this juice is in cocktails because it provides a sour bite to some drinks or even a savory character which can help certain flavors stand out. This type of juice is used in many different cocktails such as Dirty Sanchez, Orange Flip, Dirty Martini and Bloody Mary. There are many people wonder about this juice and if it has some health benefits on our health. Many people mistake olive oil with the olive juice, but the olive juice is the brine liquid base which is found in jars of olives. A similar briny substance is found in jars of pickles and artichokes as well. Even it has many health benefits; this is not a miracle natural cure because it is high in fat and calorie. If you have never used this juice, you need to talk with your doctor before you add it in your diet.

Health benefits of olive juice

Blood sugar: There are some studies in which is said that the vinegar has a blood sugar – suppressing effect on our bodies following a meal. If you drink a small shot of olive juice before a meal, then this can help prevent large spikes and drop in the blood sugar after eating which is good news for people who suffer from diabetes or people who have increased risk of developing diabetes.

Oxidative stress: Olive juice has antioxidant component known as vinegar which can help in the fight against cancer. This can lower the risk of chronic disease and it can lower the inflammation in your body.

Immune system: Olive juice has water, vinegar and sodium. It has been shown that this juice has antioxidant and anti – bacterial properties in certain settings which can provide a healthy boost to the immune system and it can help you fend off infections.

Muscle control: For any muscle to move in our bodies, sodium is needed along with other minerals and electrolytes. When you drink olive juice in a healthy amount, in moderation, then you get sodium which is good for your health.

Nerve function: Olive juice has sodium which is critical for the nerve function and it can help to transmit the nerve impulses in your body. This is a reason why you need to drink small amounts of this juice. This is good news for people who are on low – sodium diets because their nervous system may not be functioning properly.

olive juice benefits

Health benefits of olive juice  

Water balance: Many people are saying that the sodium is often considered as a bad thing for our bodies but this is an essential mineral in our bodies and it is functioning as an electrolyte along with potassium and other important and crucial minerals. When you take the right amount of sodium, which you can get when you consume olive juice, you can improve your health. This is a reason why you need to drink olive juice in moderation. It adds sodium in your diet in the required amounts for your body.

Hair growth stimulant: This juice can be used to keep hair healthy and to stimulate hair growth. It has Vitamin E which can increase the blood circulation to your hair follicles which could stimulate your hair growth. After shampooing, you can give yourself a massage with warm olive juice. You should gently apply ½ cup of warmed olive oil onto your scalp while your hair is still wet. You should use your fingertips to massage this oil into your hair and scalp. You should be sure to cover your entire scalp. You should wrap your head in a towel and let this oil to stay on your hair for thirty minutes. You should shampoo your head again to remove the olive juice and you should rinse your hair thoroughly. You need to repeat this natural treatment once per week to maintain hair and scalp health.

Pardhan Singh
Pardhan Singh
A seasoned natural therapist with degree in Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS) successful in treating various diseases through Ayurvedic treatments. You can contact Pradhan at [email protected]


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