Health benefits of guarana – Better digestive system, Better mental health and Good for cardiovascular system

Health benefits of guarana

Guana berries are small, red and exotic berries which are very good for our health. Guarana is climber which belongs to the family of Maples. It is indigenous to Brazil. It is known for its coffee – bean sized fruit. This plant comes packed with a good concentration of 2 – 4.5% of caffeine. Guarana berries are natural source of unleashed energy. They are rich in theophylline, theobromine, xanthan and tannin. They are very effective dietary supplement. You can find guarana in form of pills or powder. It is rich in caffeine which is making it a sought after ingredient in many different beverages, sodas as well as Guarana energy drinks. In the traditional medicine, people are using ½ – 1 cup of Guarana seeds infusion, one to three times per day. When the tincture is prepared in the portion of 4:1, then it is recommended to be consuming two times per day. If you are using guarana supplement in powder or capsule, then you should limit the intake to three to six grams, divided equally over 3 doses. The guarana seed extract can trigger high levels of blood pressure, heart palpitations, anxiety, headaches, insomnia and nervousness so you should never used it before you talk with your doctor. Pregnant women should avoid it because the excessive intake of caffeine can hamper the fetal development and it can trigger miscarriage. Also lactating women should talk with their doctors before they consume it because the caffeine has appetite suppressing nature and it could lead to loss of baby weight.

Some health benefits of guarana:

Natural analgesic: Guarana has caffeine which can stimulate the circulation of blood. It is known that the better circulation of blood is then the lower is the pain experienced in injury. Guarana acts as natural analgesic which means that it can help to people who suffer from constant headaches, migraines, menstrual pains and other types of pains.

Natural blood thinning agent: Guarana has caffeine and catechins which enables this fruit to act as anti – platelet agent. The mentioned components can help to lower the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. Also it can prevent thrombosis by preventing the blood from thinning, turning sticky and forming clots.

Natural antidote for menstrual problems: Those women who are prone to painful menstruation can use guarana as their natural treatment. It can regulate the cycles and also it can aid in eliminating premenstrual symptoms. Those women who feel lethargic and worn out during menstruation can take guarana because it can help to improve their energy levels.

Good for cardiovascular system: Guarana has antioxidants which can help in the fight against free radicals that are affecting the function of cardiovascular system. Antioxidants can boost your cardiovascular system thus the scavenging of these elements can keep many heart diseases at bay.

Health benefits of guarana

Health benefits of guarana

A natural aphrodisiac: Guarana is natural aphrodisiac. It has caffeine which enriches it with its innate libido stimulating properties. When you use guarana on regular basis, then it can help a person to have a blissful sexual life.

Better digestive system: Guarana can be used to improve digestion power. This is a natural remedy for diarrhea and bloating. This natural cure has been used across Europe to treat the water retention. Also it can help to cure bowel problems and it can help to eliminate toxins and wastes accumulated in the bowels while at the same time it is acting as a natural detoxifying agent.

Better mental health: Guarana can help you to have better learning capacities. Also it can aid in improving the intellectual performance. You can use the guarana along with ginseng for enhanced mental powers. It has the potential to improve the blood circulation and it can promote better mental health.

Natural remedy for stress: Guarana is also known as magical fruit. It has calming properties. When you drink a cup of guarana tee, then it can help to ease the stress levels and it can improve the mood. Caffeine has positive effects on the mood and this can increase the feeling of well – being and alertness.


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