Jungle Geranium: Best 10 Health Benefits

Health Benefits Of Jungle Geranium

The scientific name of jungle geranium is Ixora Coccinea. Its origin is from Indonesia and Sri Lanka. It is widely cultivated in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It has a green color when it is young and it turns to dark red or purplish-black as it mature. The taste of jungle geranium is bitter, acrid, and sweet. The jungle geranium is a small and dense plant. It is a multi-branched and glabrous shrub. Normally, it grows about 4 – 6 ft in height, but it is capable to reach 12 ft in height. The jungle geranium has a rounded form, with a spread that may exceed its height.

The leaves of jungle geranium are sessile, opposite, and decussate. The leaves are 2.5 – 3.5 cm wide and 3.5 – 8 cm long. The jungle geranium is the national flower of Suriname. The jungle geranium can be used as a natural treatment for dysentery, dysmenorrhea, catarrhal bronchitis, and hemoptysis. The flower infusion is used to bathe infants because it can protect against skin disease.

Also, flowers of jungle geranium are edible and they are used as condiments for flavoring in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India. Ripe fruits are edible and they are eaten by the local ethnic communities, especially children in Kerala. Here are some health benefits of jungle geranium:

Health Benefits Of Jungle Geranium

Maintain the health of the uterus

The flower of jungle geranium can help to keep the uterus healthy. The womb is one of the most important organs which a woman has, so she can use the jungle geranium for maintaining the health of her uterus.

Good for cramps in the calves

The flower of jungle geranium has analgesic properties, which can help to eliminate the pain. This is very useful to overcome the cramps in the calf naturally. You can add a balm to the jungle geranium and massage the affected area slowly. Also, you can make a light stretch to get relief from cramps.

Treatment for dysentery

The jungle geranium can be used as a home remedy for hemorrhoids, but also, it can be used as a dysentery natural treatment. This plant has a lot of active compounds which are used to cure various diseases and one of them is dysentery.

Treatment for hemorrhoids

The lump in the anus is one characteristic of hemorrhoids. It has pain when the patient is sitting or while dispose of feces. When hemorrhoids are severe, then the lump may rupture and bleed. When the case is very severe, then it can be only treated with surgery. If you have hemorrhoids at mild levels, then you can use the jungle geranium as your natural treatment.


You can crush the flowers of jungle geranium to make a paste. You should add one tablespoon of it to one glass of buttermilk and drink it two times per day.


You can mix 500 grams root bark of jungle geranium with 300 grams long pepper. You should grind these ingredients and make powder. You should take 2 grams of it, two times per day with lukewarm water.

Treatment for the body pain

You can consume water boiled from the jungle geranium, so it can help you in the natural treatment of body pain. Also, you can massage some areas that you have pain with the help of jungle geranium.

Heals the wounds

You can use the jungle geranium as a wound healer. The jungle geranium has a lot of natural compounds which can help to speed up the process of wound healing in the body. You should pound the jungle geranium, make it as paste and apply it to the wound. But, you should be careful when you are using jungle geranium in terms of cleanliness, so the wound does not get worse due to bacteria.

Skin diseases

You can use jungle geranium as a home remedy for your skin. You can chop flowers of jungle geranium and then, boil them in coconut oil. You should use this home remedy over the damaged or infected skin.


If you have a fever, then you can use jungle geranium as your natural treatment. You can make a decoction with the jungle geranium flowers. You should consume 20 ml of this home remedy on a daily basis, but talk with your doctor, so you will avoid any possible side effects.


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