Natural treatments and home remedies for sty

Natural cures for sty

Sty is also known as a hordeolum. This is an infection that affects the oil glands of the eyelids. When you have a sty, then you notice a red and firm lump in your eyelids. If it fills with pus, you can notice this lump’s head.

Makeup, dirt, and other debris can block your oil glands and fill them with bacteria. In most cases, sty (studies have shown that 90 – 95 % of people who have sty) is caused by bacteria which is known as staphylococcus.

Also, there are other types of bacteria that can lead to the sty. When you have inflammation of your eyelash follicles (a condition which is known as blepharitis), then you have increased chances of getting a sty. Also, there can be other causes for this kind of infection, such as hormonal changespoor hygiene, and stress.

In some cases, people have more than one sty on their eyes. The most common cause is when you have a sty, then it is full of pus which looks like a pimple of your eyelids. In most cases, when you have a sty, then it is located on the outer edge of your eyelids.

Also, there are some cases when the sty is located on the inner region of your eyelids. When you suffer from the sty, then you can have some of the next symptoms:

  • tenderness;
  • pain;
  • itching;
  • swelling;
  • burning sensation;
  • difficulty blinking;
  • mucus discharge from the affected eye;
  • increased sensitivity to light.

In most cases, when you suffer from the sty, then you can notice that they pass on their own for one or two weeks. There are many medications that you can use if you suffer from the sty. But we recommend you try with home remedies because they will give you relief from the pain and discomfort caused by sty, and the healing process will be speeded up.

8 Natural cures for sty

Warm compress

If you have a sty, you should apply a warm compress to those affected areas. When you use this kind of natural treatment, then the heat from the warm compress can increase the circulation to the affected area. Also, this method will speed up the rupture and drainage processes of the pus from your sty [1].

Also, it will help you to reduce the pain and swelling which are caused by sty. In hot water, you should dip a clean towel. You should not leave excess water on your towel. Then, you should close your eyes. Put a warm towel on the affected eyelids. You should let the towel stay on your eyelids for 5 minutes. You should repeat this method 3 – 4 times per day until you have noticed that the pus is released. With a clean towel, you should wipe away the pus from your sty. Then, you should apply the warm compress again until you have noticed that the pus has stopped coming out from your sty.

Green tea

If you have a sty, you should use green tea as your natural remedy because this kind of tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help you to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by sty [2].

Green tea has tannic acid, which can stop the spreading process of the infection.

Also, this tea has many antioxidants and nutrients which can speed up the healing process and also they will give relief from the symptoms caused by sty.

In warm water, you should dip a green tea bag for a period of a few minutes. Then, you should remove the tea bag from the water. You should not leave excess water in it. You should close your eyes and apply the tea bag to your affected areas. You should let this remedy stay on your eyelids for 5 minutes. Repeat this method several times per day until you have noticed that the sty has reduced its size and you feel no pain. If you do not have green tea bags in your home, then you can make this home remedy with black tea bags.

Coriander seeds

They have anti-inflammatory properties, and this is a reason why they are used as a home remedy for sty. When you use coriander seeds as your natural remedy, you can reduce the swelling, pain, and redness caused by sty [3]. You will feel better in a period of a few days. In a cup of water, you should add one teaspoon of coriander seeds. Then, you should let this mixture boil. When you notice this mixture boiling, you should remove it from the heat. Let it cool. Then, you should strain it. You should use this kind of water on the affected areas of your eyes. You should repeat this process 2 – 3 times per day until the day that you have noticed an improvement in your condition.


If you want to rid of the sty in a very short time, then you should use turmeric as your natural remedy. This is possible because it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It will help you to reduce inflammation which is a reason for this kind of infection [4].

Also, it will help you to remove any cause for sty.

In two cups of water, you should add one tablespoon of turmeric. Then, you should let this mixture boil until you notice that the water is reduced to half. You should cool and strain this mixture. With this kind of mixture, you should wash your eyes 2 – 3 times per day for a period of a few days. Also, there is another remedy which you can make if you have problems with sty. In a cup of warm milk, you should add one teaspoon of turmeric powder. In a period of one week, you should drink this mixture once per day before you go to bed. This way, you will notice that the healing process of your sty is speeded up.

Natural cures for sty

Guava leaves

If you have a sty, then you should use guava leaves as your natural remedy because they will improve the healing process [5]. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the swelling and inflammation in your eyes. In hot water, you should wash 2 or 3 leaves. Then, you should soak a cloth in hot water. You should not leave excess water on it. You should put these leaves on a warm cloth, and you should wrap them. Then, you should let the warm cloth cool down. You will need to take one leaf, apply it on your affected areas and let it stay for 5 minutes. You should repeat this process with all leaves. You should repeat this process 2 times per day for a period of 3 – 4 days.

Baby shampoo

When you have a sty, then you should clean the affected areas of your eyes. You must stay away from dust and other kinds of irritants that can worsen your condition. You should wash the affected areas with baby shampoo.

You should add a few drops of mild baby shampoo to a cup of warm water. You should mix this mixture until you have noticed that the baby shampoo is diluted. You should soak this solution with a cotton ball. With the wet cotton ball, you should wash your eyes. Your eyes must be closed. Then, you should use warm water to rinse this area. Then, you should apply a clean and warm compress. Let it stay for a period of 5 minutes. You should repeat this method several times per day until you have noticed that your condition is improved. It is recommended to repeat this natural remedy in a period of a few days.

Aloe Vera

If you suffer from the sty, then you can use Aloe Vera as your natural remedy. This kind of herb has anti-inflammatory, soothing, and antibacterial properties, which can help you in the healing process [6]. Also, Aloe Vera will help you to reduce the inflammation, swelling, and redness which are caused by this infection.

You should cut leaves from the Aloe Vera plant. Then, you should extract the gel from this leaf. With this kind of gel, you should rub the affected areas. You should let this gel sty on your eyes for 20 minutes. After this period has passed, you should wash your eyes with lukewarm water. You should repeat this home remedy a few times per day for a period of 5 days.

Castor oil

This kind of oil has ricinoleic acid which is an anti-inflammatory agent. It will help you reduce the inflammation and pain caused by this inflammation. You should wash the affected areas with warm water and baby shampoo. Then, you should apply a warm compress on the affected areas. Let it stay for 5 minutes. With a cotton swab, you should apply castor oil on the affected areas. You should repeat this method 2 times per day if you want to have the best results.


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