Tahitian Chestnuts: Best Health Benefits for Us

Health benefits of Tahitian Chestnuts

The scientific name of Tahitian chestnuts is Inocarpusfagifer. It is a species of flowering plant in the subfamily Faboideae of the legume family Fabaceae. It is native to Indo – Malaysia and it is naturalized after ancient aboriginal introduction in Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. Tahitian chestnuts are cultivated in the Pacific Islands, as well as in New Guinea, Indonesia, especially in Sulawesi and Java. The color of Tahitian chestnuts is green skin when it is raw and it is turning to yellow or orangey-yellow when ripe. The flowering season of Tahitian chestnuts is from November to December.

The lifespan of Tahitian chestnuts is up to 90 years. Parts that are used from Tahitian chestnuts are seeds, leaves, and bark. It is noticed that Tahitian chestnuts can help to stop internal bleeding. A decoction of the bark can be used to treat scabies. You can eat the seeds of Tahitian chestnuts raw or cooked (you can bake or boil them). Grated seeds can be used for making puddings, bread, and flat cakes. This fruit is used as food since ancient times.

Health benefits of Tahitian Chestnuts

The benefits of Tahitian chestnuts can be processed into different types of preparations, such as chips, flour or just to be boiled. The flour made of Tahitian chestnuts has nutrients and vitamins which are very helpful for the body, so you can add Tahitian chestnuts to your diet. Tahitian chestnuts have many different health benefits, but if you have never used them before, then talk with your doctor before you use them, so you will know that they will not cause you side effects. In Fiji, Tahitian chestnuts have used all parts of the tree due to their medicinal properties.

Here are some health benefits of Tahitian chestnuts:

Helps food absorption:

Tahitian chestnuts have tannins which can help in the process of food absorption. It is very important to have optimal absorption of food because this will affect the health of the body because the organs get the nutritional intake.

Maintain healthy skin:

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C. As we know, Vitamin C is playing an important role in maintaining healthy skin, so it can help you to have a bright shine.

Treat canker sores:

Tahitian chestnuts are rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin can help you to treat canker sores. If you suffer from canker sores, you can consume Tahitian chestnuts in a natural way. So there is nothing wrong to do it.

Source of antioxidants:

Tahitian chestnuts are rich in flavonoids hepatic and this is one source of antioxidants. They are needed for the body to fight against free radicals which can lead to many different diseases.

Cleaning the intestines:

One of the most important things which exist in the human body is the intestine. Your intestines should be cleaned, so this can keep them healthy. You can consume Tahitian chestnuts to clean your intestines because this fruit is rich in saponins which can cleanse them.

Cures diarrhea:

It is required leaves of plants to treat diarrhea. You should cut small pieces of the leaves and then, boil them until they are boiling. You should drink the boiled water to treat diarrhea. This type of treatment is considered a natural way that has been used since ancient society to treat diarrhea.

Can be used as a satiating preparation:

You can use the Tahitian chestnuts as a filling preparation. Seeds are the part of this tree that is used. You should boil the seeds in advance for a long time before they can be consumed because the seeds of Tahitian chestnuts are very hard.

Stomach pain:

There are some studies in which it said that ancient people have used Tahitian chestnuts as a home remedy for stomach pain. But, there are not enough scientific studies to approve it, so before you use it for this purpose, you should talk with your doctor if it will be suitable for you.

Insect bites:

It has been shown that the juice from the mesocarp of green fruits can be used as a home remedy for treating insect bites. It can be also used for treating burns. This health benefit of Tahitian chestnuts was used a lot in Tonga.


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