Home remedies and natural treatments for blastomycosis

Natural cures for blastomycosis

In many cases when people are suffering from a blastomycosis, they are feeling that they have flu. But when they have visited their doctor, they have seen that their condition is not flu, but is a blastomycosis. You should not be worried if you are suffering from a blastomycosis because this condition can be treated. You should use home remedies with combination of other medications which your doctor have prescribed to you. Blastomyces dermatitidis is the main cause for this fungal infection. When you are inhaling spores of fungus which is found in soil and damp woods, then you are risking your health to get blastomycosis. There are many symptoms which can vary from pulmonary issues to genital lesions, bones and skin. There are many symptoms which are feeling people who are suffering from this disease but the most common symptoms are chills, hoarseness, chest pain, a dry cough, difficulty breathing, fever and blisters or raised bumps. People who are living in the Mississippi River Valley are having the biggest risk for having blastomycosis [1]. But also this disease is not common disease. It cannot be found easily. It is very rare disease.

Natural cures for blastomycosis

Tips for a blastomycosis

There are some natural remedies such as goldenseal, garlic and eucalyptus which you can use as natural treatment for this condition. But we are recommending you to visit your doctor. Talk with your doctor about your condition and the stadium of your disease. These herbs are killing the fungus in your body. Also these natural remedies are boosting your immune system and they give it strength. It is very difficult to find the real home remedy for a blastomycosis. But the natural remedies that we have mentioned are effective remedies for treating blastomycosis. Also when you are using the mentioned home remedies as your natural treatment, you should add Vitamin C. This Vitamin will improve your condition. Here are the natural remedies for this condition:

Natural cures for blastomycosis

Goldenseal: This is very effective home remedy for people who are suffering from a blastomycosis because this herb has anti – fungal properties which are fighting against this disease [2]. But this home remedy is often taken with other medications because in this way it has the best results for your health. When you are using this combination, then you are boosting your immune system and your health. Also when you are using goldenseal as your natural remedy, you are increasing the development of your immune system. This home remedy usually is taken as tincture or a capsule. The recommended start dose for this home remedy is 10 drops of extract three times per day or 500 mg capsules three times per day.

Garlic: We have said many times before that this vegetable is one of the miracles in the natural medicine because it is the right cure for many medical conditions and diseases. You should use raw garlic as your natural treatment because it has very effective anti – fungal properties [3,4]. Allicin which is component of the garlic is helping you to destroy the molds which can be in varying forms. Also this element is cleaning your blood and it is boosting your immune system. You should eat one or two raw garlic cloves per day. If you are not feeling good when you are eating raw garlic or you cannot eat raw garlic, then you should take non – odorous capsules of garlic. You should consume these types of capsules 3 times per day. This is one of the best home remedies which you have taken if you are suffering from a blastomycosis.

Eucalyptus: This is also very effective home remedy for blastomycosis. This herb has anti – septic properties and antibacterial properties which are making it perfect natural remedy for this condition [5]. Fungus which is the cause for this disease is destroyed when you are consuming eucalyptus. Also your respiratory infection is healing faster. You should dilute 0.2 milliliters of eucalyptus in water. You should be sure that you will not take a dose which is above this dose. Also other effective way for treating this condition is to add few drops of this oil in a vaporizer. This home remedy you should use as inhalant which will soothe the respiratory system and will improve your blastomycosis condition.


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