Treat tick bites naturally through Cinnamon oil & Eucalyptus oil

Natural cures for tick bites

In the most cases tick do not carry any kind of disease and in the most cases tick bites do not cause any kind of serious health problem. The sooner these bugs are removed, the less likely to spread any kind of disease. There are some ticks which are so small and it is very hard to see them. This is a reason why it makes it so hard to tell if you have removed the tick’s head. If you do not notice any obvious parts of the tick’s head in the bite site, then you can assume that you have removed the entire head but you should be careful with the signs and symptoms of a skin infection. If you have been bitten by a tic, then you need to talk with your doctor about the best home treatment for you because in that way you will be sure that you are not having a risk of getting skin infection. If you have noticed some of the mentioned symptoms (symptoms become more severe or more frequent, symptoms of a skin infection develop, a rash or sore develops or flu – like symptoms develop) and they are happening during the home treatment, then you should call your doctor.

Home remedies for tick bites

Ice pack: You should apply ice pack to your bite for fifteen to twenty minutes once an hour for the first six hours. If you do not have this home remedy in your home at that moment, then you should keep a cool and wet cloth on the tick bites for up to six hours.

Warm washcloth: After there have passed six hours from the tick bites and if you have noticed that there is not swelling, then you should try to put a warm washcloth on the bite for comfort.

Aromatherapy oil: You can use aromatherapy oils as your natural treatment for tick bites. You can use aromatherapy oil such as pennyroyal oil, lavender oil, cedar oil, cinnamon oil, lemon oil and basil oil because they are natural repellent for ticks [1]. You should prepare a mixture of any 3 oils from the mentioned. This is an effective home remedy for removing ticks. You should mix one drop each of the 3 oils which you have chosen and pure almond oil. You should stir this home remedy well. Then, you should soak a cloth in this natural cure. You should wrap this cloth on your pet but also you can use this home remedy for you because it can help you to remove ticks from your skin. Just apply this tick bites natural treatment on the skin.

Cinnamon oil: This type of oil is one of the most used natural treatments for getting rid of ticks. You should apply some cinnamon oil directly on the affected area. This natural cure works as a natural repellent against fleas and ticks [2]. Also in one ounce of water you can add 80 drops of cinnamon oil. You should fill this home remedy in a hose sprayer. You should gently spray this home remedy in the lawn. This is very effective home remedy against tick bites. Also this oil acts as a protecting shield against ticks on human skin. You should rub cinnamon oil on your skin.

Natural cures for tick bitesnatural treatments for tick bites

Turpentine or gasoline: Alcohol fuels such as gasoline are also very effective home treatments for ticks. In a container you should pour 2 tablespoons of gasoline. You should dip a cotton ball in it and place this cotton ball on tick. You should let it stay there for three minutes. With this home remedy ticks will get suffocated and they can be easily removed with the help of tweezers.

Mouthwash: You can use mouthwash as your home remedy to pull out fleas and ticks. You should put some mouthwash on a cotton ball or a tissue paper and place it on the affected area. You will notice positive results. This is proven home remedy.

Orange: This fruit is rich in citric acid which will help you to remove ticks. You should squeeze out some fresh juice from one to two oranges. You should apply this home remedy on your pet’s body with the help of a cotton ball. Also you can apply some orange oil on the affected areas. This natural cure is also a natural tick repellent.

B Vitamins: When your diet is rich in vitamins from Vitamin B family, then ticks can be repelled. You can add some foods that are rich in Vitamin B such as brown rice, fish, Brewer’s yeast etc. Foods which are rich in this vitamin help repel sweat, estrogen, carbon dioxide and all other bodily secretions which attract parasites and insects like fleas and ticks. [3]

Herbal insect repellents: There are some herbal insect repellents which are very effective against fleas and ticks. Many of these herbal insect repellents are available in oil, lotion or spray form and they include tea tree oil, calendula oil, eucalyptus oil and cedar oil. Tea tree oil and goldenseal oil also can be applied to affected parts of your skin as natural treatment for tick bites.

Avoid walking through long grass: You should avoid walking through long grass. If you are hiking, then you should stick to middle of the trails. When you get at your home, then you should wash all your clothes in hot water. You should run your washer and dryer on highest heat setting to kill the ticks off. Also you should wear full sleeved shirts and long trousers because in this way you will be sure that ticks will not bite you. You should teach your children the safety rules of being around domesticated and wild animals. You should treat your home with insect repellents which are non toxic and which are safe. You should wash the area of the tick bite with a lot of clean and warm water. You should not try to burn the tick while it is attached to your skin. Also you should not try to smoother a tick which is attached to your skin with rubbing alcohol, gasoline, nail polish or petroleum jelly because this will increase your risk of getting infection. You should apply some soothing calamine lotion to reduce inflammation and pain to treat tick bites. When you have removed the tick from your skin, then you should save it in a container of alcohol to show your doctor and in this way he or she will tell you which is the best way to treat tick bites.

Liquid dish detergent: You can use liquid dish detergent as your natural treatment for ticks because it is effective in killing ticks. You should pour small amount of liquid dish detergent in a bowl. You should use a cotton ball to apply this home remedy on your pet’s body and cover the infected area. If you have a pet which is allergic to soap, then you should not apply this home treatment on his body.

Onion: This is also a very effective home remedy for treating tick bites. You should rub onion on the bite site. This induces a powerful antioxidant action which helps you to heal the bite in faster way.

Meat tenderizer poultice: When you apply meat tenderizer poultice, then this is also one of the best home remedies for treating tick bites. You should apply some of this home remedy on your skin by making a little paste with water. Poultice has enzymes which will help you to reduce pain and swelling and also it will draw out the tick’s saliva. You should keep the poultice on for at least thirty minutes before you wash it off the affected area.

Eucalyptus oil: This is also a very effective home remedy against ticks. In approximately one liter water you should boil 15 – 20 leaves of eucalyptus oil. You should let this home remedy to boil for ten minutes. After the boiling, you should let this home remedy to cool down at room temperature. You should strain this home remedy in a spray bottle. You should use the eucalyptus spray to kill ticks. Also you can make eucalyptus spray by using eucalyptus oil. You should fill a spray bottle with 4 ounces of distilled water. You should ten drops of eucalyptus oil in the spray bottle. You should shake this spray well before you use it. [4]

Permethrin: This is a toxic substance which is used as natural treatment for killing ticks. You should spray this toxic substance on mattresses, clothes and curtains. When ticks get in contact with this substance, then they get killed. There are many Peremethrin formulas which are registered for use on dogs and cats. [5]

Baking soda: This is also a very effective home remedy for removing ticks from your pet’s body. You should mix one half teaspoon of salt and one half teaspoon of baking soda to use this home remedy against ticks. You should add the previous mentioned mixture to 4 ounces of apple cider vinegar. You should pour this home remedy in a spray bottle filled with four ounces of warm water. You should spray this home remedy on your pets. When you are spraying this natural treatment to your pets, then you should be sure that it will not reach their eyes for tick bites.


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