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bed bugs

Bed bugs are small, oval and brownish insects that live on the blood of humans or animals. Adult bed bugs have flat bodies and the size of their bodies is a size of an apple seed. Bed bugs bite people while they are sleeping. They are active mainly at night. Bed bugs feed by piercing the skin and withdrawing blood through an elongated beak. These bugs feed from 3 – 10 minutes to become engorged and they crawl away unnoticed. After feeding, their bodies swell and they have a reddish color. [1] They do not fly and they can move quickly over ceilings, walls and floors. Female bed bugs may lay hundreds of eggs. Each of these eggs is about the size of a speck of dust, over a lifetime. Most bed bug bites are painless at first but later they can turn into itchy welts. Bed bug bites are on the areas of the skin which was exposed during the sleeping. These bites do not have a red spot in the center like flea bites have. [2] Here are some home remedies and natural tips which can help you stay away from bed bugs or to stay protected from their bites:

Bed Bugs Home Remedy and natural cures

Lavender oil

The strong sent that the oil has is effective in scaring these tiny animals and ensures that they are kept at by forever. This aspect makes them a natural repellent; this is effective because the bugs do not like the smell as well as the taste of the oil. In this case therefore they tend to keep off from the taste of the plant. What you should do is to get a concentrated form of the oil and then target the corners of the bed frame. This is their hiding places; pour the oil constantly in these places till you completely get rid of them. [3]


This is an effective natural way of eradicating these insects. These practices should target to vacuum everything indiscriminately. This is because most of the furniture and other items like carpet are potential suspects when I come to hiding these animals. Therefore when using this method to eliminate bed bugs, you should vacuum your chairs, carpets, curtains as well as mattresses. Does this practice every week at least once and the outcome will be great when the month elapses. [4] 

High temperature washing

These insects are not able to survive in extreme temperatures, they therefore succumb and die. Washing your beddings at high temperatures will really help to eliminate the insects. The practice requires consistency in that it does not give chance for the newly hatched eggs to grow to maturity and hatch again. The target should be aimed at spoiling the life cycle. Therefore wash your clothes and beddings at very high temperatures, after this thoroughly dry them and then keep them in a clean plastic bags so as to avoid instances of re-injection. Do this regularly and the outcome will be greater than what you expect. [4] 

Steam cleaning

This is an extreme and radical measure against bed bugs that ensure that they are completely exterminated. The reason why it is another important practice is that some items in your house cannot be easily washed therefore high temperatures cleaning is not effective for them. Steam cleaning eradicates both the bugs and their eggs. It also has the capacity of reaching areas which cannot be reached. What you can do is to hire a steam cleaner or buy your own steam cleaning gadget and you will bid good bye to the bugs.

Tea tree oil

The diving smell in tea tree oil has an amazing reaction with the bed bugs. This is because it discourages them and suffocates them hence their instant death. The oil is also a good antibacterial hence making it essential for eradicating the bugs from your home. This can be done by preparing a two percent solution of it with warm water, put this solution in a spray bottle and spray the items in the house that have potential of housing the insects. This process should be repeated on a weekly basis so as to improve the level of outcome.


Alcohol have a negative reaction with bed bugs, the substance has the capacity to instantly kill the bugs when they get into contact with it. Therefore the best way to use this remedy is to rub it or spray it on the major suspects’ zone. This will ensure that the moment that they come into contact with it their metabolism is interfered with hence their instant death. [5] 

Baking soda

The soda has the drying or the desiccation properties which ensures that they are eliminated. The approach which you should take is to fetch a paintbrush, put some soda in the bowl and then dip the brush in the soda. Spread the soda along the bed side prevent in the crevices where bed bugs might be hiding. Another area where you should apply a layer of the soda is along the mattress and springs of the bed. Vacuum the layer that you placed after a period of one week then apply another layer. This works in a period of month, to restore order.

bed bugsMint leaves

This herb is not familiar to these insects; the bed bugs are not fond of mint leaves and therefore they tend to flee whenever they detect it. This herb can be useful when the leaves are crushed and then sprinkled around your sleeping area or your beddings or sleeping clothes. The other way is rubbing the crushed leaves of mint on your skin before going to bed or incorporating a sachet of mint leaves between the mattress you sleep on and the linen closet.

Cayenne pepper

This has preventive abilities in that the bugs cannot dear reach where it is sprinkled. The best way to utilize it when addressing bed burgs is to sprinkle it in specific areas which are prone to hide the burgs. In case they are there, they will automatically find their way out and stave themselves to death.

bed bugsRosemary

This is very powerful reactor to bed bugs, the way it affects the bugs do not allow them to survive in the hostile environment it crates for them. For instance it makes the environment where these insects live to be un-conducive by suffocating them due to its smell. This therefore limits their ability to thrive and survive in such an environment. To eliminate them, take a cup of the rosemary oil and put it in a sprayer, then spray where they are living as well as your beddings. This will instantly eliminate them within short time.


The treatment has very similar properties with the rosemary one; it is able to eliminate the bugs very first when it is sprayed on them. What can be done is to take a substantial quantity of eucalyptus and put it in a sprayer then sprays it on your bedding. Within short time the insects will be lying prostrate on the flour.

Hot sun

Bed bugs cannot survive a temperature of more than 113 degree; this makes extreme heat an effective method of getting rid of these insects. Therefore, it is recommended that you wash your beddings and cloths which are infested with the bugs then dry them over sun or dryer for a constant temperature of more than 113 degree, this will be enough to kill them.

Scented dryer sheets

The smell that comes from this sheet is very repulsive the insects, it discourages them and drives them away. What you can do is to prepare a layer of kryptonite just before adding around ten sheets of scented fabric softener. This should be in between the mattress and the box spring. The same number of sheets should be placed on your mattress`s surface. Have two sheets of the same type on your pillow also. Replace these in a period of one week and you will be able to completely eliminate the bugs.

Fruits and vegetables insecticides

Some of these insecticides have substantial amount of pyrethrin as well as canola. These are effective components in repelling the insects hence they effectively help to not only suffocate the bed bugs but they also ensure that that they make their environment un-conducive. As a result leading to their death, the application of the insecticide should be done on a weekly basis to ensure that there is consistency in eliminating the bugs. [6]

Above are some of the natural methods to get rid of bed bugs.


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