8 Surprising Black Garlic Health Benefits

black garlic benefits for ski

When you add black garlic to your dishes, then it gives them a unique profile but also it is rich in many health benefits. It is a caramelized form of garlic but it is not easy to produce. In the recent times, it has gained its popularity in the west, while in other countries is present for centuries. Primarily, it is made by exposing unpeeled garlic to extended periods of heat and humidity which in some cases can take up to 40 days.

This is making some compounds of garlic to break down, particularly those who give a garlic such a spicy taste. it has some nutritional differences from the traditional garlic and it is widely used in the high – end cooking applications. This form of garlic is difficult to produce and it is not most common ingredient to find in cooking dishes but it has many health benefits. You can consume the black garlic in powder form.

You can add it to vegetable dishes and you can mince it into glaze or sauce. The flavor of the black garlic is highly muted when it is compared to the white garlic so this means that a large amount of this spice is needed to make an impact I the most dishes. The heating process is increasing the concentration of allicin and also it boosts S – allycysteine levels and this can improve the bioavailability of allicin which is active ingredient in the garlic.

There are rare cases in which are reported that consumption of black garlic caused pneumonia in some people. This can be a sign of an immune reaction or a case of toxicity. If you have never tried it, then it is right time to start adding it in your dishes. It has water soluble vitamins which cannot be stored in the body so they need to be regularly consumed and black garlic has these vitamins. Here are some health benefits of black garlic:

Black garlic increases libido

In some cultures, traditionally are used both white garlic and black garlic to stimulate the sex drive in men, as well as the metabolism – boosting properties due to antioxidants which are having positive impact on the blood flow, energy levels and other factors which are critical to sexual activity.

black garlic detox

Improves circulation

It can increase the circulation by producing hydrogen sulfide. It has sulfuric compounds which can help to regulate the blood pressure and ensure resource and oxygen delivery to the body’s extremities.

Treats chronic disease

It has more allicin than white garlic. This component is antioxidant which can help to boost your immune system and stay protected from chronic diseases and oxidative stress. You should add this spice in your weekly diet.

Boosts immunity

It has the ability to boost your immune system. It can boost the immune system’s strength and it can prevent many bacterial and viral infections. It can help to clean out your digestive tract and respiratory system.

Improves cardiovascular health

Homocysteine is amino acid found in our bodies which can actually damage blood vessels and compromise the cardiovascular health. There are some studies in which are found that black garlic can reduce the levels of homocysteine in the blood and this can help to protect our heart health.

black garlic treat diabetes

Black garlic has more allicin than regular garlic which means that it is even more effective at regulating blood sugar levels. Also, black garlic has active ingredients which can help to slow the release of insulin in the body which is very important for diabetic patients and people who have a risk of developing this disease.

Prevents cancer

When you eat black garlic, then S – allycysteine forms which has shown a directly impact in the formation of cancerous cells in the body which is more effective than white garlic. This is one of the best reasons why you should add black garlic in your diet.

Reduces obesity

There was one study in which rats were given black garlic. It was noticed decreased stomach fat, body weight and fat cell size. These rats have experienced an overall decreased fat. Also, black garlic can lower the LDL levels and increase the HDL levels.


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