Improve blood circulation in legs naturally by life style change

blood circulation in legs

It is very important to have good blood circulation in the legs because it allows tissues to take in nutrients and to rid of waste. Also, it is very important for the long–term leg health and their strength. You can improve blood circulation to the legs by making changes to your diet and starting simple habits. Circulation is the constant movement of blood around your body, and this is a pumping action of the heart. This flow or movement of our blood takes place in a network of tubes which are known as blood vessels. Every single person knows that arteries and blood vessels carry blood away from the heart and the blood vessels and veins carry the blood towards it. Returning the blood to the heart from the lower parts of our bodies is hard work for our circulatory system because the blood should be pushed upwards through the body. The muscles that surround the veins can help with circulation because they contract around the veins and they stimulate the flow of blood to your heart. This is a reason why stay active can help you improve your circulation, even when you just walk. Circulation can deteriorate as we are aging. But the circulation problems can affect every single person, at any age which is not active. If you have noticed that you have poor circulation in your legs, then you need to talk with your doctor about the best natural treatment for you. We do not guarantee you that these home remedies will help you for sure, and this is a reason why you should never take some home remedies on your own.

13 Home remedies and lifestyle changes to improve blood circulation in legs

Manage stress levels

Stress can have negative effects on your physical and mental health in which is also included the circulation of your body [1]. You should try some ways which can help you to get relief from the stress through psychotherapy, meditation, taking deep breaths, listening to music, and exercise.

Drink cayenne pepper tea

This natural cure can help to open blood vessels, and also it can improve circulation [2]. You can sprinkle cayenne pepper over your food, or you can stir it into some tea with honey. When you consume cayenne pepper on a daily basis, it should improve your circulation over time.

Eat less salt

Salt causes our body to retain water and swell which can put pressure on our veins, and this can lead to poor circulation [3]. You should try halving your salt intake, and you should avoid sprinkling extra salt on your food after you have cooked it. You should try to eat more food that you cook and avoid eating out. We never know how much salt restaurants are putting in the foods they cook, and usually, it is more than we can think. You should avoid eating microwaveable dinners and snacks, fast food, and salty snack foods. You should drink plenty of water to flush the salt from your body. It is a known fact that we need 2 liters per day to stay fully hydrated.

Stop smoking

You should not smoke if you want to have healthy blood vessels. Smoking can cause your ankles and feet to swell. It is a known fact that blood clots are a very common condition for smokers. You should know that if you are a smoker, then your heart is not working under the best conditions, and this can lead to damaged veins and blood vessels in your legs. [4]

Maintain a healthy body weight

Healthy body weight is an important part of keeping our legs and feet healthy and improving blood circulation. When you have extra weight, then this places stress on your circulatory system. You should follow a balanced diet. You should work with your doctor to reach a weight which is right for your body type. You should eat lean meats, whole grains, and plenty of vegetables and fruits. You should be sure that you are getting a good amount of fiber through oatmeal, nuts, legumes, and other fiber-rich foods.

Wear compression stockings

If you have a job that requires seating or standing for the entire day, then compression stockings are essential for you. When you have too little movement or too much pressure, then this can negatively affect your circulation and overall health. Compression stockings mimic the internal action of walking by causing the muscles in your legs to continuously relax and contract which is stimulating the blood flow.

Position your body

People who tend to cross their legs when they sit, they may be harming the blood circulation in their lower body. This position cuts off the circulation to their legs which are making it more difficult for the blood to get to your leg tissue and to keep it healthy. You should make a habit of sitting in a position which is better for your blood circulation. You should sit with your legs spaced slightly apart and your feet on the floor. You should remember to get up from time to time, so you are not in that position for too long. Also, you can slightly elevate your legs to help circulation. You should put your feet on Ottoman or a stool 6 – 12 inches above the ground. While sleeping, you should prop on a pillow to encourage circulation. This position is also healthy for our spine.


Engaging in regular stretching has many health benefits for our bodies. Stretching with proper technique can help you to promote blood circulation which carries nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and organs which are necessary for proper flexibility, movement, and function [5].

poor blood circulation in legs


Walking is a simple and low–impact exercise which can help you to create a more healthy and active lifestyle, and it can promote weight loss. Walking at any place is very beneficial for increasing blood circulation throughout the body, and also this is the best way to increase muscle contraction in the legs. As your muscles contract and relax, they squeeze around the large veins in your legs which are promoting healthy circulation in more stagnant areas of flow. Additional benefits of walking and other forms of exercise include improving the overall balance and they are improving your mood.

Do not sit or stand too long

It is very important to move around during the day because in this way, you will get the blood flowing through your legs. When you sit or stand for long periods, then this is allowing the blood to collect instead of flowing and this is detrimental for our health over time. If you have noticed that you are in the same position for an hour or more, then you should move around for a few minutes before you resume your position. If you work in office and your job requires sitting, then you should take breaks every hour and a half or so. Even if you go to the bathroom and you go back to your desk, you are moving your legs which are also helping you to improve your circulation. Also, you can get a stand–up desk which will allow you to stand instead of sitting while you work.

Avoid restrictive clothing

You should try to avoid wearing tight clothing because it can restrict the blood flow to your feet. This is including under garments that could restrict the blood flow, belts that may be too tight, and socks that may be too tight.

Drink plenty of fresh water each day

When you work outside, then this may increase your need for a regular intake of water. It is a known fact that an adult should drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day. When you drink plenty of fresh water daily can help you to hydrate cells inducing your skin, aiding digestion, and also this gives the person a regular supply of minerals [6]. Also, when you drink water, this can help your body to rid of the waste products. Exercising regularly and taking breaks is also one of the best ways to improve your health. If you have to sit down all day, then you should be sure that you will not eat high-fat foods. When you are eating high-fat foods and you are not exercising, then you are increasing the chances of clogging up the arteries. It is known that the saturated or solid fat in our diet can contribute to a build-up of cholesterol deposits or plaque in the arteries. Also, when we eat too much saturated fat in our diets, then the health and efficiency of the circulation system can also suffer.

Try birch bark tea

It is said that this natural cure can help to stimulate the circulatory system. You can take it as a supplement. But also, it is very effective when you use it as tea, especially when it is brewed with a little ginger. You should add a cup of this tea to your daily routine.


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