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Plumeria essential oil is an excellent skin purifier

This essential oil is extracted from the plumeria tree. Plumeria tree is one of the most fragrant trees in the world. Plumeria tree originates in Mexico and some parts of Central America and Brazil. The flowers of plumeria tree were popular in Aztec and Mayan cultures spinning back thousands of years. In America, you can find pulmeria tree in window sills as an indoor house plant. Plumeria is easy to grow and propagate as long as you keep them warm. Plumeria tree is producing beautiful flowers that are very fragrant at night. This tree has high medicinal and beauty value. The cold compression or solvent extraction, are the methods which are used to extract the oil and in these ways it can retain its therapeutic value. The pluemria essential oil is pure and thick. Plumeria tree has high potency which was a reason why the native South American tribes refer it as the tree of life. You can mix the plumeria essential oil with distilled water and soap and spray it in your room because it has sweet long lasting fragrance. It has soothing and moisturizing properties which means that you can add it to your lotions and creams that are meant for irritated or dry skin.

Health benefits of plumeria essential oil:

Defies the aging process: Plumeria essential oil has moisturizing effect. When you use it continuously, then it makes your skin resistant to wrinkles that are caused by aging and oxidation.

Purifies the skin: It is known that the plumeria essential oil is an effective skin purifier. It can remove the excess grime without reducing the skin moisture.

It is an astringent: The plumeria essential oil is natural astringent and it can be safely used instead of synthetic astringents which can dry your skin.

It is an aphrodisiac: You should soak in plumeria bath for thirty minutes because it can heighten the sexual desire because it has ability to stimulate senses.

Relaxing nerves and muscles: You can use the plumeria essential oil as massage oil or you can bath in water mixed with this essential oil. The aroma refreshes your senses and it can help to create a deeper awareness on oneself and environment.

Soothing dry skin: This essential oil is a potent moisturizer which can penetrate the skin and at the same time it will reduce the dryness. This essential oil will not allow to loss the moisture of your skin.

Tinnitus remedy: This is a condition where the affected person hears ringing or buzzing sound in his ear. The primary causes for tinnitus are the ear infections. You should put two to three drops of pulmeria essential oil in your ears, 2 times per day and you will notice that it will give you a relief from the inflammation.

Health benefits of plumeria essential oil

Health benefits of plumeria essential oil

Back pain relief: You should massage your back with warm pulmeria essential oil because it can help you to get a relief from the back pain. In the most cases, back-pains are caused by inactivity or exertion. The pulmeria essential oil can give you a relief from backaches by releasing the tension which could be caused by hard labor or inactivity.

Relieves headaches: In the ancient India the plumeria essential oil was used as a natural treatment for getting relief of headaches. You can massage a small amount of this essential oil on your forehead. Scientists should discover in the future if the plumeria essential oil has relaxing effect or it has an active pain – relieving compound which can give you a relief from headaches.

An effective antioxidant: It is known fact that the plumeria essential oil can protect your skin from the oxidation process which is making the skin to age faster than predetermined by your genes.

Anti – inflammation: It is believed that the plumeria essential oil can heal the inflammations when it is topically applied. Plumeria essential oil can help to heal irritations, sun damage, superficial scars and minor wounds.

Aromatherapy: The plumeria essential oil is taking a big part in the aromatherapy because it has soothing aroma. It can give you a relief from depression and stress.

Pardhan Singh
Pardhan Singh
A seasoned natural therapist with degree in Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS) successful in treating various diseases through Ayurvedic treatments. You can contact Pradhan at [email protected]


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