Natural treatments and Home Remedies for Autoimmune Hepatitis

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Autoimmune Hepatitis is chronic inflammation. The autoimmune disorders are complicated because the body is fighting against itself. But the good news is that autoimmune hepatitis can be treated. This inflammation is damaging the liver. The signs and symptoms can be very different in people who are affected by this disease. In some cases, there can be few symptoms and in other cases, people can feel the increased intensity of their symptoms. If you are feeling some of the symptoms (such as jaundice of the skin and eyes, joint sensitivity, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, muscle aches, and pains), then you should visit your doctor.

Your doctor will make you all the tests needed for checking your condition. Here is included the blood test that can tell a lot about your health condition. The main reason for this disease is not known. Many studies are shown that this disease is caused by the white blood cells in combination with foreign substances which are attacking the liver and make its damage. In some cases, there is no need for treatment for this disease. But to be sure you must visit your doctor. Then you will know the right diagnosis.

22 Home Remedies for Autoimmune Hepatitis


Curcumin is a spicy compound that is contained in turmeric. This compound is energizing the blood. Also, it helps to cleanse the liver. It is good for reducing pain and alleviating inflammation [1].

Apple cider vinegar

If you are having too much ammonia in your blood, then this will result in autoimmune hepatitis. Apple cider vinegar is helping in alkalization in the body and also is reducing the ammonia levels in the blood.

Milk thistle

Silymarin is a component of milk thistle. This component can reduce inflammation and also is protecting the liver from further damage.

Vitamin D

Most people are taking Vitamin D for their bone strength. Vitamin D also is inhibiting the pro-inflammatory processes by suppressing the enhanced activity of immune cells which are taking part in the autoimmune reaction. You should take Vitamin D to reduce the risk of getting autoimmune hepatitis [2]. Vitamin D is also known for its healing properties against type-1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. You should visit your doctor and talk with him or her about the required intake amount. You should take Vitamin D3 to keep the blood levels of Vitamin D in your blood. If you are avoiding the sun and you work indoors, then you should take a higher dose of Vitamin D such as 5000 IU daily. Also this amount you should take in winter when the sun is not so available.

Omega-3 fatty acids

If you eat fish oil or you are having a diet that includes fish at least three times per week, then you can reduce the symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis [3]. Fish oils contain anti-inflammatory fatty acids which are called DHA and EPA. EPA and DHA can reduce the risk of autoimmune hepatitis. People which are consuming fish oil can reduce the inflammation response.

EPA can reduce inflammation because it can decrease cytokine and eicosanoid production. Also, this component is improving renal survival in patients with immunoglobulin nephropathy. Omega-3, Omega-6, and Vitamin E are protecting the body from autoimmune hepatitis. Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E can delay the progress of some autoimmune hepatitis. The increased levels of some specific cytokines and decreased levels of proinflammatory cytokines (which is the result of Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids consummation) can delay the progress of some autoimmune diseases including autoimmune hepatitis.


This element is used in the treatment of autoimmune hepatitis. It can reduce the symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis. Also, it inhibits inflammation.


This is an alternative corticosteroid. It is used to reduce the risk of autoimmune hepatitis because it has few side effects.

Green tea

Green tea is helping to reduce the risk of getting autoimmune hepatitis. Green tea is a product of dried leaves of Camellia sinensis. This tea is one of the most used teas around the world. Green tea contains polyphenolic compounds, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Also, green tea can help people who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. There are many studies that are done on green tea and its properties. [4]


Carrots are used as a natural remedy for autoimmune hepatitis. It can reduce the symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis. This vegetable contains high levels of antioxidant compounds which are limiting the amount of liver cell damage which is caused by this disease. Carrots are containing many nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, folate, phosphorus, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. These nutrients are helping in the treatment of autoimmune hepatitis. Also, carrots are used for improving heart and lung health.


Apigenin and luteolin are flavonoids that are producing the human autoimmune T-cells. They are inhibitors of many intracellular properties. Also, they are inhibitors of cellular autoimmunity. They are reducing the symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis. [5]


You should drink 8 glasses of water daily to increase the elimination of the toxic chemicals in your body. You should consume purified water or water that you have boiled and filtered.

Autoimmune Hepatitis





This vegetable can help you to reduce autoimmune hepatitis. Just one small amount of garlic can help you to clean the toxins of your liver. This will help you in the treatment of autoimmune hepatitis. [6]


You can take this element in a form of selenomethionine. It can help you to reduce autoimmune hepatitis and to improve the function of the liver. The required daily intake amount is 200 mcg.

Vitamin E

Your recommended daily intake amount of Vitamin E is 1000 IU. It is supporting your liver function when the inflammation is present in your body.


This fruit contains high levels of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is synthesizing the toxic components in the body into substances that can be easily absorbed by the water. You should drink fresh-squeezed lemon juice in the morning for stimulating the liver and decreasing the symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis.

Raw juice

You should drink raw vegetable juices because they are vital for supporting the immune system in your body. This juice should be in A-Z format. In this format, raw juice can help not only in your fight against autoimmune hepatitis, but also it helps to many types of diseases. It is very important for your health to have a glass of raw vegetable juice every day. You should take at least two glasses of raw vegetable juice per day. Fresh vegetables are known for their health benefits for many types of diseases. You should improve your diet by increasing the raw juices to 40%. Also, you can make raw juices from fruits. They are also improving your health. One good combination of raw juice as a natural remedy for autoimmune hepatitis is apple, carrot, beet, spinach, celery, and capsicum. They will boost your immune system and will decrease the risk of this disease. Also, you should avoid fruits and vegetables which are not in fresh form because they can bigger damage to your liver. [7]


Rosehip powder is a form of capsules recommended as a treatment for autoimmune hepatitis. The recommended dose is 5 grams daily or which means that you have to do this treatment for 6 months.

N acetylcysteine

NAC is used in capsule form. Recommended daily dose is 1800-2400 mg per day.


Apples are having high amounts of pectin which are helping the liver to clean the toxins digestive tract. Also, it boosts the immune system. It can reduce the symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis.


Walnuts are rich with arginine. They are detoxifying the body and also they are giving energy to the organism in the fight against this disease.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a great way for liver detoxification. They are making a lipid base that is sucking up the harmful toxins which are contained in the body. Olive oil is improving health and it protects the organism against autoimmune hepatitis. [8]


When you are eating cabbage, you are stimulating the liver to flush out the toxins of the body. Try to eat more cabbage in fresh form. If you do not like this fresh form, then you should make cabbage soup. It will help you relieve the symptoms caused by autoimmune hepatitis.


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