Calamus essential oil stimulates brain and nervous system

Calamus essential oil

Calamus essential oil has many health benefits which can be attributed to its properties as tranquilizing, stimulant, nervine, memory boosting, circulatory, cephalic, antibiotic, anti – spasmodic and anti – rheumatic substance. Ancient Romans and Indians were using the calamus and it has a big place in the Indian system of medicines known as Ayurveda. Calamus is a tree which grows best in watery and marshy places. It is native to Asia and Europe. The botanical name of calamus is Acorus Calamus. Calamus essential oil is derived from dried or fresh roots through steam distillation. The main elements of the calamus essential oil are Shyobunone, Iso Shyobunine, Camphone, Calamusenone, Calamendiol, Beta Asarone, Beta Gurjunene, Alpha Aselinene, Alpha Calacorene and Acorenone. The calamus essential oil is toxic but also it possesses many medicinal properties. It has compound called asorone which is toxic and also it is considered as carcinogenic substance. Also it has narcotic effects which can cause hallucinations and convulsions if it is taken in high doses. Also there are some studies in which is shown that the oral indigestion can cause prolonged severe convulsions and tumors. This is a reason why you should avoid oral indigestion unless you are under the guidance of an expert practitioner. If you are pregnant woman, then you should strictly avoid its use.

Health benefits of calamus essential oil

Tranquilizing: A low dose of calamus essential oil can induce sleep and this works as a very effective tranquilizer. This can be very helpful for people who suffer from insomnia and sleeplessness. This tranquilizing effect can relax the mind and body which can help those people to get a good and healthy rest.

Stimulant: This essential oil is stimulating for the brain and nervous system. It can stimulate nerves and neurons and it can help to achieve steadiness and alertness. Also it can stimulate certain discharges in which are included those of the blood circulation, hormones and other functions which are going inside of our bodies.

Calamus essential oil

calamus essential oil uses and benefits

Nervine: Most of the effects of calamus essential oil can help to deal with our brain and nervous system. This essential oil is nervine and it can help to maintain the ideal health of our nervous system. It can help people to recover from shock and other damage. Also it can reduce the chances of hysteric attacks, epileptic fits and many nervous afflictions.

Memory boosting: Calamus essential oil has memory boosting property. This can be administered to people who have undergone or who are undergoing memory loss due to trauma, aging or any other reason. This essential oil can also help to repair certain damages which are done to neurons and brain tissues.

Circulatory: This home remedy is stimulant which means that it can increase the blood circulation and also it can help nutrients and oxygen to reach every corner of their body. This circulation can also stimulate the metabolism.

Cephalic: Calamus essential oil has a refreshing effect on our brain. This is meant when it is taken in very mild doses because otherwise can have devastating effects for our brain. It can activate the neural pathways and also it is very effective in curing neurotic disorders. Calamus essential oil can induce and promote positive thoughts.

Antibiotic: Calamus essential oil is toxic in nature which means that it does not allow any biotic growth and also it acts as antibiotic. This property of the calamus essential oil can be used to fight infections both externally and internally.

Anti – spasmodic: Calamus essential oil has anti – spasmodic properties. It can relax all sorts of spasms but it is particularly effective on the nervous spasms. If there is a case of nervous disturbances and afflictions, then the calamus essential oil can be administered but only in very mild doses.

Anti – rheumatic and anti – arthritic: Calamus essential oil is stimulating for the blood circulation and nerves. It can stimulate and increase the rate of the blood in the affected areas and also it can give you a relief from the swelling and pain that are associated with gout, arthritis and rheumatism.


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