Health benefits of aam panna

aam panna

Aam panna is also known as green mango drink. This is a tangy drink which is made from green/unripe mango pulp that is rich in oxalic, citric, malic and pectin acids. This drink can rehydrate you and this can help to prevent the loss of necessary salts and iron from our bodies. This drink is made from raw/unripe mangoes and it is a little tangy in taste but also it can be sweet or salty which depends on what else is added to this drink. The color of aam panna ranges from pale yellow to pale green and the general green color is caused by the addition of mint leaves in this drink.

Aam panna is a part of the Indian houses for centuries. There are some cases when people can experience a few side effects and even develop allergies which depend on the amount of each ingredient used in it. When you drink too many glasses of aam panna, then it can lead to high blood sugar, diarrhea, weight gain or diabetes or other gastrointestinal disorders. In some cases, depending on the type of mango used in it, aam panna can cause allergies, such as watery eyes, breathing issues and runny nose.

Health benefits of aam panna

aam panna

Rich in iron: Aam panna is rich in iron which can give you the daily iron needs of your body. Iron can help to prevent anemia. Also, It has magnesium and calcium which along with Vitamin C will ensure strong teeth, as well as stronger gums.

Helps in pregnancy: Aam panna is rich in folate which can help to prevent birth defects and it can ensure a healthy growth of a baby in a womb. You should drink aam panna in limited amounts during your pregnancy because it can help to prevent the risk of baby to have birth defects and it will ensure you that your baby will grow well.

Great for the eyes: Aam panna is rich in Vitamin A which is making it very beneficial for our eyes. Also, aam panna has some of the fundamental flavnoid compounds, such as beta – carotene and alpha which can help you to have a god vision.

Reduced depression: Aam panna can help to reduce the depression and it will give you the concentration ability. Also, aam panna has Vitamin B6 which can help in the production of gamma – amino butyric acid and this is essential for making the central nervous system to act as a neurotransmitter and this can help you to feel distressed and relaxed. Also, it has glutamine acid which is increasing the ability to concentrate and to boost the memory cells to increase memory power.

Prevents cancer: Aam panna is rich in Vitamin C which can help to produce a good amount of antioxidants, such as astragalin, isoquercitrin, fisetin, methyl gallate and quercetin. These anti – oxidant agents can protect your body from different forms of cancer, such as breast cancer, leukemia, prostate, lung, stomach and colon cancer.

Improves intestinal disorders: Aam panna has a particular nutrient called pectin which serves as the perfect solution for the treatment of gastro – intestinal disorders. When pectin gets mixed with salt or honey, then it becomes a natural cure for many intestinal problems, such as constipation, dysentery, piles, diarrhea and chronic dyspepsia.

Packed with nutrients: Aam panna has many nutrients, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, magnesium and calcium which are playing an important role in promoting proper and regular waste extraction from the body. Also, Vitamin C is playing an important role in preventing skin diseases, like scurvy which happens due to lack of Vitamin C in our diet. Beta – carotene and Vitamin A can help to rejuvenate and repair the damaged skin which will bring extra glow to it.

Improves digestion: Aam panna is rich in fiber which is making it naturally digestion – friendly beverage. Also, it has bio – active components, like easteras and aldehyde which can help in the improving the digestive system of the body. It has Vitamin B which can help to cleanse intestines and it helps to deal with gastrointestinal disorders. When you consume it in moderate amounts, then it can prevent diarrhea.


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