Get Instant Relief by #1 Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Swelling in the eyelids or eyes can be caused by many causes. Eyelids are full of tiny blood vessels which is making them a very sensitive area. This area can swell up even with a little irritation of lack of sleep. Also, allergies are a reason why we have pain and swelling in our eyelids. There are many swollen eyes home remedy which can be used in the natural treatment of swollen eyes.

They are very effective. In most cases, the mentioned natural cures are safe for your health and they do not have any side effects. But you should always talk with your doctor about your natural treatment before you start using them. If you have persistent eye swelling, then you may have an internal problem and in this case, you need medical help.

Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Witch hazel:

Teabags of witch hazel have anti-inflammatory properties. You should brew a tea and then you should cool the witch hazel tea bag. Then, you should apply this tea bag on your swollen eyes. You should repeat this natural swollen eyes home remedy treatment several times per day until you get complete relief from the swelling. But if you suffer from swollen eyes, then you should take this problem seriously. Talk with your doctor. If you have persistently swollen eyes, then you need to seek medical help as soon as possible. [1]


This swollen eyes home remedy will reduce eye swelling and it will hydrate your eyes. Cucumbers are rich with nutrients. They will nourish your skin around the eyes. Also, they will help you to rid of the dark circles under your eyes. You should cut one cucumber into thin slices. Put these slices in the refrigerator. You should place one on each eye and you should let them stay there for 15 minutes. These cooled cucumber slices will reduce the swelling and it will constrict the irritated blood vessels. [2]

Wash your face:

If you have swollen eyes and you want to fight against this condition, then the first thing you should do is to wash your face. This will help you to wash away allergens that are sticking to your eyelashes and skin. Also if you have itchy eyes, you should wash your face constantly.


Turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties [3]. These properties are highly beneficial for swollen eyes. This natural cure will give you relief from the burning and skin irritation and also it will bring down inflammation very quickly. You should take some freshly ground turmeric powder. Add this powder with some Aloe Vera gel, rose water or water. You should apply this natural cure to the affected areas and then you should let it stay there.

You should reapply this natural treatment every few hours and also you should let it stay there through the night. This natural swollen eyes home remedy will help you to get relief from the inflammation completely.

Rinse out the eyes:

If you can, then you should rinse out your eyes with a little bit of water. This is usually helpful natural swollen eyes home remedy treatment. This natural cure will help you to loosen the allergens from the inside of your eyes and it will help you to flush them out.


Potatoes are rich with Vitamin B. This is one of the best natural cures for treating inflammations and swelling [4]. You should take a small potato and then you should cut it into a thin slice. You should put this slice on your swollen eyes. You should let it stay there for 15 minutes because in this way this natural cure can help you.

This natural cure will help you because it can absorb the excess water and shrink the inflamed skin. Before you apply these slices on your eyes, you should cool them because in this way you will increase their effectiveness. You should repeat this swollen eyes home remedy treatment four to five times per day until you have noticed that the inflammation is completely gone.

Aloe Vera:

This natural cure has healing and anti-inflammatory properties which can help you in the natural treatment of the swelling in your eyes [5]. You should extract the gel from Aloe Vera plant and then you should mix this gel with some amount of Vitamin E oil. You should apply this natural swollen eyes home remedy on your swollen areas.

If you want to have the best results, then you should let this remedy to stay through the night. This combination is very effective for swollen eyes but also it will treat your infections and wrinkles on your eyes and skin. You should repeat this natural swollen eyes home remedy treatment until you have noticed that the swelling has completely subsided.

Apply a cold compress:

If you have swelling and itching around your eyes, then you should apply a cold compress. This is a very effective natural treatment for swollen eyes. You should soak a washcloth or a towel in cold water. Also, you can put an eye pillow or damp cloth in the refrigerator. You should lie down with the compress on your eyes. The coolness of the cold compress will reduce the swelling.

Stay indoors:

Many doctors have said that the weather conditions have a big role in this eye condition. When you are out and the day is breezy and full of pollen, then your eyes are exposed to allergens which are increasing your chances of getting swollen eyes. When the outdoor allergens are high, then you should stay inside. If you have some outdoor activities, then you should not do them. You should start doing these activities after a rain when the air is filled with fewer allergens.

Tips for people who wear contact lenses:

If you wear contact lenses, then you can minimize your risk of getting eye irritation by practicing proper hygiene techniques [6]. This includes wearing contact lens cases and frequent replacement of your contact lenses. In most cases, doctors are recommending removing the contact lenses if you suffer from swollen eyes until you have noticed that swelling is resolved. You should never rub your eyes because in this way you can worsen your condition.

Eye mask:

If you have noticed persistent swelling in your eyes every morning, then you can use an eye mask because it will help you. If you want to treat the swelling of your eyelids, then you can use an eye mask. There are some cases when the swelling of your eyes is caused by the constant fluttering of your eyelids while you are sleeping during the night.

This is causing irritation of the blood vessels around your skin which results in swelling. When you use an eye mask, then this can help you to prevent swollen eyes in the morning and it will reduce the fluttering movement.

Chamomile tea:

Chamomile tea is a very effective natural treatment for swollen eyes because it has anti-inflammatory properties [7]. This swollen eyes home remedy can relax and soothe your body. This is a reason why this is one of the best natural cures for relieving swelling of the eyes and eye irritation. In one glass of boiling water, you should put one tablespoon of dried chamomile.

Steep this natural cure for 10 minutes. You should drink this tea. You should keep the tea bag or used powder in your refrigerator because they must to cool. These natural swollen eyes home remedies can be applied to your swollen eyes. In this way, you will get relief from the inflammation. You can drink chamomile tea two to three times per day because it will help your body to be relaxed. Also, it can soothe your body. You can use chamomile tea bags for external relief.

Black tea bags:

If you want to reduce puffy eyes and swelling eyes, then black tea bags are one of the best natural cures for you. Black tea bags have tannin that is having anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of the best natural swollen eyes home remedy treatment. In one cup of water, you should boil black tea bags. You should put these tea bags in your refrigerator before you use them.

This method is increasing the efficiency of the black tea bags and also you will notice that your lifeless and tired eyes now will look full of life. Also, these tea bags are an excellent natural cure for brightening your eyes instantly. If you want to have the best effects, then you should let the black tea bags to stay on your eyes for fifteen minutes each session.

Natural cures for swollen eyes, swollen eyes home remedy


Coriander has medicinal and cooling properties which are very helpful for treating eye swelling and eye ailments [8]. You should take some coriander seeds and then you should tie these seeds in a thin cotton cloth. You should soak them in water. You should use this water to rinse your eyes.

You can apply the coriander bag on your eyelids. You should let them stay on your eyelids for fifteen to twenty minutes each session. In this way, pain and burning sensation will be reduced. Also, this swollen eyes home remedy will bring down the swelling. You should repeat this natural treatment often as you need.


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