Wood apple can prevent the development of scurvy

wood apple health benefits

Wood apple has many health benefits such as giving you a relief from dysentery, diarrhea, respiratory problems, piles, peptic ulcer, indigestion and constipation. It can help to prevent many sexual dysfunctions, increases ocular health, cures diabetes, increases milk production for nursing mothers, prevent cancer, reduces inflammation and various inflammatory conditions, fights off bacterial and viral infections and it can boost the immune system. The Bael fruit is herb which has the scientific name of Limonia acidissima. Bael fruit has many other names such as monkey fruit, elephant apple and wood apple. In some parts of this world, Bael fruit is known as elephant apple because it is the favorite food of elephants. But in the other areas of the world it gets the name wood apple because it has hard wooden shell. This wood apple tree is native to India but also it is found in Thailand, Sri Lanka and many other regions in the southern part of Asia. It is rich in iron, protein, fiber, phosphorus, calcium and tannins. If you consume wood apple in excessive amounts, then it can cause flatulence in the abdomen, so people who have gastric troubles should be careful. If you have never consumed it before, then try a small amount of it to see how your body reacts. Anything can be allergen so this is a reason why you should start consuming small amounts and to work your way up to larger portions once you know that it compliments your body.

Health benefits of wood apple

Protection against malaria: It was found that the pulp of Bael fruit has been used as a cosmetic component by women in Thai – Myanmar border region. This area is frequently affected by malaria and dengue but there are studies which have suggested that applying the mixture of this pulp and repellents on the skin of the pregnant women is beneficial for protecting them against malaria. When you apply this mixture, it has warming sensation, but the repellents are non – irritating and neutral. But in the future should be done studies to ascertain the mechanism behind the benefits of this mixture on malaria.

Prevention of scurvy: When we have Vitamin C deficiency, then it could lead to scurvy. Bael fruit is rich in Vitamin C, which can prevent the development of scurvy that is a potentially life – threatening condition. The high amount of Vitamin C can increase the strength and potency of the immune system and it will protect people who consume wood apple from a variety of viral and microbial infections.

Cures snakebites: In the Ayurveda medicine, all parts of the wood apple were used to cure snakebites.

Liver health: It is a good source of beta – carotene which can help to cure liver problems. They have riboflavin and thiamine, both of them are known as liver health boosters. It is shown that wood apple functions as an ingredient in cardiac tonics.

wood apple

wood apple benefits

Good for kidney conditions: It is recommended regular consumption of wood apple for people who have kidney disorders. It has detoxifying properties which means that liver and kidney will be protected from many diseases.

Energy booster: In 100 grams of Bael fruit pulp, there are 140 calories and the nutrients that are found in this amount boost the organ activity and metabolic speed. The high protein content means that your body will heal faster and muscles will grow stronger, further boosting the energy.

Relieves respiratory problems: It is shown that leaves of Bael fruit tree can help people to avoid recurring or chronic colds and related respiratory conditions. They can help in treating cough and curing sore throat. These leaves can help to loosen phlegm and they will eliminate the build up in the respiratory system.

Controls diabetes: Trunk and branches of the Bael tree have Feronia gum, which are counteracting diabetes by reduce the severity of severity of this condition and it can help to manage the balance, secretion and flow of sugars in the bloodstream. When this fruit is managing glucose and insulin levels, then it is possible to prevent plunges and spikes that can be dangerous for diabetics.


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