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Star anise effectively treats influenza and aids digestion

Star anise has a distinctive shape and flavor, which is why it quickly becomes one of the most sought-after spices in the world, particularly due to its potential effects on our health. Its cost is relatively accessible, making it an excellent option for both medicinal and culinary applications worldwide.

This is the hard pericarp of the fruit of the star anise tree, which has the scientific name – Illicium verum. It is native to Southeast Asia and parts of China. This hardened fruit can be grounded into a valuable powder to be used as a spice, or it can be used whole in some dishes and preparations. This spice is highly desired because it has active compounds, particularly those that are found in star anise oil.

Also, it has a compound known as shikimic acid, which is a very important part of anti–influenza medications worldwide. Excessive use of star anise or the consumption of anise supplements can lead to complications or interactions with other drugs, such as those that are used for hormonal or cancer regulation.

If you have any prescribed medications, you should speak to your doctor about your possible allergy before adding star anise to your daily diet.

8 Health benefits of star anise

Cancer risk

Star anise has a diverse range of antioxidants, from kaempferol and quercetin to coumaric acid and thymol, which can affect the oxidative stress in your body. When there is support from your immune system and a reduction of free radicals, there is a lower risk of mutagenic effects in your body, leading to tumor formation and cancer cell formation.


The effects of this spice on hormone levels were widely studied, and it can have a powerful effect on both males and females. In women, it can regulate menstrual cycles and control mood swings and other hormone-driven side effects of menstruation, while in men, it can provide an energetic boost and increase in sex drive.


Star anise is an effective digestive agent, and also this fruit is commonly eaten after meals to promote proper digestion. It can help you to get relief from excess flatulence and bloating while, at the same time, it will ease cramping and improve the bacterial balance in your gut for high nutrient uptake efficiency.

star anise health benefits

Fungal infections

This spice has powerful anti-fungal properties, which is why it is a trusted home remedy for a huge host of fungal infections, including Candida, ringworm, Athlete’s foot, and other common strains. Most fungal infections are relatively harmless, and the regular dosage of star anise tea can boost your immune system against those pathogens.


Star anise has iron. A single tablespoon of these small fruiting bodies has roughly 13% of our daily recommended amount intake of iron. While eating an entire tablespoon of these fruits is unlikely, the concentration of iron can help boost red blood cell production, and it can increase energy levels by promoting circulation and proper oxygenation to the extremities of your body.

Sleep issues

There are many studies in which are shown that star anise has some levels of sedative properties that are attributed to the magnesium content and antioxidant levels of this spice. It can stimulate the release of some neurotransmitters which induce sleep and relaxation, which makes this spice valuable for people who suffer from regularly interrupted sleep patterns and insomnia.

Respiratory infections

Star anise can support respiratory health. Suppose you have a sore throat or cough or you feel early stirrings of the flu. In that case, one cup of anise tea can sort out the inflammation rapidly and neutralize underlying infections before more serious symptoms arise.

Immune system

Star anise has antibacterial effects, which are widely known. Some studies show that the star anise has been used to treat bacterial infections of the stomach and other parts of our bodies for centuries. Also, it is effective against several antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains, which makes it very valuable for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pardhan Singh
Pardhan Singh
A seasoned natural therapist with degree in Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS) successful in treating various diseases through Ayurvedic treatments. You can contact Pradhan at [email protected]


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