Jicama boost brain function, lower blood pressure & prevent cancer


Jicama has many health benefits such as boost brain function, lower blood pressure levels, increase circulation, build strong bones, help manage diabetes, increase your energy levels, prevent various types of cancer, boost your immune system, optimize your digestion and help manage the weight. This is a root vegetable which is native to Central and South America. It has been used for thousands of years as a dietary element and medicinally beneficial substance. Mexican turnip and Mexican yam are some other names of jicama. This root vegetable is classified as Pachyrhizus erosus. The root of jicama is edible but the rest of this plant is highly toxic. You should be careful not to eat vines, leaves or pods. Other than that, this vegetable is a healthy choice which can bring you many health benefits.

Health benefits of jicama

Weight management: People who want to lose their weight should consume low – calorie foods. Jicama is low – calorie food which is also packed with dietary nutrients. The dietary fiber will make you feel full. This vegetable has 35 calories per 100 grams and it is filed with fiber and nutrients. This is an excellent snack to reduce your appetite and curb cravings and you will not gain any additional weight or you will not lose any nutritional benefits.

Strong bones: The leaves of this vegetable have minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium and manganese which mean that it can boost our bone mineral density. These minerals are very important for building strong bones, new bones and healing any damage which has happened to existing bones. This is also a very effective natural cure which will prevent the onset of conditions such as osteoporosis. There are million people all around the world who suffer from this condition.

Brain function: It is known fact that the Vitamin B6 can increase the brain function and cognitive abilities. This vegetable has Vitamin B6 in high amounts. Also Vitamin B6 is integral part of breaking down proteins into usable amino acids and other forms of proteins for people. This can maximize our metabolic processes efficiently of many different organ systems.

Circulation: Jicama is rich in iron and copper which is making it a very good natural cure for maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system because these minerals are very important elements of the red blood cells. If we do not have these components in our bodies, then we can suffer from anemia and low functioning of the organs which need fresh and oxygenated blood to their proper function.

jicamaJicama health benefits

Blood pressure: Jicama is rich in potassium which means that it is able to manage blood pressure because this element is vasodilator and it can reduce the tension on arteries and blood vessels which is lowering the stress on your cardiovascular system. Also this element is very important for maintaining fluid balance in opposition to sodium throughout our bodies which means that it will keep our bodies hydrated and they will function at a high level.

Immune system: Jicama is rich in Vitamin C. In 100 grams of jicama there is approximately 40% of our entire daily requirement for ascorbic acid. This vitamin is also very important for our immune system health and it stimulates the white blood cells which are the first defense line of our bodies. This vitamin is fighting against pathogenic, fungal, viral and bacterial diseases and this vegetable is a great way to add Vitamin C in your diet. Also this vitamin has antioxidant property which means that it will fight against cancer and it is neutralizing free radicals which are connected with cancer and heart disease. It is known fact that free radicals are found in our bodies as a result of cellular metabolism.

Digestion: Jicama is rich in dietary fiber. This element helps to boost the bulk of stool which is also helping to move through the digestive tract and it is reducing some conditions such as constipation. Also this vegetable is rich in soluble fiber which is known as oligofructose inulin which is a sweet and inert carbohydrate which does not metabolize into simple sugars. This is a great food for diabetics to add sweet food in their diets without worrying of blood sugar fluctuations.


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