10 Best Health Benefits of Radish Seeds

radish seed powder

Radish seeds is one of the most added ingredients to salads. The scientific name of radish is Raphanus sativus. It is an edible root vegetable which belongs to the family Brassicaceae. It has sweet or even stinky flavor along with abundant of juice. There are different types of radishes, based on size, color and time period of cultivation time. Radishes can be long, round or even cylindrical in shape. They could be red, purple, black or white in color. But, radish seeds have also health benefits.

They have been utilized for hundreds of years to deal with many health problems. They can cleanse the body and blood, decrease fatigue and cure indigestion. They can be effective home remedy for curing migraine headache, hangovers, congestion, edema and sore throats. Here are some health benefits of radish seeds:

Radish seeds help in cleansing your liver

We know that the liver is a natural filter which safeguards our bodies. The toxins from the food and environment poison it and they lower the efficiency of this filter. It is known that radish seeds can remove the overabundance of bilirubin from the liver and control its production. Also, it can help to flush out the harmful toxins from your body. This is a reason why radish seeds can be used as home remedy for jaundice, as well as for the detox.

how to eat radish seeds

Kidney stones

When you consume radish seeds, then they can help you with the kidney stones. These seeds have diuretic properties which help in dissolving the stones. Also, These seeds can be very useful in clearing the urinary bladder, as well as stimulating its function. The regular usage of radish seeds can help to enhance the bowel movement, as well as treating problems, like diarrhea.

Radish seeds good for jaundice

These seeds are very beneficial in the treatment of jaundice. It has natural content which works well for preventing the problem by removing the bilirubin which is in charge of the problem. Also, the usage of radish seeds can encourage the activity of red blood cells by increasing the oxygen supply to them.

Beneficial for bones

These seeds are rich in calcium which is needed for the overall bone health. The regular usage of radish seeds can work well for strengthening the bones and it treats a lot of bone – related difficulties.

Treats skin problem

These seeds have zinc, phosphorus, Vitamin C and Vitamin B which are making wonders for the skin and also, they can help to lessen lot of skin problems, like cracks, rashes, dry skin, etc. Also, the usages of radish seeds will moisture your skin from inside.

Prevents the risk of cancer

One of the best home remedies for preventing cancer is radish seeds. There are some studies in which are shown that radish seeds can deal with different types of cancer, such as stomach, intestine, oral, kidney and colon cancers. These seeds have folic acid, Vitamin C and anti – oxidants which limit the activity of free – radicals and they can stop the development of cancer cells. You should add these seeds in your daily diet, so your risk of cancer will be reduced.

Lowers the risk of heart disease

These seeds are rich in flavonoids which can help to lessen many cardio – vascular problems. The regular usage of radish seeds is very beneficial in managing the arteriosclerosis. Also, the consumption of radish seeds can help to decrease your chances of heart attack.

Treatment of diabetes

It is known that radish seeds can affect the rate of blood sugar absorption. This effect of this seeds is very important for helping of diabetics.

Improve digestion

These seeds are rich in fiber. Also, these seeds have anti – inflammatory properties which in a combination with fiber can help you to have good digestive system. These seeds can help to reduce ingestion, as well as bowel problems. Also, these seeds can help in the natural treatment of hemorrhoids.

Detoxifying agent

This seeds are one of the best detoxifying agents which can help to eliminate the damaging toxic materials and free – radicals through the body, so add them in your diet.


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