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Amazing Health benefits of garlic scapes

The flower stalks which spring from the garlic bulb are garlic scapes. Throughout the development period prior to the garlic flowers seem, this scapes starts to curl upward looping into one to three neat coils, just like the pig’s tail. This scapes have a more gentle taste with no hot garlic bite. This scapes are more sensitive compared to the root and they can be appreciated raw in salads, dips, as well as stir – frys. You can cut this scapes before the cropping.

They are commonly sold in markets tied up in bundles and they look similarly to green onions. They are regardes as a treat, because you will find them in the early summer time. You should look for younger and greener garlic scapes. The older garlic scapes will straighten out as the time passes and they will create a harder texture, as well as spicier flavor.

You can cook garlic scapes in many different ways, including pickling them, sautéing them and adding garlic scapes to pizza. Also, you can fry them like asparagus. You can add to your salad if you prefer. You can store this scapes for two to three weeks in your refrigerator, but it is best to use them in this period. Also, you can put this scapes in a jar of cool water for two to three days, rather than putting them in the refrigerator. Garlic scapes are limited each year, so you should use them as soon as possible. They will improve your health in many different ways.

Health benefits of garlic scapes

Health benefits of garlic scapes

Protect liver and kidney against oxidative stress

The garlic scapes have unstable oil which is providing them unique flavor, but it can help your liver and kidneys to stay safe from the oxidative stress. The oxidative stress is taking place throughout normal metabolic function in addition to ounce the body is being insulted by toxins in the environment. No matter of what the source of oxidative stress is, the liver and kidneys end up bearing the brunt of the damage and it is providing your organs a better function. This is a reason why you should add garlic scapes in your diet.

Anti – cancer properties

The diallyl sulphide is probably the numerous sulphur compounds which is perfectly located at this scapes. There are some lab studies in which are shown that this scapes has sulfur compound. It can help in apoptosis in non – small cell lung cancer cells, so this is a reason why you should add garlic scapes in your diet.

High in antioxidants

This scapes have sulfur ingredients which can increase the glutathione which is the body’s most effective anti – oxidant. This can safeguard the cells of the body from outside that is causing illness. We know that illness can be caused by viruses or bacteria, but also internal reasons, such as stress, can lead to different diseases. This is a reason why you should add this scapes in your diet.

Improve vision

This scapes have good quantities of provitamin A which is able to transform into beta – carotene that is a valuable antioxidant which can protect your vision health.

Protect against osteoarthritis

It is known that this scapes have many allium substances which are additionally located in the bulbs of garlic plant. These substances can prevent the enzymes within the body which areliable for breaking down the bone tissues. As we are getting older, this is becoming more and more essential for preventing fractures, as well as osteoarthritis.

Improve oxygen levels within the blood

When people suffer from many different problems, such as liver disease, the body is emitting substances which can hinder the quantity of oxygen obtainable in the blood. They are components of this scapes, which can help to reoxygenate the blood and keep tissues and organs healthy.

Treat chronic diseases

This scapes have antioxidants which are making it an excellent defense against the oxidative stress and chronic diseases. This is including conditions, such as autoimmune diseases and heart disease.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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