Health benefits of Indian almond

Health benefits of Indian almond

The scientific name of Indian almond is Terminalia catappa. It is large tropical tree in the leadwood tree family, Combretaceae. It is naturally widespread in the subtropical and tropical zones of the Indian and Pacific Oceans and it is planted widely in many countries, as an ornamental tree. The Indian almond is native to Indian subcontinent through Southeast Asia, Northern Australia and New Guinea to the Pacific Islands.

The Indian almond is known by other names, such as Barbados almond, bastard almond, beach almond, Bengal almond, etc. The name of this genus comes from the Latin word terminus which means end as the leaves are borne at the ends of shoots. The bark of Indian almond is dark gray – brown and shallowly fissured. This plant has size from 25 – 40 m in height. The season of Indian almond is from July to September. Kernels of ripe Indian almond are eaten fresh or roasted.

The excess consumption of Indian almond can cause constipation and bloating. Indian almond is not easily digested and this is a reason why you should drink a lot of water while you are taking it. Also, it has shown allergies in people and this includes rashes, breathing difficulties and others.


Health benefits of Indian almond

Health benefits of Indian almond1

Prevents cancer

The regular consumption of this almond aid in enhancing the movement of the food through the colon and it can prevent the increase in colon cancer and its occurrence. There are some studies in which are shown that the consumption of this almond has a protective effect on the breast cancer development. This is a reason why you should consume this almond on regular basis. It will help to reduce the risk of breast cancer and it has a substance which can prevent cancer and also has antioxidant content.

Regulates blood sugar levels

This almonds aid in the lowering the conservative rise in insulin and glucose levels after meals. It is offering protection from harmful spikes in the blood sugar which diabetics often suffer from a food with unexpected high sugar levels.

Regulates blood pressure

The presence of potassium in the Indian almond can help in blood pressure regulation and the control of blood pressure fluctuation. Also, Indian almond has other nutrients which can help to prevent many different deficiencies. We need balanced levels of vitamins and minerals in our bodies because they can help us to have a healthy body, preventing the stress, anxiety and increased blood pressure. The regular eating of this almonds can help to maintain a good blood pressure levels.

Improve immune system

There are some studies in which are shown that this almonds have zinc and manganese which can help in the proper functioning of the immune system and metabolism of fat and carbohydrate among others. The manganese and zinc are essential nutrients which are needed for the development, growth and normal functioning of the bodies and for the immune system to function properly.

Promotes healthy bone

Indian almonds are rich in dietary phosphorus, vitamins and minerals. The phosphorus is playing an important role in the bone formation and repair of the cells in the body. The regular and moderate consumption of the Indian almond can help in building a strong bone and teeth due to its richness in phosphorus and vitamins.

Helps in weight loss

The monounsaturated fat which is present in this almonds are satisfying the appetite and they can reduce the eating a lot. The dietary fiber will help you to stay full for a longer time. Also, the fiber in it can help you too have consistent bowel movement which contributes to weight loss. Those people who eat Indian almond on regular basis are likely to maintain their ideal weight. This is a reason why you should consume Indian almond, so it can help you to lose weight.

Good for pregnant women

The Indian almond has a good amount of folic acid which can help to prevent the occurrence which can be dangerous to babies, such as birth defects in newborn babies.


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