8 Surprising Health Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil

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The cypress essential oil comes from Cupressus sempervirens, which is a deciduous, evergreen tree. This tree can be identified by its dark green foliage, small flowers and round brown – gray cones with seed nuts inside. This plant is native to Southern Europe, but it has spread to North Africa and North America. Also, it is widely cultivated in Morocco, France and Spain. The cypress tree thrives well in wetlands, growing on cypress knees or pneumatophores. This tree is softwood which is ideal for making vases and other novelty items. Nowadays, the cypress essential oil is used for both medicinal and industrial practices.

Soap and perfume industries often use the cypress essential oil as their ingredient. It has a fresh aroma, with a slightly sweet and balsamic undertone which adds a masculine note to men’s cologne and aftershaves. The cypress essential oil can be ingested in small doses, inhaled via vapor therapy and used topically. It can help to regulate blood flow and alleviate menstrual problems, relax muscles, reduce water retention, detoxify and decongest the lymphatic system. The cypress essential oil comes from the young twigs, stems and needles of the tree and it is extracted via steam distillation.

In some cases, the fruits of this plant are used to make this essential oil. Generally, the cypress essential oil is safe and it is non – toxic and non – irritant. But, you should not use it topically without doing a skin patch test. You should apply a small amount of it on your skin and see if allergic reaction happens. You can dilute the cypress essential oil in carrier oil if you suspect that you are sensitive to it. Some of the best oils to mix with cypress essential oil include argan oil, sunflower oil and organic jojoba oil.

You should always consult with a qualified health care practitioner before taking cypress essential oil orally, so you will know the best dosage for your condition. Here are some health benefits of cypress essential oil:

Cypress-essential-oil relax your nervous system

It has been noticed that the cypress essential oil has a calming and sedative effect on the mind and body. Also, this essential oil is beneficial for people who have suffered from a major trauma or shock.

cypress essential oil spiritual benefits

Promote proper liver function

This oil can help to maintain adequate bile secretion and it can help to protect the liver against any kind of infection, which are both essential for optimal liver health.

Constrict the blood vessels

This oil can help to constrict your blood vessels, which means that it can help to stop bleeding and it can also benefit those who suffer from varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Also, you can use the cypress essential oil to alleviate perspiration, bleeding and irregularly heavy menstrual flow.

Serve as a diuretic

This oil can promote good digestion and it assists in stopping gas from forming in the intestines. Also, it can reduce swelling, cleans your kidneys and eliminates toxins and excess water from your body.

Cypress-essential-oil treat wounds

The cypress essential oil has camphene content and antiseptic properties which can help in the treatment of internal and external wounds. The cypress essential oil is used as an ingredient in antiseptic lotions and creams.

Strengthen and tighten your tissues

This oil has astringent properties which cause the tissues in your muscles, skin, gums and even hair follicles to contract and all of them aid in strengthening them and holds them in a place. This can help to prevent them from becoming loose or falling out.

Relieve pain

You can massage the cypress essential oil over affected body areas. This can give you a relief from the joint pain, muscle pain, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Also, it can help to control spasms, relieves period cramps and may even be used for injury rehabilitation.

Natural deodorant

You should known that this essential oil has a clean, spicy and masculine fragrance which lifts the spirits and stimulates happiness and energy, which makes it an excellent natural deodorant.


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