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Health benefits of Greek yogurt

This type of yogurt is different from other yogurts because it goes through a straining process to remove the whey. Whey is liquid which has lactose that is a natural sugar found in milk. Greek yogurt is a very popular drink. Making This yogurt involves fermenting milk with live cultures of beneficial bacteria. The strained Greek yogurt is lower in sugar than the regular yogurt. When the whey is removed, then you have a thicker and creamier yogurt with a tart taste.

The Greek yogurt is low or no – fat and it does not share the same health benefits as the normal yogurt. This is a reason why you should add the traditional yogurt in your diet so you will get the best benefits. You can add this yogurt in your breakfast or cereal. You can add it to a pasta sauce for extra creaminess. You can use the Greek yogurt as a topping for chili instead of sour cream.

Greek yogurt health benefits

Health benefits of Greek yogurt

Reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes: Greek yogurt can reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 which is a condition that affects how the body processes blood sugar. There are some studies in which are said that you should eat more Greek yogurt so in this way you can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Lowering blood pressure: The Greek yogurt is a form of probotic fermented milk and it can help to lower your blood pressure. There was one study done in 2015 in which were involved 156 overweight people and it was noticed that eating This yogurt was not increasing the risk for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

Improves your mood: Greek yogurt can help to decrease your chances of experiencing intestinal disorders and it can buffer the effect of cortisol which is a nerve able to transmit to the brain so the calmness can be achieved. This will help your brain to produce more serotonin which means that your mood will be improved.

Keeps the oral health: It is known fact that the consumption of This yogurt can help to reduce the chance of developing cancer sores and if they develop, they can resolve much faster. Also, This yogurt has low sugar content which is ideal for the health of teeth because we know that sugar promotes tooth decay.

Supports muscle growth: If you want to gain muscle mass, then you should add protein in your body. Greek yogurt has protein and it is one of the best choices for you if you do not eat meat. You can consume Greek yogurt any time during the day. Also, it has whey and casein protein which will supply a mix of fast and slow digesting amino nutrition.

Promotes thyroid function: Greek yogurt is rich in iodine which is a trace mineral that is mostly associated with seafood. If you do not like to eat seafood but you are deficient in iron, then the Greek yogurt is the best choice for you. Iodine is very important for supporting the healthy metabolic function and also it will keep your weight well.

Promotes feminine health: Yeast infections are taking a big place around women. They are caused by fungus candida which lives naturally in the women’s vaginal tract. Greek yogurt has good amount bacteria which can help to keep the natural flora of vagina. Also, it is noticed that the Greek yogurt exert a limiting effect on these yeasts so these infections will not flare up very often.

Increases bone density: Greek yogurt is rich in bone – building nutrients, such as Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. You can drink This yogurt if you are luck in some of the mentioned These nutrients are very important as we are getting older, especially if you are a woman. It is noticed that osteoporosis is a strong genetic link but the deficiency in these nutrients can increase your risk of this disease.

Help to lose weight: It is known that the Thisyogurt has almost twice the amount of a protein which is found in the standard yogurt and it has less sugar which means that you will feel satisfied for a longer time. The Greek yogurt can help you to lose weight because you will feel satisfied for longer period.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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