Rhubarb juice improves vision, immunity and bone strength

Health benefits of rhubarb juice

The rhubarb is a part of the Polygonaceae family which is a group of flowering plants. The rhubarb is a seasonal plant and it only thrives in warm climates. It is almost impossible to harvest fresh rhubarb in the cold climates because the freezing temperatures wither away the above portion of this plant. The rhubarb is regarded as a fruit but botanically it is said that it is vegetable. It does not matter in which family it belongs when it is good for our health. The rhubarb is long pink sour leaf stalk. Rhubarb can be found in Mongolia, China, Tibet Western China and its neighboring areas.

The pie plant is nickname for rhubarb. Rhubarb is relative to buckwheat. It has sour and earthy flavor. You can get rhubarb in frozen or canned form. This vegetable is never eaten raw. You need to cook or juice the rhubarb before you consume it. You should consume only rhubarb stalks because leaves are poisonous. When the juice is extracted from the rhubarb, then it is generally consumed raw. To make the rhubarb juice tasty you need to mix it with some other juice. Rhubarb benefits are due to high amounts of important minerals like zinc, copper, sodium and phosphorus. Also it has good amount of Vitamin B – complex.

What are the health benefits of rhubarb juice

Improves vision

The rhubarb juice has a good amount of Vitamin A. This vitamin can help to improve the vision. Also this juice has phytochemicals, such as lutein which is very beneficial for our eyesight. You can include the rhubarb juice in your diet if you have some eye problem.

Improves Liver health

The rhubarb root is very helpful for liver growth. When you drink rhubarb juice, then it can help to reduce the hepatitis B.

Health benefits of rhubarb juice

Increases Immunity

This juice has good amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is playing an important role in the strengthening the body’s immune system.

Aids Gallbladder

The rhubarb juice has an ingredient called cholagogue which can help to promote good digestive health.

Prevents Diabetes

This juice has stilbenoid which can help to reduce the blood sugar levels.

Cuts cancer risk

In the traditional Chinese medicine rhubarb was used to cure many different ailments. It has anti – tumor properties. Also it has Aloe – emodin which along with the Rhein is used in the medicine to kill tumor cells. Those patients who want to recover from gastric cancer should drink rhubarb juice. Also it can help fast recovery post – surgery.

Improves Digestive health

This juice has astringent properties which are making it a very effective tonic for the digestive system. It can prevent intestinal issues, help ease constipation and improve peristaltic motions.

Eases Constipation

It is found that the root and stem of rhubarb have anthraquinone which is a compound that it is laxative in nature and it can help the digestion process to run smoothly. Those people who suffer from constipation or diarrhea can drink rhubarb juice to get a relief from these conditions.

Reduces Cholesterol

Rhubarb juice has low level of sodium and saturated fats which can help to reduce the high cholesterol level.

Increases Bone strength

Rhubarb juice has Vitamin K which is very important for the bone development. Those people who suffer from osteoporosis and other bone disorder should drink rhubarb juice as their natural treatment. It has Vitamin K but also it is rich in calcium which is needed for the bone development and growth.

Anti – inflammation

The rhubarb juice can help to promote the blood circulation. When you drink this juice, then you can get a relief from the pain in case of any injury. Also this will reduce the inflammation.

Anti – aging

This juice has high amounts of antioxidants which can fight against the free radicals in the body that are a reason for premature aging. Also it has Vitamin C which can help in the prevention of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

This juice has Vitamin K which is very important for the brain development. This vitamin is essential to stop the neuronal damage in the brain. When you drink rhubarb juice, then it is very beneficial for preventing and delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.













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