Calcium, zinc and copper in sesame oil increases bone strength

sesame oil health benefits

Sesame oil has many health benefits such as lower inflammation, improve the digestive process, prevent cancer, boost your dental health, protect infant health, manage anxiety and depression, increase heart health, reduce blood pressure, stimulate strong bone growth and it has ability to improve hair and skin health. This oil comes from sesame seeds. This is one of the lesser known vegetable oils. But this is one of the healthiest alternatives to the normal vegetable oil options. Sesame seeds are scientifically known as Sesamum indicum. They are small yellowish brown seeds. They are primarily found in Africa. But nowadays they are also grown in smaller numbers on the Indian subcontinent. In the recent years this oil has gained popularity. This oil is best acquired when the sesame seeds are completely ripe. This means the outer shells burst. This oil can be used in cooking and this is a reason why it is commonly used in the Asian cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese and Southern Asian dishes but also it used in the Middle Eastern cuisines. If you take blood – thinning or anti – coagulant medications, then you need to talk with your doctor before you add it in your diet. This oil lowers the blood pressure and thins the blood as it is so when they are in combination, then this can be dangerous for your health.

Health benefits of sesame oil

Inflammation: Sesame oil has copper which is a natural anti – inflammatory substance. The high levels of copper in the sesame oil can reduce the discomfort and inflammation of many conditions such as gout and arthritis. It can reduce the swelling of your joints and it strengthens the blood vessels and bones. It can help to keep your frame strong and sturdy for many years and you will not have the painful inflammation.

Bone growth: Sesame oil is rich in important minerals such as calcium, zinc and copper. These minerals are very important for the bone growth in your body which means that when you consume sesame oil, then you can increase the rate of bone development and growth and also this will speed up the re-growth or healing of your bones. When you consume this oil in your older ages, then it can help in the prevention of osteoporosis and many other age – related weaknesses of the bones.

sesame oil health benefits

Sesame oil benefits

Prevent cancer: This oil has organic compound which is known as phytate. This compound is linked to a reduction in the development of cancer. Sesame oil has high amounts of magnesium and this element can also lower the chances of colorectal cancer. Sesame oil has also calcium which is very beneficial for preventing colon cancer.

Circulation and metabolism: Sesame oil is rich in zinc and copper which means that your body can function at its optimal levels. This is mainly happening because the copper is required for the proper production of the red blood cells. When you consume sesame oil, you enter copper which means that you can ensure your body that it will get the right amount of blood flowing to the organs and tissues. This will ensure a more high – energy and healthier lifestyle.

Oral health: Dental professionals are highly recommending the sesame oil because of a process called oil pulling which is involving putting oil in your mouth and then swishing it around before spitting it out. When you are doing this process with sesame oil, then you are protecting your teeth against certain streptococcus mutants, lower levels of dental plaque and it can give you whiter teeth. This powerful anti – bacterial effects of the sesame oil are a reason why there is a boost in the dental health.

Anxiety and depression: Sesame oil is rich in tyrosine which is an amino acid. This element in the sesame oil is directly connected to serotonin activity and release in the brain which can help you to boost your mood by flooding the body with hormones and enzymes which will make you feel happy. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, then you should consume sesame oil because it can give you a positive boost in the right direction and it will turn your mood around.


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