Health benefits of folate

Health benefits of folate

Folate has many health benefits, such as promotes healthy pregnancy and fetal development; slows down aging process; prevent depression; foster positive mood; promote health and function of brain; reduce the risk of heart disease; boost fertility; boost the immune system; helps preserve bone health; manage kidney diseases; promotes liver health and reduce the risk of cancer development.

Folate is naturally present in many different fruits and vegetables and other foods as well. it is non – toxic as any excess is eliminated from the body. It converts efficiently into a metabolite named tetrahydrofolate which breaks down dangerous homocysteine into helpful methionine. Some foods which have folate are seeds and nuts; Brussels sprouts; beans and peas; carrots; asparagus; celery; cauliflower; squash; beets; okra; avocado; broccoli; corns; dark and leafy greens; citrus fruits.

Health benefits of folate

Health benefits of folate

Boosts fertility: Folate can help in the treatment of fertility issues in both genders. It is noticed that in men, the joint consumption of folate with zinc can result in an increase of more than 70% to sperm density per ml of semen. Also, the ratio of abnormally shaped sperm is far less which is reducing the risk of a congenital defect happening. When women consume folate, then it is associated with the increased fertilization rates. It can help to improve the release of eggs from ovaries and it can increase the likelihood of carrying a baby to full term in women that are predisposed to miscarriage.

Boosts the immune system: As we are getting older, the T – cell function decreases and this happens when the immunity weakens. It has been noticed that the deficiency of folate can result in worsening of immune suppression with individual actively consuming It reporting increased resistance to disease. This can be attributed to the anti – oxidant effect of the folate which can help to reduce the strain on the immune system.

Helps to preserve bone health: It is very important for the bone health. There are some studies in which are shown that the folate deficiency can decrease the bone density and it can increase the risk of fractures. This is a reason why you should eat foods that are rich in folate so you can maintain the levels of it on normal levels.

Helps manage kidney disease and its effects on the body: We know that kidney disease leads to kidney failure which is hard to manage, even with the usage of medications. There are some studies in which are found that the consumption of this in a combination with popular treatments of kidney disease can slow the progression of the disease and it minimizes its manifestations on organs, such as the heart.

Promotes liver health: We know that liver processes numerous toxins on daily basis and this process can become damaged. It is known that this effect is worsened in the alcoholics, when the oxidative damage increase and the levels of powerful anti – oxidants, like methionine glutathione are depleted. It can help to maintain health levels of the mentioned anti – oxidants and also, it can promote the detoxification of the liver which can help to counteract the harmful effects which alcohol has on the liver.

Reduces the risk of heart disease: When the folate is consumed, then it is converted into metabolite tetrahydrofolate and this breaks down into beneficial protein methionine. Methionine can help to promote heart health.

Reduces the risk of cancer development: You should consume foods that have folate as their component because it can help to reduce the risk of health cells developing into cancer cells. The effects of the folate are not true if the pre – cancerous changes have already happened because it can accelerate the cancer in such cases. You should not overdose with it so in this way you can avoid side effects.

Anti – aging properties: This can help to reduce the oxidative stress on the body which could lead to rapid aging. This is a reason why you can add this in your diet.


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