11 health benefits of pomegranate peel

pomegranate for skin glow

We all have heard about pomegranates and most of us have eaten them at least once in life. They are gift of nature. But you will be shocked about the benefits of pomegranate peel because you may think that just the fruit has benefits. In recent times, Chinese experts have said that the pomegranate peel has many health benefits and it is a powerful because it doubles the antioxidants which fruit has. We all know that we must consume antioxidants because they will fight against free radicals and they will keep our health at bay. These peels can be used in the preparations of foods and in many cases they are taking part of medicines. Also these peels have anti – bacterial activity which is one plus more for their consumption. Here are some health benefits of pomegranate peel:

Pomegranate peel help improve gut – health

Pomegranate peels have tannins which can improve digestion and preventing bleeding throughout diarrhea. Also it can tighten up the intestinal lining and decrease the inflammation of the intestine and swelling of hemorrhoids.


pomegranate benefits

Pomegranate peel boosts bone health

Pomegranate peels have anti – inflammatory and anti – bacterial properties which can help to lessen the bone strength and density loss, particularly in menopausal women. There are some studies in which are said that when you consume concoctions that are made from the pomegranate peel, then it can help to enhance the bone health and you will avoid the start of the osteoporosis right after the menopause.

Combating aging and wrinkles

There are some studies in which are said that when the pomegranate peel extract is combined with seed oil, then it can allow procollagen synthesis which can help to prevent enzymes to break down the collagen. Also these peels can encourage skin cell growth. This is a reason why it can be used as a natural treatment for skin aging and wrinkles.

Pomegranate peel good for your teeth

There are many types of toothpaste and tooth powders which are using the pomegranate peel as their component. This is possible because pomegranate peels can help to sustain the proper oral and dental hygiene. Also you can powder the pomegranate peels and blend it along with water and use it. This natural cure will help you to stay away from foul odor and foul breath.

Improves dental hygiene

These peels can help you to cope with many dental issues, such as avoiding mouth ulcers, carries, gingivitis and foul breath.

Fights against heart diseases

Pomegranate peels have a lot of antioxidants which can safeguard the LDL cholesterol. Antioxidants will avoid them from getting oxidized. If there is oxidation of LDL cholesterol, then this leads to oxidative stress. We know that the oxidative stress leads to heart diseases. Antioxidants will keep you safe from these problems. The more antioxidants you get, the better will be your heart health. Pomegranate peels are rich in antioxidants which can help you to achieve this benefit.

Contains large amounts of Vitamin C

This vitamin is very important for the health of our body. If you have Vitamin C deficiency, then it could lead to many health problems. You can use pomegranate peels as your natural way to increase the Vitamin C amounts in your body. This vitamin will speed up the healing process of wounds and it is good for the proper growth. It can help to build the body mass by forming the required proteins. Also this vitamin is very important in repairing teeth, bones as well as cartilage and at the same time it will keep them healthy and strong.

Pomegranate peel cure sore throat

You can use the pomegranate peel powder to get an instant relief if you have sore throat or you are susceptible to tonsil pain.

Healthy hair

The pomegranate peel extract can be used as a natural treatment for combating the hair loss and also it can control the embarrassing menace of dandruff.

Acts as a natural sunscreen

These peels have sun – blocking agents in them which can help you to save your skin through the harmful UVA and UVB rays which could lead to a skin cancer.

Acts as an effective facial scrub

You can use the pomegranate peels to eliminate white heads, black heads and dead skin from the face if you are using them as a facial scrub.


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