Rue essential oil reduces rheumatism and arthritis pain

rue essential oil health benefits

The health benefits of rue essential oil can be attributed to its properties as anti – hysteric, anti – epileptic, digestive, sedative, insecticidal, anti – fungal, antibacterial, anti – rheumatic and anti – arthritic. Rue essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the fresh plants of Rue. The botanical name of rue is Ruta Graveolens. The main components of rue essential oil are Xanthotoxin, Undecanone, Psoralen, Nonyl Acetate, Nonanone, Butanone and Bergaptene. Rue is also known as Ruta. This is a well known natural cure that was used in many homeopathic systems of medicine and like the most of these herbal extracts which these medicines are made from, rue is very poisonous. This poisonous or toxic effect of rue is making it useful as a medicine, which is ironic. Rue essential oil blends well with Wormwood, Pennyroyal, Thyme, Myrrh, Frankincense, Fennel, Chamomile, Benzoin and Bay essential oils. This essential oil acts as an irritant to the skin and mucus membranes and it is abortifacient, neuro – toxic and phototoxic. It should be avoided by pregnant women because it is abortificient whch can result in accidental abortions. Even the poisonous quality of this essential oil gives its negative aspects, but it has many health benefits.

Health benefits of rue essential oil

Anti – epileptic and anti – hysteric: This essential oil is a nervous sedative, which is making it very effective in countering hysteric and epileptic attacks. It has neurotoxins which can induce numbness in the nerves and it can make them completely relaxed and de – sensitized, thereby making the patient tranquillized, inactive and calm.

Improves digestion: It is not known to promote digestion, but it can give you a relief from indigestion, particularly digestive issues which are resulting from bacterial activities or infections.

Nervous sedative: Rue essential oil has neurotoxic nature which acts as sedative for your nerves and it can calm down nervous disturbances and nervous hyper – activity, convulsions and afflictions, that can often result in uncontrolled involuntary actions and trembling limbs.

Anti – arthritic and anti – rheumatic: Rue essential oil is very effective in reducing pain which is associated with rheumatism and arthritis due to numbing and de – sensitizing effects, which are working in a similar way to anesthetic.

Insecticidal: This is also a bright aspect of the toxic property of rue essential oil. It is very poisonous to insects and it is very effective in killing and driving them away. It can be used in incense sticks, burners, fumigants and vaporizers to keep away insects.

Health benefits of rue essential oil  

Rue essential oil benefits

Antibacterial properties: Rue essential oil has toxic nature which is very effective in killing bacteria and preventing bacterial infections. It is normally not recommended this essential oil to be taken orally and if it is taken orally it should be in very mild concentrations and under supervision by an expert. This essential oil can help you rid of food poisoning by bacteria like salmonella, bacterial infections in the urinary tract, intestines and colon, as well as those on skin.

Antidote to poison: It is known fact that this essential oil is poisonous and it acts as antidote for a number of other poisons and it can be administered against the symptoms of poisoning. It is very effective in neurotoxins but not on hemotoxins. Rue essential oil can be helpful to counter poisoning and to induce vomiting in case any poisonous substance is ingested. Also it is very effective against intoxication by narcotics, stings, insect bites and venomous snake bites (snakes like king cobras and cobras, which have neurotoxic venom, not vipers which are having hemotoxic venom).

Eliminates fungal growth: The toxic nature of rue essential oil explains the anti – fungal properties of it. It can be very effective natural treatment for fungal growth – both outside and inside of your body and they can provide protection against fungal diseases like de – complexion, dermatitis, Athlete’s foot and many types of food poisoning.


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